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Prayer requests, Intentions, Petitions - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, Randwick - Sydney Australia
For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998

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Prayer requests -  Intentions: Anna

Canada IP:

Please keep me in your prayers during my up coming exams. (Thurs Apr. 17 8am to 10pm and Fr. Apr. 25, 3:30 to 6:30pm) I am a mature student single mother of four trying to obtain a degree in Accounting so I will be able to support myself when I will no longer be eligible for child support.

4/15/2014 11:27:11 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: SANJU


Please pray for approval of our New Zealand P R visa application and to be granted successfully without a hitch.

4/14/2014 3:55:15 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pat

usa IP:

Thanksgiving for prayers answered & Blessings.Heal the sick! Conversion of Sinners! Please remove the stalker from my life; he has caused enough problems between my family and I. God bless my family with good health;prosperity;good relationships; make my family whole. Assist Deb with her job.Praise!

4/12/2014 6:47:11 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: john

usa IP:

god thank you for your great mercy please let your will be done with my life loved to be more like you your will be done with my relationship an more

4/11/2014 7:40:17 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Marc A Hakimdin

United States IP:

For Marc Hakimdin, that he have the greatest humility and complete detachment from all his worldly attachments.

4/10/2014 9:34:07 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: travis escalante

United States IP:

please bless the american mattress man family of stores in these slow times..

4/9/2014 2:53:14 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Renee

usa IP:

Dear Lord, help me to become debt-free

4/9/2014 2:16:29 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pat

usa IP:

Thanksgiving for prayers answered & Blessings. I lift up the suit from Priests For Life in reference to the HHS Mandate; God please show them favor to stop the evil in abortion! For protection for Beck in her surgery; loose the Holy Angels around her.

4/9/2014 10:42:50 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: john

usa IP:

thank god thank you all for this web site gods will be done with my life lord help me be more like you

4/9/2014 7:50:19 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Melissa Gail Adams

United States IP:

Please pray that I get more music students and church masses so I can provide the necessities for me and my son with a stable home until he goes to college and good health. I have my annulment to marry in church so praying for a loving dating relationship with the husband God plans for me.

4/8/2014 9:12:06 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pat

usa IP:

Thanksgiving for prayers answered & Blessings. Heal the sick! Conversion of Sinners! Healing of addictions;unemployed Jesus' find them a job;Deb my daughter a full time job; Deb & Danielle to soar beyond their needs.St Michael protect those in the field of justice! St Luke protect those in medicine!

4/8/2014 10:02:02 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: john

usa IP:

lord god let your will be done with my life god your will be done with my job god your will be done with my family my mind an soul may each day your will be done lord use me as your light you arer so great we all need more of you

4/7/2014 12:10:39 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Lorena Gupta


Dear Pope St.Francis of Assisi: please guide me on my path towards full fledged Roman Catholocism and peace of mind(mental health) and to be a good and faithful steward of Christ. Grant me safe passage to the after life.Heaven bound.Peace be to you and yours.

4/5/2014 11:33:21 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: carole

usa IP:

Asking for prayer for Don to get a better job soon that pays enough for him to support his family.

4/5/2014 7:12:31 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Allen Bahn

United States IP:

For Shirley, Allen and Marc, that they have an alright financial situation for the rest of their life on earth.

4/4/2014 10:32:07 PM

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