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The Pentateuch

Genesis     Exodus     Leviticus     Numbers     Deuteronomy 

The Deuteronomic History

Josue     Judges     Ruth     I-Kings = 1 Sam
II Kings = 2 Sam     III Kings = 1 K     IV Kings = 2 K     I-Paralipomenon
II Paralipomenon     I Esdras     II Esdras (Nehm)     Tobias  
Judith     Esther     Paralipomenon same as = Chronicles

The Wisdom Books

Job     Psalms     Proverbs     Ecclesiastes
Canticle of Cnt.     Wisdom     Ecclesiasticus    

The Prophets

Isaias     Jeremias     Lamentations     Baruch
Ezekiel     Daniel     Osee     Joel
Amos     Abdias     Jonas     Micheas
Nahum     Habacuc     Sophonias     Aggeus
Zacharias     Malachias    

History of the people of God

1 Machabees     2 Machabees   

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The Douay Rheims Bible is the translation of the Latin Vulgate compiled by St. Jerome. It is by far the most accurate translation of the Bible.
The Deteurocanonical books are those not included in Protestant Bibles, they are Tobias, Judith, Baruch, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus and First and Second Machabees.There are 73 books that you can study. 

Note: when studying the Psalms, from Psalm 11 upwards, subtract one from all psalms to correspond with other Bible translations. This is due to Psalm 10 according to the Hebrews.

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