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Lumen Verum Apologetics
A 30-Part Course in Defence of the Catholic Faith
by Robert M. Haddad

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The Blessed Trinity
The Divinity of Jesus Christ
Original Sin

Justification and Salvation
Canon of the Bible
Sola Scriptura?
The One True Church
Infallibility of the Church
St. Peter and Papal Primacy
Was St. Peter Ever in Rome?
The Pope is Infallible
The Eucharist in Scripture/Early Church
Veneration of the BVM as Mother of God
Our Lady - Her Immaculate Conception
Our Lady - Her Assumption
Perpetual Virginity of Our Lady
Guardian Angels
The Invocation of Saints
Purgatory and Praying for the Dead
Hell is Eternal
Infant Baptism
Sunday Worship
The Sign of the Cross
Statues and Images
Celibacy of the Clergy
Call None Your Father
The Inquisition
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Scripture quotes extracted from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible (Catholic Edition), copyright 1946, 1952, 1971, and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible (Catholic Edition), copyright 1989, and the Douai-Rheims version of the Holy Bible,1899.

Extracts from The Faith of the Early Fathers, Rev. William A. Jurgens, Copyright 1970 by The Order of St. Benedict, Inc. Published by The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minnesota. Used with permission.

Extracts from The Catechism of the Council of Trent, Issued by order of Pope Pius V, 1566, reprinted by Tan Books and Publishers Inc., Rockford, Illinois 61105.

Extracts from English translation of Catechism of the Catholic Church for Australia copyright June 1994 ST PAULS/Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Used with permission.

Typesetting and formatting assistance from David Obeid, Apologist and Catechist, Sydney, Australia.

Front Cover: St. Paul preaching to the Athenians.


Robert Haddad 1998.


Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for Us!


Up until the early 1960’s almost 250 000 people each year converted to the Catholic Church in the United States alone. The Church was so powerful and monolithic in its stature that many of its opponents genuinely feared alleged "Popish" plots to take over America, destroy democracy and conquer the world.

Times have changed. Now we witness a steady stream of "converts" heading in the other direction - to indifferentism, Protestant Fundamentalism, the New Age Movement, atheism etc., just to name a few. In Central and South America, for example, more than one thousand Catholics are lost each day to the various Protestant sects. Fundamentalist proselytism is obvious and everywhere and now constitutes a world-wide epidemic.

Darkness exists only where there is no light, and error advances only where there is ignorance. Unfortunately, with the worldwide collapse of effective Catholic catechesis and the confusion and denials spread by Modernism and Progressivism, there is today much ignorance.

Nevertheless, there is a growing number of Catholics who are no longer prepared to see the Church of Christ remain defenseless in the face of the untruths, distortions and historical inaccuracies of sectarians and other opponents. Hence, the formation in recent years of various lay apostolates specializing in apologetics, particularly in the United States.

This work has a two-fold purpose: firstly, it is aimed at arming Catholics with a better knowledge and understanding of their Faith in order that they may in turn become modern-day apostles in its defense; and secondly, to bring the light of truth to those of good-will outside the Church’s fold.

Each topic is complete in itself, and is designed for use by teachers or instructors of adult catechetical, apologetical, religious or home groups. The three-fold structure of Scriptures, Fathers and Catechism has been chosen to illustrate the continuity of the Church’s teaching since Apostolic times, and that the Church of the New Testament and the Apostles is the same Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church of today.

We pray that this work may contribute to the greater efforts of others involved in the "good fight," and further the cause of Christ’s Kingdom in the world and the salvation of souls.

October 27, 1996

Feast of Christ the King



Robert Haddad

Robert Haddad has been actively involved in catechetical and apologetical work since 1990.

Graduating from Sydney University with a Bachelor's degree in Law Robert took up an opportunity to work with a new high school established by the Lebanese Maronite Order of Monks, (St. Charbel’s College, Punchbowl). Since 1990 he has acquired a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education (Catholic) from Charles Sturt University and set up a Religious Education course for Years 7-12 of uncompromising soundness in doctrine and orthodoxy.

Because of his position as Religious Education Co-ordinator in the school, Robert has been called upon regularly by both students and parishioners to publicly defend and / or explain the Faith. These numerous encounters are the reason for this work.

In 1996, Robert co-founded Lumen Verum Apologetics, an apologetical lecture group meeting and working in south-west Sydney on Friday nights. As well, Robert lectures in Apologetics at the Center for Thomistic Studies based in central Sydney and conducts catechism classes in various parishes around the Sydney metropolitan area. Robert is also a Board member of the Association of Religious Educators, established in 1997 by teachers, parents and friends concerned with the current state of Catholic education. In 1999, Robert plans to commence Theological Studies at Charles Sturt University. This is his first work.

"Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus."

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