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Saint Martin de Porres Saint Martin de Porres

He was born in Lima, Peru, in 1579 and died in 1639. Born of a Spanish father and an Indian mother from Panama.
During his youth he worked for a surgeon-barber, where he learned about medicine and about caring for those who were sick and injured. He entered the Dominican Friary at Lima when He was fifteen, he spent the rest of his life there.
He was so humble that they made him do all the simple jobs, that is why he always is portrayed carrying a broom. He was given many gifts by God, among them to be able to talk to animals.
On one occasion they were going to exterminate the vermin in the monastery but he arranged for them to stay in a barn where he would look after them. He could make peace between cats and dogs, and between cats and mice. He received the gift of healing sick people, the gift of bilocation and many other gifts of wisdom.


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 Saint Martin de Porres