Luminous Mysteries - of Light - Holy Rosary

Luminous Mysteries
( Mysteries of Light )


          Mark check boxes in place of the Rosary beads
          For sound, place mouse over sound icons. Install Flash Player if required. 
          Please wait for sounds to load until icons are displayed.
          For background music you may click on the Ave Maria icon.

 Make the Sign + of the cross
Say the Apostle's Creed
Say the Our Father
Say three Hail Marys

Glory Be to the Father

To pray and listen click on the sound icon

Listen and pray the Holy Rosary

Let us pray

First Mystery - Baptism Our Lord

Second mystery - Miracle at Cana 
Third mystery - Proclamation Kingdom

Fourth mystery - Transfiguration

Fifth mystery - Institution Eucharist

Play the Ave Maria
Ave Maria
How to pray the Rosary

 Holy Rosary - The Work of God

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Luminous Mysteries - of Light - Holy Rosary