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Tears of Our Lady - Blessed Virgin Mary

Tears of Our Lady - Blessed Virgin mary

The tears of Our Lady

Our Blessed Mother Mary is the most sensitive of all human beings. She experienced sorrow and shed many tears imploring God for the coming of Our Savior into the world.
See this revelation of Our Lady to Luisa Picarreta, in
The Kingdom of the Divine Will Day 8 of 31 Meditations for the month of May.
Now, my dearest child, my little Heart felt consumed with love at the loving ways of the divine speaking; and with all my love I accepted Their mandate, saying to Them:  “Highest Majesty, I am here in your arms; dispose of Me in whatever way You want.  I will lay down even my life – and if I had as many lives for as many as are the creatures, I would put them at their disposal and Yours, to bring them, all safe, into your paternal arms.”  And without knowing then that I was to be the Mother of the Divine Word, I felt in Me the double Maternity:  Maternity toward God, to defend His just rights; Maternity toward creatures, to bring them to safety.  I felt Myself Mother of all.  The Divine Will which reigned in Me, and which knows not how to do isolated works, brought God and all creatures from all centuries into Me.  In my maternal Heart I felt my God offended, wanting to be satisfied, and I felt the creatures under the empire of Divine Justice.  Oh! how many tears I shed.  I wanted to make my tears descend into each heart, to let everyone feel my Maternity, all of love.  I cried for you and for all, my child.  Therefore, listen to Me – have pity on my crying.  Take my tears in order to extinguish your passions, and to make your will lose life.  O please! accept my mandate – that you do always the Will of your Creator.)

Being spotless and immaculate, her tears softened the heart of God and the moment arrived for the Incarnation of the Word. The Word of God became flesh by taking blood and substance from the virginal flesh of Mary, after the Angel Gabriel announced her about the Incarnation and She pronounced her Fiat. Let it be done to me, according to His Word.
As the Mother of God, bound to the Divine Will, the Blessed Virgin Mary shared the joys of God but also His sorrows and tears. From the moment of the Incarnation, Our Lord, even in the womb of Our Lady was suffering for all humanity, begetting us with the pain of labor in his heart. Our Lady partook of all the sorrows of Our Lord by a special grace. Her heart and soul were united to the heart and soul of Jesus Our Blessed Savior, so there was no suffering of Jesus that was not replicated in her heart and soul, accompanied by holy tears.
We must also honor her in her tears of Joy, for having tasted Heaven here on earth by being so close to Jesus. She began to shed tears of sorrow at the Prophecy of Simeon, and a sword of sorrow pierced her soul.
She was forced with Saint Joseph to take baby Jesus to Egypt, so she fled in exile shedding many tears seeing how her innocent son's life was already threatened, then she shed many tears of sorrow at the killing of many children on account of the persecution by Herod.
Jesus was twelve years old when She lost Him in Jerusalem, then she found Him three days later in the temple, many were her motherly tears for the One She loved so dearly.
She shed tears seeing Jesus, God and man rejected by the Jews.
She lived the whole passion, agony and death of Our Lord in Her heart and soul, She was aware of all the insults, blows, buffets, kicks, the pulling of his hair and beard, the way the spat upon his face, the way they bound, him, scourged him, crowned Him with thorns, mocked him, made Him carry the heavy cross, pushed Him, then stripped Him of His garments with such cruelty, and then they crucified Him and left him to die on the cross. She was there suffering the pain of the agony of Our Lord and Hers. After the Lord died she felt in her heart that lanced that pierced his heart, She suffered when she received His lifeless body in her arms, and then she was in agony all that time, as he was taken to the tomb up to the moment of His resurrection. Her sufferings were continuous until the Joy of the Resurrection of Jesus.
The life and death of Jesus was a sea of tears for Our Blessed Mother, She suffered as the Queen of martyrs. So we can say that after the Precious Blood of Jesus, her tears have great value before God. Let us remember here that Our Lady, giving life to her Son by the Power of the Holy Spirit, supplied Jesus with His Precious Blood, the Blood that saves us. 
Being children of God and children of Mary begotten at the foot of the cross in the highest peak of pain of Our Blessed Mother, She is very sensitive about our lives too. She sheds tears of pain when we offend God. She is continually crying for all the babies being aborted throughout the world daily.

On account of these holy tears of Our Blessed Mother Mary, we honor God greatly when we remember and pray honoring her tears.

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