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 Mystical City of God - Virgin Mary By Sor Marķa of Agreda


  INDEX            Book 1  Chapter  19    Verses:  283-311

283. The text of the third and last part of chapter
twenty-first of the Apocalypse which I saw explained is
as follows:
19. "And the foundations and the wall were
adorned by all manner of precious stones. The first
foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third,
chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;
20. The fifth, sardony, the sixth, sardius; the
seventh, chrysolite ; the eighth, beryl ; the ninth, topaz ;
the tenth, chrysoprasus ; the eleventh, hyacinth; the
twelfth, amethyst.
21. And the twelve gates are twelve pearls, one to
each; and every special gate was of one several pearl;
and the street of the city was of pure gold, as it were
transparent glass.
22. And I saw no temple therein. For the Lord
God Almighty is the temple thereof, and the Lamb.
23. And the city hath no need of the sun, nor of
the moon, to shine in it; for the glory of God hath
enlightened it, and the Lamb is the lamp thereof.
24. And the nations shall walk in the light of it;
and the kings of the earth shall bring their glory and
honor into it.
25. And the gates thereof shall not be shut by day ;
for there shall be no night there.
26. And they shall bring the glory and honor of
the nations into it.
27. There shall not enter into it anything defiled, or
that worketh abomination or maketh a lie, but they
that are written in the book of life of the lamb."
So far the text and letter of the twenty-first chapter of
the Apocalypse, which I saw explained.
284. The Almighty having chosen the holy city of
Mary for his habitation, and She being of all things out
side of God the most fit and appropriate, it was not im
proper that, from the treasures of his Divinity and from:
the merits of his most holy Son, He should adorn the
foundations of this city s wall with all manner of pre
cious stones. The fortitude and strength of Mary, typi
fied by the walls, the beauty and excellence of her sanc
tity and graces, symbolized by the precious stones, her
wonderful Conception, suggested by the foundations,
were all well proportioned by God in regard to each
other and in regard to the exalted end, for which this
City was founded, namely, that God should live within
it by his love and that from the virginal womb of Mary
He might accept his human nature. All this the Evan
gelist describes just as he sees it in the most holy Mary.
For on account of the dignity, sanctity and stability which
were required in Her as a dwelling-place and as a
stronghold of God, it was befitting that the foundation
walls of this City, which prefigure the beginnings of her
Immaculate Conception, should be built of such emi
nently precious stones or virtues that none more rich or
precious could ever be found.
285. "The first foundation," or stone, he says, "was
jasper," whose variegated tints and durability indicate
the constancy and fortitude, which from the moment
of her Conception was infused into this great Lady in
order that during the course of her life She might con
tinue to exercise all the virtues with invincible magnan
imity and constancy. The virtues and habits, conceded
and infused into the most holy Mary at her Conception
and typified by these precious stones, at the same time
are connected with special privileges, and I will as far
as possible, explain them, in order that the full mystery
of these twelve foundations may become known. This
gift of strength included a special superiority and sov
ereignty for repressing, subduing and vanquishing the
ancient serpent, and for inspiring all the demons with
an inexpressible terror. On that account they fly from
Her and fear Her from afar, being filled with trembling
at her mere presence. They cannot come near the most
holy Mary without excruciating pain. So liberal was
divine Providence with her Majesty that She was not
only exempt from the common laws of the children of
Adam, but also freed from original guilt as well as from
subjection to the demon contracted thereby. Setting Her
apart from these evils, He at the same time endowed
Her with sovereign power over the devil, which all men
have lost together with their innocence. More than
that: as Mother of the Son of the eternal Father (whom
She bore in her womb for the very purpose of putting an
end to the evil power of the enemies) She was invested
with actual authority which emanated from God him
self and in virtue of which this most exalted Mistress
subdued the demons and sent them repeatedly to the in
fernal dungeons, as I will relate farther on.
286. "The second, sapphire." This stone imitates the
color of the clear and serene firmament and shows a scat
tering of gold spots or atoms. Its color typifies the
serenity and tranquillity of the gifts and graces of the
most holy Mary, enabling Her to enjoy an unchanging,
heavenly and serene peace, free from any cloud of dis
order and illumined from the moment of her Concep
tion with visions of the Divinity. By the likeness of her
virtues to the divine attributes and by her participation
in them, especially in their unchangeableness, She made
Herself worthy to see God. Many times during her pil
grimage through life was She favored with unveiled and
clear vision of God, as will be described. In virtue of
this singular privilege the Almighty endowed Her with
the power of communicating tranquillity and peace of
spirit to those, who will ask for her intercession. There
fore let all the faithful, who are agitated and stirred up
by the tormenting anxiety of their vices, pray to Her,
that so they may obtain from Her this gift of peace.
287. "The third, a chalcedony." This stone takes its
name from the country where it is found. It is of the
color of the ruby and in the night resplendent as a beaconlight.
The hidden signification of this stone points
to the holiness and power of the name of Mary. For
She took her name from that part of the world, where
She first came into being, calling herself a daughter of
Adam, and her name, by the mere change of the accent
signifies in Latin the collective oceans, for She was the
ocean of the graces and gifts of the Divinity. She came
into the world in her Immaculate Conception, submerg
ing and inundating it with these gifts, sweeping off the
malice of sin and its effects, illuminating the darkness of
the abyss with the light of her spirit and the brightness
of her heavenly wisdom. This foundation-stone signifies
that the Most High conceded to her most holy name the
power to disperse the clouds of infidelity spread over the
earth, and to destroy the errors of heresy, of paganism,
idolatry and all uncertainty in matters of the Catholic
faith. If the infidels would turn toward this light by
invoking Mary s name, it is certain that their under
standing would quickly expel the darkness, their errors
would be drowned as in a sea in virtue of the power con
ceded to Her from on high.
288. "The fourth, an emerald," the color of which is
a pleasant green, delighting the sight without fatigue. It
mysteriously typifies the graces of the most holy Mary
in her Conception for, being most amiable and gracious
in the eyes of God and his creatures. She preserved in
Herself, without the least offense against his name and
memory, all the verdure and strength of the holiness,
virtues and gifts then conferred upon Her. According
ly the Most High granted Her the privilege of insuring
a like stability to her devout followers, obtaining for
them perseverance and fidelity in the friendship of God
and in the practice of virtue.
289. "The fifth, sardonyx." This stone is transpar
ent, though favoring the flesh-color and usually contain
ing three different tints : dark below, whitish in the cen
tre, and nacreous or like mother-of-pearl above, a most
graceful variety of color. The mysterious signification
of this stone pointed to the close relation between the
Mother and the Son, whom She was to bring forth. The
dark color points to the inferior and terrestrial portion
of the body of Mary, obscured by mortification and la
bors during her stay on earth, and also to the humanity
of her Son, obscured by taking upon Himself our guilt.
The white typifies the purity of the soul of Mary, the
Virgin, and of Christ, our highest good. The carnation
bespeaks in Him the hypostatical union of his humanity
and Divinity, and in Mary her participation in the love
of her most holy Son, and her communication in all the
splendors of the Divinity. In virtue of this foundationstone
the great Queen of heaven enjoys the power of
interceding and obtaining for her clients the efficacious
application of the superabundant merits of the Incarna
tion and Redemption, including also a special devotion
toward the mysteries and the life of Christ our Lord
through his merits.
290. "The sixth, sardius." This stone is transparent,
and because it at the same time flashes like the clear
flame of a fire, it is the symbol of the flame of divine
love, which incessantly burns in the Queen of heaven,
for there is no cessation nor diminution of that conflagra
tion of love in her bosom. From the very moment of
her Conception, which was the time and place of its be
ginning, it continued to grow, and now, having reached
that highest state of exaltation, which ever can fall to
the lot of a creature, it burns and shall burn still bright
er through all the eternities. This includes her privilege
of distributing the influence, the love and the gifts of the
Holy Ghost to those who ask in her name.
291. "The seventh, chrysolite." This stone resembles
in its color gold refulgent with flaming fire; and this
latter is more apt to show itself by night than by day.
It symbolized the ardent love which Mary entertains for
the Church militant, its ministers, and for the law of
grace in particular. This love shone forth more especial
ly during the night of the Death of her most holy Son,
also during the time, when in the beginnings of the evan
gelical law, She held the office of teacher and when She
prayed so ardently for the establishment of the Church
and its Sacraments. In those times, as will be said in its
place, She cooperated by her most burning love toward
the salvation of the whole human race. She alone
knew and appreciated the value of the most holy law of
her Son. With this love She was prepared and endowed
from the moment of her Conception in order to be the
Coadjutrix of Christ our Lord. This includes the pre
rogative of being able to obtain for those that invoke
Her, the grace of a good disposition toward the fruit
ful reception of the Sacraments of the holy Church and
of clearing away obstacles that prevent their full effects.
292. "The eighth, beryl." This stone is of a green
and yellow color; but the green predominates, having a
great resemblance to olive and being of resplendent bril
liancy. It represents the singular faith and hope given
to Mary in her Conception, enabling Her to understand
and execute arduous and sublime works, such as She in
reality accomplished for the glory of Her Creator. In
virtue of this gift of unfailing assistance of the Lord,
was conferred upon Her the power to endow her ser
vants with fortitude and patience in the tribulations and
difficulties of their undertakings.
293. "The ninth, topaz." This stone is transparent
and of a mulberry color, much prized and esteemed. It
represents the most honorable virginity of Mary, our
Mistress, and her mothership in regard to the incarnate
Word; moreover during her whole life these two pre
rogatives were held by Her as of inestimable value and
worthy of the most humble thanks. At the instant of
her Conception She asked the Most High for the virtue
of chastity and She promised the observance of it during
the rest of her earthly life. She was aware that it was
conceded to Her in a degree far above her vows and
desires. Not only that, but She knew that the Lord
had made Her the Teacher and the Guide of all the
virgins and lovers of chastity, and that through her in
tercession, She could obtain these virtues and perse
verance in them for all her devotees.
294 "The tenth, chrysoprase," the color of which is
green with touches of gold. It signified the most firm
hope planted in the heart of the most holy Mary at her
Conception, and the love with which it was impreg
nated and embellished. Hope lived inextinguishably in
the bosom of our Queen, as was befitting for Her who
was to communicate similar quality to the rest of man
kind. The firmness of her confidence was founded in the
stability of her high and generous nature during all the
labors and exercises of her most holy life, and especially
in the Passion and Death of her most holy Son. At the
same time with this virtue the power of efficacious medi
ation was given Her, so that She might obtain the same
firmness of hope for her clients.
295. "The eleventh, hyacinth," which is of an exquis
ite violet color. In this foundation-stone is disclosed the
love of Mary for the Redemption of the human race.
This love was infused into Her at her Conception and
was applied to Her in view of the merits of the death of
the Redeemer, her Son. As the whole remedy of guilt
and the justification of all the souls was to take its rise
from the Redemption, this love of the great Queen for
the Redemption from that first instant, earned Her the
power of demanding that no sinner, how great and
abominable soever he might be, should be excluded from
the fruit of the Redemption and justification, nor fail
to attain eternal life if he invoked the intercession of this
powerful Lady and Advocate.
296. "The twelfth, amethyst," of a refulgent violet
color. The mystery of this stone or foundation cor
responds in part with that of the first. It imports a
kind of inherent power conceded to the most holy Mary
from the moment of her Conception against all the devil
ish host, so that the demons, without any command or
action on her part, feel a distressing and torturing force
proceeding from Her, as soon as they wish to approach
her presence. It was given to Her as a reward of her
incomparable zeal in exalting and defending the glory
and honor of God. Hence the mere sound of her sweet
est name is sufficient to expel from the bodies of men the
malignant spirits. For her holy name is so powerful that
at the mere intimation of it, they are overcome and de
prived of strength. These are in short the mysteries of
the foundations upon which God built the holy City of
Mary. But they point to many other mysteries and
favors received by Her, and in so far as the Lord will
give me light and strength, I will manifest them in the
farther course of this history.
297. The Evangelist proceeds and says: "And the
twelve gates are twelve pearls, one to each; and every
several gate was of one several pearl." The great num
ber of gates of this mystical City signify that through
most holy Mary and through her ineffable dignity and
merits, the entrance to life everlasting was to be just as
easy as it is free. It was in a manner due and befitting
to the excellence of this exalted Queen, that in Her and
through Her the infinite mercy of the Most High should
magnify itself by opening all the many ways of com
munication with the Divinity, and that all mortals, if
they wished to make use of her merits and powerful in
tercession, should enter into participation of the Divin
ity. The priceless value, magnificence, beauty and fair
ness of these twelve gates, constructed of pearls, imply
the greatness of the dignity and grace of this Empress
of heaven, and the sweetness of her delightful name,
which draws mortals toward God. The most holy Mary
knew that the Lord had bestowed upon Her the preroga
tive of being the special Mediatrix of the human race
and the Dispensatrix of the treasures of the Divinity for
her Son; and therefore the prudent and most diligent
Mistress exerted Herself to make the merits and dignity
of her works so precious and excellent that they are the
astonishment of the blessed in heaven. Thus the gates
of that city were indeed precious pearls in the sight of
the Lord and of men.
298. Accordingly it is said: "And the square of the
city was of pure gold, as it were transparent glass." The
piazza or square of that City of God, most holy Mary,
is its interior or her soul. Here, as in a square or mar
ketplace, all the life converges and here the commerce
and trade of the republic of the soul is transacted; for
it is the centre of the activity of the senses and other
faculties. This square in the most holy Mary was of
purest and transparent gold, because composed of the
wisdom and love of God himself. Never was it affected
by dullness, ignorance or inattention; all her thoughts
were most exalted and her affections were inflamed with
immeasurable love. On this square the highest myster
ies of the Divinity were deliberated, from this square
were heard the words "Fiat mihi secundum verbum
tuum," which gave a beginning to the most exalted work
that God ever accomplished or will ever accomplish;
there the innumerable petitions in favor of the human
race were devised and sent up to the tribunal of God;
there those riches were amassed, which will expel pov
erty from all the world, if men will enter into commerce
with it ; there also is the armory against the demons and
all vice. For in most holy Mary are the graces and vir
tues, which make Her terrible to hell and which afford
us courage to overcome the devilish host.
299. He says farther: "And I saw no temple therein.
For the Lord God Almighty is the temple thereof, and
the Lamb." The temples of the cities serve as places of
prayer and worship to be rendered to God ; and it would
be a great defect, if in the City of God there were no
temple befitting its greatness and excellence. Hence in
this City of holy Mary is so sacred a temple that the
omnipotent God himself and the Lamb itself, that is:
the humanity and the Divinity of his Onlybegotten Son,
are reverenced and adored in spirit, and more worthily
than in all tfie temples of the world; for He dwelt in
Her as in his proper habitation. He was also Himself
the temple of Mary, since She was encompassed, sur
rounded and enclosed by the Divinity and the humanity,
both of which served Her as a habitation and a taber
nacle. For being in God, she never ceased to adore, wor
ship and petition this same God and incarnate Word
within her womb thus in spirit living in God and in the
Lamb as in a temple since her continual sanctity was be
fitting to such a temple. In order to think worthily of
this heavenly Mistress, we must always consider Her as
enclosed in the Divinity and in her most holy Son
as in a temple. Thus shall we understand what acts and
processes of love, adoration and reverence, were accom
plished by Her; what delights She experienced in the
same Lord, what petitions arose in Her for the human
race, and how earnestly, from her inmost heart and
with burning charity, She cried and begged for the sal
vation of mortals, when in spirit She saw the great
necessity of their salvation.
300. Further says the Evangelist: "And the city
hath no need of the sun and the moon, to shine in it;
for the glory of God hath enlightened it, and the Lamb
is the lamp thereof." The sun and the moon, are not
necessary in the presence of greater light than their own ;
and thus, in the empyrean heaven, where the infinite Suns
give their light, the absence of our sun is no defect,
though it is so resplendent and beautiful In the most
holy Mary, our Queen, there was no need of created
sun or moon to enlighten and direct Her; for without
comparison She pleased and delighted God. Nor could
the wisdom, sanctity and perfection of her works have
any other teacher and director, than the Sun of justice
itself, her most holy Son. All other creatures were far
too deficient to assist Her in being a worthy Mother of
her Creator. Nevertheless in this same school of the
Lord She learned to be the most humble and obedient
among the humble and obedient. Though She was
taught by God himself, yet She hesitated not to suppli
cate and obey the most abject among men in those
things in which it was not unbecoming. Being the dis
ciple of Him, who corrects the wise, She drew the di
vine philosophy of humility from Him, her great Mas
ter. And She rose to such wisdom, that the Evangelist
could say :
301. "And the nations shall walk in the light of it:"
for if Christ our Lord, calls the doctors and saints burn
ing lights, placed upon the candlestick to enlighten the
Church: lights such as were scattered through the ages
in the Patriarchs and Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs and
Doctors, filling the Catholic Church with such effulgence,
that it appears to be a heaven with many suns and
moons: what shall we say of the most holy Mary,
whose light and splendor incomparably exceeds all the
doctors and teachers of the Church, yea that of the
angels of heaven? If only the mortals were possessed
of clear sight to see the splendor of the light of the
most holy Mary, it alone would suffice to enlighten every
man in the world and to illumine for them the paths of
heaven. Therefore, because all those who have attained
to the knowledge of God, walked in the light of this
holy City, St. John says: "that the nations have walked
in the light of it." Moreover he adds most truly:
302. "And the kings of the earth shall bring
their glory and their honor into it." Very blessed are
those kings and princes, who with happy zeal use their
power and influence to fulfill this prophecy. All of them
should do so; but fortunate are they, that turn with
sincere affection to most holy Mary, employing their
life, their honor, their riches, and their high position in
the defense of that City of God, extending her glory in
the world and magnifying her name in the Catholic
Church in opposition to the crackbrained madness of
heretics and infidels. With the deepest sorrow I be
hold Catholic princes, who are remiss in seeking the
favor of this Queen, fail to ask her assistance in the
great dangers of their states, and do not look upon Her
as a refuge and protection, as an Intercessor and Ad
vocate. If the dangers of kings and potentates are
great, let them remember, that their obligation to be
thankful is not any less; for this heavenly Queen her
self says, that through Her kings do reign, princes com
mand, and the powerful administer justice (Prov. 8,
16) ; She loves those that love Her (Eccli. 14, 31) and
those, that magnify Her, attain eternal life, since those,
that work with Her do not sin.
303. I do not wish to conceal the light, which many
times and especially on this occasion, has been vouch
safed to me in order to be made known to others. In
the Lord it was shown me, that all the afflictions of the
Catholic Church and all the labors of the Christian peo
ple, have been invariably mitigated by the intercession
of the most holy Mary; that in the turbulence of the
present times, when heretical pride surges up so high
against God and his lamentably afflicted Church, only
one remedy is left for these miseries, namely: That
the Catholic kings and governments turn to the Mother
of grace and mercy, most holy Mary. Let them seek her
favor by rendering Her especial homage, so that the de
votion and honor of Mary may grow and spread over
the whole earth and thus draw Her toward us with a
look of pity. Then it may be, that She will obtain for
us the grace of her most holy Son, that all the un
bridled vices now infecting the Christian people through
malice of the enemy, will be reformed, and through
her intercession the wrath of the Lord, which so justly
chastises us and threatens us with yet greater calamities
and misfortunes, will be appeased. From this reforma
tion and amendment of our sins would also spring vic
tory against the infidels and the extirpation of the false
sects, that oppress the holy Church. For the most holy
Mary is the sword, which is to destroy and cut them
down all over the world.
304. Even now the world suffers the losses conse
quent upon this forgetfulness. If the Catholic kings are
not successful in the government of their countries, in
the preservation and the spread of the Catholic faith, in
overcoming their enemies, or in the warfares and battles
against the infidels, all this happens, because they do not
follow this guiding Star, which shows them the way; be
cause they have not placed Mary as the beginning and
immediate end of their works and projects and because
they forget that this Queen treads in the paths of justice
in order to teach it, exalts and enriches those that love it
(Prov. 8, 20).
305. O thou prince and head of the holy Catholic
Church! O ye prelates, who are also called princes of
the Church! And thou, Catholic prince and monarch of
Spain, to whom, according to my natural obligation and
through the great love and special providence of the
Most High, I direct this humble and earnest appeal!
Cast thy crown, thy monarchy at the feet of this Queen
and Mistress of heaven and earth ; seek out this Restoratrix
of all the human race ; listen to Her, who by power
divine is placed over all the hosts of men and of all
the infernal regions ; turn thy affection toward Her, who
holds in her hands the keys of the good will and treas
ures of the Most High ; transport thy honor and renown
of that City of God, who has no need thereof in order
to increase hers, but who can improve and exalt thy
own! Offer to Her with Catholic enthusiasm and with
a whole heart some great and pleasing service, and the
recompense will be immeasurably great : the conversion
of the heathens, the victory over heresies and paganism,
the peace of the Church, new light and help to improve
the lives of men and a great and glorious reign for thee
in this life and the next.
306. O my fatherland, kingdom of Spain, which on
account of thy Catholic faith, art most fortunate ! Even
more fortunate shalt thou be if to the steadfastness and
sincerity of thy faith, given to thee by the Almighty,
thou wilt add the holy fear of God corresponding to thy
distinguished faith! Would that in order to arrive at
this summit of thy happiness, all thy inhabitants unite
in a burning devotion to the most holy Mary! How
greatly would thy glory then shine forth! How much
wouldst thou be enlightened! How valiantly wouldst
thou then be protected and defended by this Queen, and
how would thy Catholic kings be enriched by treasures
from on high, and through their agency, how widely
would the sweet law of the Gospel spread among the
nations! Remember that this great Princess honors
those that honor Her, enriches those that seek Her,
makes illustrious those that praise Her, and defends
those that hope in Her. Be assured, that in order thus
to show Herself a Mother and shower her mercies upon
thee, She hopes and desires to be approached and solicited.
At the same time remember, that God is under no
necessity to any one (Ps. 15, 2) and that He can make
out of stones, children of Abraham (Luc. 3, 8) ; if thou
make thyself unworthy of such great good, He can re
serve this glory for those that serve Him better and
make themselves less unworthy of the reward.
307. And in order that thou mayest not remain ig
norant of the service, which in our days (among many
others taught thee by the devotion and piety), should be
rendered to this great Queen and Mistress of men, con
sider the present position, which the mystery of her
Immaculate Conception holds in the Catholic Church
and direct thy attention to supply what is still missing
to establish firmly this fundamental doctrine of that City
of God. Let no one despise this suggestion as coming
from a weak and ignorant woman, or as a notion
founded in a prejudiced love of a state and profession
consecrated to the name and honor of Mary immaculate ;
for the conviction and light, which I have received in the
knowledge of her life, is sufficient for me. Not for my
own honor, nor relying upon my own judgment and
authority, do I make this exhortation: I obey the com
mand of the Lord, who gives speech to the mute, and
makes eloquent the tongues of infants. Let those that
admire this merciful liberality, also take notice of what
the Evangelist adds, saying:
308. "And the gates thereof shall not be shut by day :
for there shall be no night there." The portals of mercy
of most holy Mary never were and never are closed,
nor was there in Her from the first instant of her Con
ception, any darkness of guilt, which might close the
gates of this City, as it happened in the rest of the saints.
Just as in those places, where gates are always open,
all those that wish, can issue forth or enter at all times,
so no prohibition hinders mortals from entering freely to
the Divinity through the gates of the mercy of the most
pure Mary. For in that City is the storehouse of the
treasures of heaven, open to all without limitation of
time, place, age or sex. All were free to enter ever
since its foundation; for that very purpose the Most
High has opened so many portals in this foundation,
leaving them unlocked, free and open to the light, so
that from the first moment of Mary s purest Conception
mercies and benefits began to descend upon the whole
human race. But though this City has so many gates,
from which issue the riches of the Divinity, yet it is on
that account not the less secure from its enemies. There
fore the text proceeds:
309. "There shall not enter into it anything defiled,
or that worketh abomination or maketh a lie, but they
that are written in the book of life of the Lamb," etc.
Rehearsing again the glories of the City of God, the
Evangelist closes this twenty-first chapter, assuring us
once more, that there was no blemish in Her, because
She received an immaculate body and soul. This, how
ever, never could be said of Her, if She was tainted by
original guilt ; and much less have stains or blemishes of
actual sins ever found entrance in Her. That which
entered into this City of God is entirely similar to that
which is written of the Lamb: her most holy Son was
taken as the pattern and model for her formation and
from no other being could any excellence of the most
holy Mary be copied, even when there is question of
the smallest, if indeed anything can be called small in
Her. Since this portal, Mary, was to be the portal of a
city of refuge for the mortals, it could only be with the
understanding, that he, who is the perpetrator of abom
ination and lies, should never find part or entrance
through it. But let not on this account the sinful and
guilty sons of Adam hesitate to approach the gates of
this holy City of God; for if they approach with con
trition and humility to seek the cleansing of grace, they
will find it in these gates of the great Queen, and in no
others. She is clean, pure, abounding in grace, and
above all She is the Mother of mercy ; She is sweet, lov
ing and powerful to enrich our poverty and to cleanse us
from the stains of all our sins.
310. My daughter, these chapters contain excellent
direction and light, though thou hast left in them many
things unsaid. Seek therefore to draw profit from all
that thou hast understood and written, bewaring lest
thou receive the light of grace in vain. This in brief I
wish thee to remember; be not dismayed, that thou wert
conceived in sin, and, as an earthly creature, feelest
within thyself the earthly inclinations ; but strive against
thy passions to a finish. In doing this thou wilt at the
same time battle against thy enemies. With the help
of the Almighty s grace, thou canst rise above thyself
and make thyself a daughter of heaven, whence all grace
comes. In order that thou mayest attain thereto, let thy
habitation continue to be in the higher regions, keeping
thy mind fixed in the knowledge of the immutable Be
ing and perfections of God and never allowing thy at
tention to be drawn away to another even otherwise
necessary object. With this continual presence and
memory of God s greatness thou wilt dispose thyself
for the influx of the holy Spirit and his gifts in closest
friendship and communication with the Lord. In order
to evade all hindrance to this his holy Will, which I
have already many times pointed out and made manifest
to thee, seek to mortify the inferior part of thy being,
the seat of the evil inclinations and passions. Die to all
that is earthly, sacrifice, in the consciousness of God s
presence, all thy sensitive appetities, fulfill none of their
impulses, nor ever satisfy thy own will outside of the
narrow limits of obedience. Do not leave the secret
refuge of interior recollection, where the Lamb en
lightens thee. Adorn thyself for entrance into the bridal
chamber of thy Spouse, and permit the hand of the Al
mighty to array thee in such a manner as He wishes, al
ways seeking to concur with Him and place no obstacle
in his way. Purify thy soul by many acts of sorrow
for having offended Him, magnify and praise Him with
a most ardent love. Seek Him, and rest not until thou
hast found Him, whom thy soul desires, hold Him and
do not let Him go (Cant. 3, 4). I wish thee to proceed
on thy pilgrimage like one, who has already arrived at
the journey s end, keeping thy gaze continually on the
source of all glory. Let the rule of thy life be to walk
in the light of faith and in the brightness, with which
the Omnipotent shall fill and illumine thy soul, and to
continue to love, adore and reverence Him, without any
cessation or diminution. This being the will of the
Almighty in thy regard : consider what shall be thy gain,
but remember also, what may be thy loss. See thou do
not run this risk; subject thyself with thy whole will
and being to the guidance of thy Spouse, of myself, and
of holy obedience, which must always be thy standard.
Thus the Mother of the Lord instructed me, and I
answered Her, filled with great confusion:
311. "Queen and Mistress of all creation, whose ser
vant I am and wish to be for all the eternities ! Forever
will I praise the Omnipotence of the Most High, be
cause He chose thus to exalt Thee. But since Thou art
so fortunate and so powerful with the Almighty, I con
jure Thee, O my Lady, to look with an eye of mercy
upon me, thy poor and miserable servant. Make me
partaker in the gifts which the Lord has placed in thy
hands for distribution among the needy, raise me up
from my abject state, enrich my nakedness and poverty,
and as a Mistress compel me to desire and do what is
most perfect, helping me to find grace in the eyes of thy
most holy Son and my Lord. In thy hands do I place
my salvation, O Mistress and Queen! do Thou take
charge of it to the end ; for thy desires are holy and pow
erful on account of the merits of thy most holy Son and
on account of the promises of the most holy Trinity,
which are pledges for the fulfillment of all thy petitions
and desires without fail. I myself have nothing to
oblige Thee, as I am unworthy, but as a substitute I
offer Thee, my Lady, thy own sanctity and clemency."
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