Holy Father, Pope John Paul II - life - death -  The world is sad for his departureathHOLY FATHER,  POPE JOHN PAUL II, HAS DIED 

Life and Death of the Pope
1920 - 2005

"The Holy Father died this evening  in his private apartment, said the Vatican announcement at 9:37 p.m. (Italian time Saturday, April 2, 2005) 

"All the procedures foreseen by the Apostolic Constitution 'Universi Dominici gregis' promulgated by John Paul II on 22 February 1996 have been set in motion."

The date of his death coincides with the First Saturday of the month, day of devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary, of whom he was a great devotee. In Australia, the date coincides with the Sunday of the Feast of the Divine Mercy, a devotion that the Holy Father promulgated in a special way. ( Sunday 5.37 a.m. AEST)

The pope suffered Parkinson's disease for several years, he was hospitalized several times in the past few months. He went into agony after suffering heart and kidney failure, his condition deteriorated rapidly and He died peacefully at his apartment in the Vatican. 

In the meantime Saint Peter's Square was filled with people praying for Him, and the whole Catholic world was also in deep grief for the imminent death of our Pontiff. 

Television screen have shown us many faces full of tears throughout the world, for the loss of the greatest Pope in History. 

It is with great sadness that we come to terms with the death of our Holy Father, John Paul II on April 2, 2005. Australian time Sunday,  Feast Day of the Divine Mercy. 

As a very privileged generation of Catholics, we enjoyed the spiritual company, direction and the teachings of the Holy Father John Paul II since October 18 1978. A total of over 26 years. 

Karol Wojtyla was a very talented man who was consecrated to the Priesthood in 1946. He was inspired by the Marian teachings of Saint Louis de Montfort to become a Marian Priest, then a bishop and finally our Pope. 

During his life He was always an apologetic preacher, his first publication was in defense of the traditional teachings of the Church on marriage titled Love and Responsibility.

After he was ordained a Pope in 1978 He became a traveler ambassador of the Church visiting 129 countries in the world, he served the third longest papacy until now,  witnessing to Christ and his compassion by consecrating all nations to God. He was able to gather crowds of many thousands of people everywhere he went. 

He visited most Marian Shrines throughout the world and encouraged devotions to Our Lady. At the same time he was writing numerous letters, exhortations and encyclicals to consolidate our Catholic Faith. 

His Infallible teachings cover the most sensitive topics of our times including homosexuality, abortion, contraception, divorce, ordination of women to the Priesthood and euthanasia. His strong views are an echo of the morality of the teachings of Christ himself. He was the strong voice of the Church in times of strong opposition to Catholicism, but he managed to conquer many hearts back to the faith.

On account of his firmness on moral issues he once said: "I am not severe - I am sweet by nature,"  "But I defend the rigidity principle. God is stronger than human weakness and deviations. God will always have the last word." 

On June 2, 1979, John Paul II started his first visit of Poland his native country, his visit was acclaimed by the people who were living under a communist regime. His visit encouraged the faithful to despise the Communist atheistic views and to pray for freedom. Months later the solidarity movement gained momentum and Communism began to crumble. Thanks to the Holy Father, Communism is losing its value all over the world. 

On May 13, 1981, the Holy Father was shot in St. Peter's Square, by a Turkish terrorist. He was close to death, he forgave the man who later converted to Catholicism. This attack was predicted in one of the revelations of Our Lady of Fatima to Sister Lucia.

According to messages of Our Lady to Father Stephano Gobbi, founder of the Marian Movement of Priest, Our Lady says: "The Holy Father John Paul II is the Pope of my predilection, the holy leader of the Catholic Church whose voice should be followed by the Bishops, priests and the faithful." 

The Holy Father always went to the Marian Shrines in every country he visited. In his younger days he would descend from the plane and kiss the ground as a sign of humility and also as a blessing. 

No other Pope in history has canonized as many saints as John Paul II. Among the great saints of our times, he canonized Maximilian Kolbe, Jose Maria Escriva and Sister Faustina Koswalka.

Saint Faustina received from Our Lord the teachings about His Divine Mercy. The Holy Father was such an Apostle of the Divine Mercy that He died on the Feast day of the Mercy of God. (Australian time)

One of his charismas was to attract young people, he always had a beautiful message for our young generation on World Youth day. But his compassion and love extended to people of all ages, nationalities and creeds.

He was a true Apostle of Christ, soothing relations with Moslems, Jews and peoples of other religions. At a meeting with Jews he showed his compassion with these words:

"I assure the Jewish people that the Catholic Church is deeply saddened by the hatred, acts of persecution, and displays of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews by Christians at any time and in any place," a tearful John Paul declared in the crowded Yad Vashem memorial centre on a hill above Jerusalem. In the future, he said, there must be a "mutual respect required of those who adore the one Creator and Lord, and look to Abraham as our common father in faith."

His last years of life were afflicted by Parkinson's disease, but he continued spiritually strong in his views, gaining the approval not only of Catholics but of people or many other religions. He had great influence in world politics and was always opposed to wars. He struggled to promote Christianity until the last days of his life. 

God bless you John Paul II, may your memory endure in our hearts and your teachings go straight into our consciences in this world which is heading for spiritual ruin. May the Lord lavish you with His rewards for such a great service to our world.

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