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Saint Bridget Saint Bridget of Sweeden

Descendant of the Swedish royal house. In an arranged marriage, she wed prince Ulfo of Nercia, with whom she had 8 children. Mother of Saint Catherine of Sweden, though some of the other children ignored the Church.

After Ulfo's death, she pursued a more religious life, for which she was harassed by others at the court. Third Order Franciscan. Cistercian. Mystic, visionary, and mystical writer.
She was the founder of the Order of the Most Holy Saviour (Bridgettines) at Vadstena. She also made pilgrimages to Rome, Italian holy sites, and the Holy Land. She encouraged all to meditate on the Passion, and on  Jesus Crucified.

She received a beautiful devotion from Our Lord condensed in: the fifteen prayers of Saint Birdget.


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Saint Bridget of Sweeden