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Douay Rheims
New Testament

The Pentateuch

Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers

The Deuteronomic History

Josue Judges Ruth I Kings = 1 Sam
II Kings = 2 Sam III Kings = 1 K IV Kings = 2 K I Paralipomenon
II Paralipomenon I Esdras II Esdras (Nehm) Tobias
Judith Esther Paralipomenon = Chronicles

The Wisdom Books

Job Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes
Canticle of Cnt. Wisdom Ecclesiasticus     

The Prophets

Isaias Jeremias Lamentations Baruch
Ezekiel Daniel Osee Joel
Amos Abdias Jonas Micheas
Nahum Habacuc Sophonias Aggeus
Zacharias Malachias    

History of the people of God

1 Machabees 2 Machabees    

St.  Jerome's Prefaces Sermons

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

The Work of God