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Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

These words from Heaven will touch your heart and soul, they will awaken your spirit to learn to listen to God and to live in His Presence. * Jesus (message 190): I am anointing these words that I give you with my Grace and Blessings for all those who hear them.

These messages are a testimony to the work of God in our souls, in them speaks the Lord or the Virgin Mary to prepare our souls for eternal life.

Little is said about eternity, little is spoken of the spirit, however, this is our true reality, we are children of God and we are in this life just passing through. It is important to live according to the Word of God.

When the Lord or the Blessed Virgin Mary speak to the person who received these messages, the celestial intent is for these messages to serve as spiritual instruction for all those who read them, because in them there is a spiritual instruction and an expansion of the revelations we have already received in the Word of God. Everything has been revealed in the Holy Scriptures; these messages do not contain something you do not find in Scripture, extraordinary words or dates of disasters or prophetic predictions as many may expect to find in the voice of God. In them God shows us that He is so close to each of us and how He loves us. The Lord and the Virgin Mary affirm us how safe are the teachings of the Catholic Church.

These messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father contain teachings based on humility, total surrender to the Divine Will and the opening of the soul to the Holy Spirit. God is spirit, his teachings call us to become more spiritual, to leave worldly ways and to walk with Jesus our Way, Truth and Life. They also teach us to pray with fervor and devotion, to keep our souls in a state of peace where the soul rejoices in the Lord and our spirit is glad to be in his presence.
These heavenly messages are Catholic, Eucharistic and Marian; they speak of the presence of God with us, Emmanuel, Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, they teach us to live in constant prayer, praise, worship, intercession and reparation. They speak of the reality of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, they demonstrate the existence of the devil and put us alert giving us weapons to fight the enemy, the Lord speaks to us of the power of his Holy Name and the Cross.

God tells us how He wants to dwell in every heart, his great love did descend from the heights, from his eternal throne of Light, Majesty and Glory to redeem this humanity lost in sin, the Lord shows us his infinite love and how his Divine Mercy does not want to condemn any soul. In these messages God the Father, Jesus and the Virgin Mary, the voice of the Spirit comes to penetrate the hardness of our hearts, to transform these rocks into real diamonds.

Blessed are all those who put trust in the Lord and open their hearts to receive his teachings. In a world where we hear many voices and where the devil with his lies has convinced most humans, it is good to enter this oasis of peace and holiness where God the Father, Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary call us with these messages of Truth to die to the carnal man in order to live in the spiritual man modelled in Christ Jesus. In these divine words, God wants our holiness and makes echo to his words: Be holy as I am holy.

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Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father