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Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

He was born in 1696 of nobility in Marianelli near Naples. He died in 1787 in Nocera.
He was one outstanding lawyer in Naples, he would never attend court without having attended Mass first. He became a Priest at the age of 29, and went preaching in the missions and becoming very famous for his wisdom.

He Founded the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Liguorians or Redemptorists). He was named Bishop of Saint Agata dei Gotti. Afflicted with severe rheumatism, he often could barely move nor raise his chin from his chest.

He vowed never to waste a moment of his life, and lived till the age of  90. He is a respected Doctor of the Church, author of many books.

Prayer by Saint Alphonsus De Liguori:

Prayer to obtain the Grace of being constant in Prayer

O God of my soul, I hope in thy goodness that thou hast pardoned all my offences against Thee, and that I am now in a state of Grace. I thank Thee for it with all my heart, and I hope to attain Thee for all eternity. I know that I have fallen, because I have not had recourse to Thee when I was tempted, to ask for holy perseverance. For the future, I firmly resolve to recommend myself always to Thee, and especially when I see myself in danger of again offending Thee. I will always fly to thy Mercy, invoking always the most Holy names of Jesus and Mary, with full confidence that when I pray Thou will not fail to give me the strength which I have not of myself to resist my enemies. This I resolve in promise to do. But of what use, O my God, will all these resolutions and promises be, if Thou doest not assist me with Thy Grace to put them in practice; that is, to have recourse to Thee in all dangers? Ah, Eternal Father! Help me, for the love of Jesus Christ; and let me never omit recommending myself to Thee whenever I am tempted. I know that Thou doest always help me when I have recourse to Thee; but my fear is, that I should forget to recommend myself to Thee, and so my negligence will be the cause of my ruin, that is, the loss of Thy Grace, the greatest evil that can happen to me. Ah, by the merits of Jesus Christ, give me Grace to pray to Thee; but grant me such an abundant grace that I may always pray, and pray as I ought! O my mother Mary, whenever I have had recourse to Thee, Thou hast obtained for me the help which has kept me from falling! Now I come to beg of Thee to obtain still greater grace, namely, that of recommending myself always to Thy Son and to Thee in all my necessities. My Queen, Thou obatinest all that Thou doest desire from God by the Love Thou bearest to Jesus Christ, obtain for me now this Grace which I beg of Thee, --namely, to pray always, and never to cease praying till I die. Amen.


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Saint Alphonsus de Liguori