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 Mystical City of God - Virgin Mary By Sor Marķa of Agreda

Virgin Mary Mystical City of God - Book 1 chapter 9 verses 106-119THE REST OF THE TWELFTH CHAPTER OF THE APOCA LYPSE is EXPLAINED.

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106. "And there was a great battle in heaven; Michael
and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon
fought and his angels." When the Lord had manifested
these things to the good and to the bad angels, the
holy prince Michael and his companions, with the per
mission of God, gave battle to the dragon and his fol
lowers. It was a wonderful battle, for it was fought
with the understanding and the will. Saint Michael,
burning with zeal for the honor of God and armed with
divine power and with his own humility, resisted the
arrogant pride of the dragon, saying: "Worthy is the
Highest of honor, praise and reverence, and of being
loved, feared and obeyed by all creation. He is mighty
to work whatever He desires. He that is increate and
without dependence on any other being, cannot seek any
thing that is not most just. To us He gave grace such
as we have, creating us and forming us out of noth
ing. He can create other beings, as many and in what
manner He pleases. It is reasonable that we, submissive
and prostrate in his presence, adore his Majesty and
kingly grandeur. Come then, ye angels, follow me, let
us adore Him, and extol his admirable and secret judg
ments, his most perfect and holy works. God is most
exalted and above all creatures, and He would not be
the Most High, if we could attain or comprehend his
great works. Infinite He is in wisdom and goodness,
rich in the treasures of his benefits. As Lord of all and
needing none, He can distribute them to whomsoever
He wishes, and He cannot err in the selection. He can
love and confer his favor to whomsoever He chooses, and
He can love whom He likes; He can raise up, create
and enrich according as it is his good pleasure. In all
things He will be wise, holy and irresistible. Let us
adore and thank Him for the wonderful work of the In
carnation which He has decreed, and for his favors to
his people and for its restoration to grace after its fall.
Let us adore this Person endowed with the human and
the divine nature, let us reverence It and accept It as
our Head ; let us confess, that He is worthy of all glory,
praise and magnificence, and, as the Author of grace, let
us give Him glory and acknowledge his power and Di
107. With such arms St. Michael and his angels gave
battle, fighting as it were, with the powerful rays of
truth against the dragon and his followers, who on their
hand made use of blasphemies. But Lucifer at the sight
of the holy prince, not being able to resist, was torn
with interior rage and sought to fly from his torments;
it was the will of God, however, that he should not only
be punished, but also conquered, in order that by his fall
he might know the truth and power of God. Neverthe
less he blasphemed and cried out: "Unjust is God in
raising the human nature above the angelic. I am the
most exalted and beautiful angel and the triumph be
longs to me. It is I who am to place my throne above
the stars and who shall be like unto the Highest; I will
subject myself to no one of an inferior nature, and I will
not consent that any one take precedence of me or be
greater than I." In the same way spoke the apostate
followers of Lucifer. But St. Michael answered: "Who
is there like unto the Lord, who dwells in the heavens,
or who to compare himself to Him? Be silent, enemy,
cease thy dreadful blasphemies, and since iniquity has
taken possession of thee, depart from our midst, wretch,
and be hurled in thy blind ignorance and wickedness
into the dark night and chaos of the infernal pains. But
let us, O spirits of the Lord, honor and reverence this
blessed Woman, who is to give human flesh to the
eternal Word; and let us recognize Her as our Queen
and Lady."
108. The great sign of the Woman served the good
angels as a shield and as arms of battle against the evil
ones; for at the sight of it, all their power of reasoning
weakened and was brought to confusion and silence,
since they could not endure the mysteries and sacra
ments contained in this sign. And just as by divine
power this mysterious sign appeared, so also now the
other figure or sign of the dragon appeared, in order
that thus transformed he might be ignominiously hurled
from heaven amid the fright and terror of his follow
ers and amid the astonishment of the holy angels. All
this was the effect of this new manifestation of the jus
tice and power of God.
109. It is difficult to describe in words what passed
in that memorable battle, since there is such a wide dif
ference between our conceptions, founded on material
objects, and those which would be appropriate to the
nature and operations of such great spirits as these
angels. "But the bad ones did not prevail" for injus
tice, lies, ignorance and malice could not prevail against
equity, truth, light and goodness ; nor could these virtues
be overcome by vices. Therefore, it is also said : "From
that time on their place was not found in heaven."
Through the sins which these disgraced angels had com
mitted, they made themselves unworthy of the eternal
vision and company of the Lord. Their memory was
blotted out from his mind, where they had been written
by the excellences and graces of the nature given to
them. Having lost the right to the places, which had
been reserved for them, if they had obeyed, it passed over
to mankind. To man these places were now transferred
in such a way that the very vestiges of the apostate an
gels were blotted out and were no more found in heaven.
O unhappy wickedness and never to be described mis
fortune, which drew after itself such a horrible and
dreadful chastisement! The Evangelist adds:
110. "And the dragon was cast out, that ancient ser
pent who is called devil and satan, who seduceth the
whole world; and he was cast unto the earth and his
angels were thrown down with him." The holy prince
Michael hurled from heaven the dragon Lucifer with
the invincible battle-cry: "Who is like unto God?" So
powerful was this cry, that it sufficed to precipitate that
proud giant and all his host to the earth and cast him in
dreadful ignominy to the centre of the earth. From
that time he began to be called dragon, serpent, devil
and satan, imposed upon him by the holy archangel in
that battle as a testimony of his iniquity and malice.
Deprived of the happiness and honor, of which he had
become unworthy, he was despoiled also of his names
and honorable titles, acquiring in their stead such as
designate his ignominy. The wicked plans which he
proposed and enjoined upon his confederates, namely,
that they should deceive and pervert all those that live
in the world, manifest sufficiently his wickedness. He
therefore, who intended to scourge the nations, was con
signed to hellish regions, as Isaias says in the fourteenth
chapter, to the profound abyss, and his cadaver was de108
livered to the moth and the worm of his own bad con
science ; thus was fulfilled in Lucifer all that the prophet
says in that chapter.
111. When the heavens had been cleared of the bad
angels and the Divinity had been unveiled to the good
and the obedient; when they were already admitted into
glory and the bad ones chastised, then happened what
the Evangelist farther says : "And I heard a loud voice
in heaven saying: Now is come salvation and strength
and the kingdom of our Lord, and the power of his
Christ ; because the accuser of our brethren is cast forth,
who accused them before our God day and night." This
voice, which the Evangelist heard was that of the Word,
and all the holy angels heard and listened to it. Its
echoes reverberated through the infernal regions and
filled with trembling and fear the demons. They did
not, however, understand its mystery in full, but only
so much of it, as the Most High chose to manifest to
them for their greater affliction and punishment. It was
the voice of the Son, who in the name of the humanity,
which He was to assume, was asking the eternal Father
that the salvation, power and kingdom of his Majesty,
and the reign of Christ might begin; since the accuser
of the brethren of the same Christ our Lord, that is, of
man, had been cast out. It was like a petition before
the throne of the most holy Trinity, that the salvation
and power and the mysteries of the Redemption and In
carnation be put into execution. He asked that it be
done so much the sooner as Lucifer, being filled with
fury, envy and wrath against the human nature, which
the Wrord was to assume, was now infesting the earth.
Full of love and compassion the Word calls men his
brethren. Lucifer is said to "accuse them day and
night," because, both during the day in which he still
enjoyed divine grace in the presence of the eternal
Father and of the holy Trinity, he belittled us in his
pride, and much more, in the night of his own darkness
and of our fall, he pursues us unceasingly with slander
and persecution as long as this world will endure. The
Word calls the works and mysteries of the Incarnation
and his Death "virtue," "power" and "reign," because
in them, all these really had their beginning and in them
was manifested his great virtue and power against
112. This was the first time in which the Word in
the name of his humanity interceded for men before the
Divinity, and in which, according to our mode of con
ceiving such things, the eternal Father conferred with
the other Persons of the blessed Trinity in regard to
this petition. He also partly revealed to the holy angels
the decree of this divine consistory, saying, in regard to
the sacraments resolved upon: "Lucifer has raised the
banner of pride and sin and will persecute with all his
malice the whole human race. With cunning he will
pervert many men, availing himself of their own pas
sions for their destruction. In the blindness of sin and
vice men will prevaricate, heedless of danger. But his
lying pride, his sins and vices, are infinitely distant from
our nature and wishes. We will therefore bring out the
triumph of virtue and sanctity; for this purpose the sec
ond Person will assume human nature; He will exalt
and teach humility, obedience and all the virtues, and
thus will secure the salvation of mortals. Being true
God He will become humble and submissive. He will
be the Just Man, the Model and Teacher of all virtues.
These alone shall be accredited before our tribunal and
shall always triumph over vices. We will raise up the
lowly and humble the proud (Matth. 11, 28) ; we will
make labors and endurance praiseworthy in our sight;
we resolve to help the afflicted and the sorrowful. Let
them be corrected by afflictions and thereby advance in
our grace and friendship and, according to their capa
bilities, reach salvation in the practice of virtue. Blessed
will be they that weep (Matth. 5, 3), and happy the
poor and those that suffer for justice sake and for
Christ, their Chief; and the insignificant ones shall be
magnified, the meek of heart exalted. The peaceful
shall be loved as our sons. Most dear shall those be to
us, who forgive and suffer injuries and love their ene
mies. We will assign to them copious benedictions of
our grace and an immortal glory in heaven. Our Onlybegotten
will put in practice these decrees, and those
that follow Him shall be our chosen ones, our cherished
ones; they shall be refreshed and rewarded by Us; their
good works shall be engendered in our own mind,
which is the first cause of all virtue. We give permis
sion to the bad ones to oppress the good, thus helping
them to gain the crown, while for themselves they in
crease the punishment. Let there be scandals (Matth.
18, 7) for the common good; unhappy be those that
cause them, and blessed they that are proved by them.
The vain and the proud will afflict and despise the hum
ble; the great and the powerful will oppress the lowly
and abject ones. They will give benediction instead of
curses (I Cor. 4, 12). While they are pilgrims, they
shall be rejected by men, but afterwards they shall be
ranked with the angelic spirits, our sons, and they
will enjoy the seats and crowns, which the unfortunate
and unhappy apostates have lost. The stubborn and the
proud shall be condemned to eternal death, where they
will recognize their foolish proceedings and their perverseness.&
113. "In order that all may have a true model and
superabundant grace, if they wish to use it, the Son will
descend, capable of suffering and as a Redeemer, and
He shall save men (whom Lucifer defrauded of their
happy state) ; and He shall raise them up through his
infinite merits. We have resolved and determined upon
the salvation of men, through a Redeemer and Teacher,
who shall be able to propitiate and to teach, who shall
be born and live poor, shall die despised, condemned by
men to a most ignominious and frightful Death; who
shall be esteemed a sinner and a criminal, and yet shall
satisfy our justice for the guilt of sin. On account of
his foreseen merits We will show mercy and kindness.
All will understand, that those who are humble and
peaceful, those that practice virtue, that suffer and yet
forgive, are the followers of Christ and our sons. No
body will be capable of entering by his own free will
into our kingdom, unless he denies himself, and, taking
up his cross, follows his Chief and Master (Matth. 10,
22). Our kingdom shall be composed of the perfect,
who have legitimately labored and fought, persevering
to the end. These will take part in the reign of our
Christ, now begun and determined upon. For the ac
cuser of his brethren has been cast down; the triumph
of Christ is secured; to Him belong exaltations and
glory, since He is to wash and purify men with his
blood. Therefore only He shall be worthy to open the
book of the law of grace (Apoc. 5, 9), He is the way,
the light, the truth and the life (Joan 14, 6), through
which men may come to Me. He alone shall open the
gates of heaven; He shall be the Mediator (I Tim. 2,
5) and the Advocate of mortals, in Him they will have
a Father, a Brother (I Joan 2, 1), and Protector after
having been freed from their accuser and persecutor.
And the angels, who like true sons, have shared in the
work of our salvation and power and have defended the
reign of my Christ, shall likewise be honored and
crowned through all the eternities of eternities in my
114. This voice (which contains the mysteries hidden
since the constitution of the world and manifested by
the doctrine and the life of Jesus Christ), issued forth
from the throne and imported more than I can explain.
Through it were assigned the commissions, which the
holy angels were to fulfill. Saint Michael and Saint
Gabriel were appointed ambassadors of the incarnate
Word and of Mary his Mother most holy ; they were to
be ministers for all the mysteries of the Incarnation and
Redemption. With these two princes, many other an
gels were assigned to the same service, as I shall explain
afterward (Nos. 201-206). Other angels the Almighty
appointed as companions and guardians of the souls, to
teach them and inspire them with the virtues and sanc
tity opposed to the vices, into which Lucifer had pro
posed to seduce mankind. They were to guard and de
fend the souls and to carry them in their hands (Ps. 90,
12), in order that the just might not hurt their feet
against the stones, which are the snares and the traps
laid by their enemies.
115. Also other things were decreed on this occasion
of which the Evangelist says that the power, salvation,
virtue and kingdom of Christ began. But among the
mysterious works at this time was especially the desig
nation and enumeration of the predestined in the secret
tablets of the divine mind through the foreseen merits
of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Oh the mysteries and the
inexplicable secrets, which then were evolved in the
bosom of God ! Oh, happy lot of the chosen ones ! What
can equal this in importance ! What sacrament is so wor
thy of the Omnipotence of God! How great was the
triumph of the power of Christ! Happy, infinitely hap
py, the members who then were assigned and united to
such a Head ! Oh great Church ! Oh mighty people and
holy congregation of such a Leader and Master! At
the thought of such exalted mysteries the judgment of
the creature is rendered powerless, my understanding is
suspended, and my tongue becomes mute!
1 16. In the consistory of the three divine Persons the
mysterious book spoken of in the Apocalypse was given
and, as it were, delivered to the Onlybegotten of the
Father; at that time it was written, closed, and sealed
with the seven seals (Apoc. 5, 7), of which the Evan
gelist speaks. When He was made human flesh He
opened it, solving in their order the seals by enacting the
mysteries of his Birth, Life and Death unto the consum
mation of all things. That which the book contained
were all the decrees of the holy Trinity after the fall of
the angels; namely all that belongs to the Incarnation
of the Word, and the law of grace, the ten Command
ments, the seven Sacraments and all the articles of faith,
and what is contained in them, the constitution of the
whole militant Church. To the Word as having as
sumed human nature and as the High Priest and holy
Pontiff (Heb. 6, 20), was given the power to communi
cate the necessary faculties and gifts to the Apostles and
the other priests and ministers of the Church.
117. This was the mysterious beginning of the law
of the Gospel. In a most secret consistory of the Trin
ity it was resolved and recorded in the divine mind, that
those who would observe that law, shall be written in
the book of life. Here was the beginning of that law
and from the eternal Father the pontiffs and prelates
have their power and their vicariate. From his infinite
power flows the virtues of those that are meek, poor in
spirit, humble and just. This is their most humble ori
gin, and on that account it is true to say, that he who
obeys the superior obeys God (Luc. 10, 16), and he who
despises them, despises God. All this was decreed and
conceived in the divine mind and to Christ was given
the power to open in its proper time this book of de
crees, which was until then to be closed and sealed. In
the meanwhile the Most High gave his testament, that
is the testimonies of his divine words in the natural laws
and in the written laws, accompanying them with won
derful works and manifesting a part of his secrets
through the Patriarchs and Prophets.
118. Through these testimonies and through the
blood of the Lamb, it is said: "They (the just) over
came him (the dragon)." For although the blood of
Christ was entirely sufficient and superabundant to en
able all the faithful to overcome the dragon, their ac
cuser, and although the testimonies and teachings of the
Prophets are of great power and help for eternal salva
tion ; yet the just attain the fruit of the Passion and Re
demption, by cooperating of their own free will with
these divine helps, conquering their own selves and the
demons, and making use of grace. They not only suc
ceed in fulfilling the ordinary commandments and coun
sels of God, but they go to the extent of sacrificing
their lives for the Lord (Apoc. 6, 9) in testimony of
Him and in the hope of the crown and triumph prom
ised by Christ, as the martyrs did in testimony of the
faith and in defending his honor.
119. On account of all these mysteries the sacred
text adds : "Therefore rejoice, O heaven, and all those
that dwell therein." Rejoice, because thou art to be the
dwelling place of the just, and of their Chief, Jesus
Christ, and of his most holy Mother. Rejoice, O
heaven, because of all the material and inanimate crea
tures none obtained a better lot, for thou art to be the
house of God, who will endure through the eternal ages,
and thou art to receive as thy Queen the most pure and
most holy Creature, that emanated from the power of
the Most High. Therefore rejoice, heaven and all that
dwell therein, ye angels and ye just, since you are to be
the companions and ministers of the Son of the eternal
Father and of his Mother, and you are to be parts of
that mystical body, whose head is Christ himself. Re
joice, ye holy angels, because ministering to them and
serving them by your defense and custody, you increase
your accidental joy. Let the holy Archangel Michael,
the prince of the celestial hosts, rejoice in particular be*
cause he defended in battle the glory of the Most High
and his adorable mysteries, and because he is to be the
minister of the Incarnation of the Word and a particu
lar witness of all its effect to the end. Let all his allies
and all the defenders of Jesus Christ and his Mother re
joice, since during their ministry they do not lose the
joys of essential glory already their own. On account
of such divine sacraments let the heavens rejoice!
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