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Prayer requests, Intentions, Petitions - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, Randwick - Sydney Australia
For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998

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Prayer requests -  Intentions: Marcin Zelazny

United States IP:

Pray for my healing( I am sick and unable to function independently) and for my family, especially my sister.

2/26/2014 3:55:22 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: KRISTINE Relieve JUNGAY

Pilipinas IP:

Lord God please help me in my job application and job interview to be turn out well, I am need of a job right now. Help me in my needs/worries/finances. To make a total healing of my broken marriage. To keep blessing us. Amen

2/26/2014 10:45:46 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Martina

Malaysia IP:

Repose soul of Sydney Syrill Sondig please forgive him and place him beside you in heaven. Lord hear my prayer. Amen

2/26/2014 1:56:10 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pat

usa IP:

Thanksgiving for prayers answered & Blessings. Heal the sick! Conversion of Sinners!Deb,bless her with a job.Release those with addictions:street apparatus; ;alcohol;porn;any type of addictions painkillers;Jesus' heal them.Those dying today; give them Grace;Strength;Fortitude.St Michael protect poli!

2/24/2014 12:20:55 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: 


For the repose of EW, TBD, MD, NK, OC, PI, PIV, JI, HI, HII, BA, RDV, MB, MF, WIIH, MI, MB, MH, PS, IA, IIIA, WBS, CIG, AG, MI, EP, JC, GIG, AD, MF, SLL, GGD, AG, NGD, EV, MGD, AGD, PD, CGD, and OGD.

2/24/2014 8:16:08 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pat Madden


I would like to petition the Lord for my grandchildren who are not being raised as Christian Catholic children, who are so attached to the World. Granddaughter is very beautiful age 6 and is acting like a diva, so very said. Please pray for their conversion along with their parents.

2/24/2014 7:43:18 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: lost souls

us IP:

pray for the lost souls

2/24/2014 3:08:34 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: 

United States IP:

For Allen Bahn, for his eternal salvation and that he repent all his sins as soon as possible.

2/23/2014 10:58:20 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: christ child


Pray that I meet my future true christian husband very soon pray that he is loyal, sincere, generous, loving, caring, a provider, pray that he trustworthy, hard working, pray that he shows me love and attention, pray that he serves God every day of his life, pray that read the bible daily

2/21/2014 3:29:14 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Barbara


Please pray that my grand daughter Caroline will receive a scholarship to the Academy of the Holy Cross in Md. She has been through a lot, and she has placed all of her trust in God. She so deserves this. Thank you so much, Barbara

2/21/2014 2:50:18 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pat

usa IP:

Thanksgiving for prayers answered & Blessings.Heal the sick! Conversion of Sinners! Jesus' release those in addictions from the power of evil. St Michael protect those in the field of justice!St Luke protect those in the field of medicine. Tomorrow is Deb interview, please show her favor!Praise You!

2/20/2014 10:53:16 AM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Shirley Hakimdin

United States IP:

For Shirley, for her eternal salvation, sanctification and well-being.

2/19/2014 11:13:20 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Mary Anne

United States IP:

PLEASE, Pray for the SAVING and STRENGTHENING of Our Marriage! We met through Our Lady Queen of the Holy Angels and were engaged on feast of the Holy Family, Please, pray my husband reconciles with me, SAVING and STRENGTHENING our marriage! We have court Friday, February 21! Thanks. God bless you!

2/19/2014 5:38:25 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: l.jay

ca,usa IP:

Lord,JC,MPH,SHJ,all Angels,all Saints,pls 4give me 4all my sins.Bless my families just 2b fine.Bless my mom just 2b fine.Bless her lung just 2b fine.Bless her check up 2morrow 2b fine.Pls b there 4mom Lord,JC.I trust you believe in you &always have faith in you Lord,JC.Prayer is Powerful.We need You.

2/18/2014 11:38:24 PM


Prayer requests -  Intentions: Pat

usa IP:

Thanksgiving for prayers answered & Blessings.Heal the sick! Conversion of Sinners! Deb call to new job;give them the finances to meet their debit obligations.Multiply the fishes and loaves in our finances:America;Siblings;Children;Edie;Diane;myself.St Michael protect those in justice.Addiction all!

2/18/2014 11:46:33 AM

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