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Blessed Mary MacKillop Blessed Mary Mackillop - Future saint of Australia

Mary was born near Melbourne, Australia, in 1842, the first daughter of Flora and Alexander MacKillop. Her life was never to be an easy one, the path continually beset with obstacles. But Mary was courageous and trusted in God to see her through the difficult times. Before she was 20 years old, Mary knew that God was calling her, but it was not until she was 24 that she was to take up what she called "God’s work" . Her vocation was to open and run Catholic schools for the poor in Southern Australia and, at this time, she became foundress of The Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. Doubtless, her task brought her much joy, but it also brought great hardship and pain Mary's commitment to God remained unshaken and till her death in 1909 Mary had been a devoted servant of God.
In recognition of her devotion. Pope John Paul II declared Mary ‘Blessed’ in Sydney Australia in 1995 an important step towards formal acknowledgement of Mary as a Saint.


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Blessed Mary Mackillop