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Prayer requests, Intentions, Petitions - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, Randwick - Sydney Australia
For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998

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Prayer requests -  Intentions: Marc Hakimdin

United States IP:

For Marc Hakimdin, that he have the greatest humility and complete detachment from all his worldly attachments.

7/24/2014 9:27:41 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Derek gerard solomon


Please may i ask 4 your daily prayers. I have many evil enemies

7/23/2014 5:24:34 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Lydia


Liberation, healing of many evil vices to include (sexual preferences, feminism, bi-sex, lust, smoking, drugs, drinking) of sons JR and DR and grandson DP. That DR be motivated in continuing to study college, get motivated in helping around house / get -find job soon. All return to God. Thank you.

7/21/2014 11:53:17 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Charles

Nigeria IP:

Please pray for my mother who will be undergoing an eye surgery by Tuesday next week; may the operation be successful to the glory of His name, amen.

7/19/2014 3:26:26 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Daphne

United States IP:

I need urgent prayer for a money blessing, a job, and a place of my own to live. Thank you and God Bless.

7/19/2014 1:35:07 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Thomas

Switzerland IP:

Please God, please free my father and our family from witchcraft, curses and all evil. Please grant my father to be saved and to return to my mother. Please reunite our family until next week, I beg you.

7/18/2014 1:09:32 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Marc Hakimdin

United States IP:

For Marc Hakimdin, that he have the greatest humility and complete detachment from all his worldly attachments.

7/17/2014 9:35:25 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: vaor picket

usa IP:

lord let me be a light to others as you our a endless light unto us you gives us endless hope life love an more please help me be more like you your will be done help me loose my childish ways

7/16/2014 4:23:30 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pratheep Kumar

India IP:

Please pray for me to be strong enough to forgive people used my kindness. pray that i will concntrate well in my research and will do Phd in my dream place. Please pray that i will become a good scientist to heal peoples and to start my orphange

7/14/2014 3:24:01 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Thomas

Switzerland IP:

Jesus, please convert my father, please give him repentance. Please bring him back to my mother. Please bring our family together again. Please come back to us.Amen.

7/13/2014 11:13:06 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Br. Alex


That Br. Gabriel Cillo, MIC will receive abundant and ceaseless peace from the Lord and continual grow in faith, hope, charity, fortitude humility and joy.

7/12/2014 10:48:42 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Thomas

Switzerland IP:

God, please convert my Father, bring him back to my mother, without him getting into any discussion. Stop him from listening and trusting in his mistress, the Witchdoctor, black magic and fortune telling. Please deliver him from spells. Please bring the family together again. Please make haste.

7/12/2014 4:40:04 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: david

usa IP:

lord please let me be more an more like you in all my ways be your ways

7/11/2014 9:10:13 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: lori woodward

usa IP:

lord god use me so lost so weak I so need you oh god need to be help me jesus gorw more like you

7/11/2014 9:03:52 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pikisai

Harare IP:

Please pray for Pikisai M. for delieverance from every evil.

7/11/2014 5:33:34 AM

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