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Ask and you shall receive

Catholic Prayers:
Traditional prayers
The Church, the Saints

Our traditional prayers are still very powerful.
The Creed
Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory be

Act of Faith
Act of Hope
Act of Love
Act of Contrition
Daily Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity
Our Father - meditated
Hail Mary - meditated

Prayer for Sacerdotal or Religious Vocations
Fatima Prayer
Prayer to Our Lady by St. Gertrude
St Anthony's prayer for Wisdom
Prayer of Manasseh
Consecration to Our Lady - SLM Montfort
Psalm 69
Magnificat of Our Lord
Magnificat of Our Lady
Renewal of Baptismal Promises
Eucharistic Prayers    
Inspirations -
Catholic meditations

Come Holy Spirit, come!

Eucharistic prayer

Father forgive them !

Inspirations Treasury -  Work of God 
Learning to love God

Prayer against temptation

Water prayer
(too little or too much)

Letter to my children - Easter Time

Devotional prayers
The Holy Rosary
Divine Mercy Chaplet
Divine Mercy Novena

The Stations of the Cross
How to pray the Rosary
Divine Mercy Chaplet (Meditated)
Divine Mercy intentions
Mysteries of the Rosary - meditations
To the Most Holy Name of Jesus
To the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
To the Most Precious Blood of Jesus
To the Blessed Virgin Mary
To St. Joseph
Litany of the Saints
St John Vianney Novena
Novena to the Holy Spirit
Other prayers
Holy Names of Jesus and Mary

Lord make me your instrument
Thank you Jesus
Daily Prayer of Our Lady
Prayer to the Holy Trinity and to Our Lady
Morning offering
2 Our Fathers, 2 Hail Maries and 2 Glory be
My Queen ! My Mother ! - Consecration to Our Lady
Three Hail Maries
My prayer after Holy Communion
Prayer to Our Lady - After Holy Communion
Archangels and Saints
Mother Mary, the Angels and the Saints.
Permission Prayer
Prayer to the Angels and the Saints
Prayer to all souls
Prayers for the Church
Act of Consecration to Our Lady. After mass
Speak to me, O Lord
Rejection Prayer
Fatherly and Motherly Love
Prayer of Reparation
Jesus and Mary I love you
Total Surrender
Glory to the Holy Trinity
Sorrowful Mother Mary
For the souls I pray (Living or deceased)
Prayer to Our Lord Jesus crucified
God is Love
Heal me Lord
Prayer to the Holy Ghost
Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Spirit
I believe (Charismatic)
The Creed - Meditated
Thanksgiving for the gift of life
Prayer of repentance for having destroyed life
Lord have Mercy
Divine Mercy prayer - Father forgive them 
Questions about Mary
O my soul
Religious Vocations
Thanksgiving for the gift of life
Prayer of the soul
Bless me, O Lord
Bless me, O Lord - meditated
Prayer for the world
Act of Spiritual Communion
Prayer is a direct line to God. The Lord is very pleased to hear from us if come humbly before Him. 

These Catholic meditations will help you find the way to God.

Live your prayers and your Catholic meditations, burn with desire to praise and thank God, and then ask anything you want.

Whether we use our traditional prayers or we pray with our hearts, God is always listening to us.

Always live your traditional prayers or your meditated prayers, pray with passion.

Our Catholic meditations are beautiful works of deep prayer.


Meditations on the Passion (Luisa Piccaretta)

Treatise about prayer

Prayer of liberation, exorcism, deliverance

Catholic homilies

Meditation room

Catholic Prayers, requests

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  Catholic Prayers - Traditional prayers - Catholic Meditations, inspirations - Prayer requests
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Catholic Prayers - Traditional prayers - Catholic Meditations, inspirations - Prayer requests