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Saint Rita of Cascia Saint Rita of Cascia

She was born in 1386 in Roccaparena, Umbria, Italy and died on May 22. 1457. She is known as the Advocate of the impossible.

Rita always wanted to enter a convent, but at the age of 12 they arranged a marriage for her, she submitted obediently to her parents and then to her husband who was a very ill-tempered and abusive man.

She endured a marriage of eighteen years until the death of her husband who was stabbed to death. Thanks to her prayers he converted before he died. Soon afterwards, her two sons died and she was left alone.

She joined the Convent of the Agustinian nuns and lived a life of perfect obedience and charity. She was very devoted to the sufferings of Christ, one day she prayed to suffer the same as Christ and the Lord rewarded her with a thorn on her forehead.

She suffered with that wound for fifteen years until she died. The wound healed then.


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Saint Rita of Cascia