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A p o l o g e t i c s  defend our  C a t h o l i c  F a i t h  from errors and heresies coming from sects, cults and other religions. They have done this in the past centuries and they continue to do it today as we live these times of great apostasy.

Jesus said: when I come back will I find faith ?   (Luke 18:8)

Our  C a t h o l i c  F a i t h  is not a human invention but the continuation of  t h e   C h u r c h  founded by Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

The Work of God apostolate hosts "Lumen Verum" a group from Sydney Australia, it also links to Apologetic websites that defend the heritage of our faith.

Thanks be to God.

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Catholic Apologetics - dogmas - apologetic siteLumen Verum Apologetics

Books by Robert Haddad (Lumen Verum):

A 30-Part Course in defense of the Catholic faith

The Perpetual Virginity of Our Lady

The four dogmas of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Apostles' Creed in the Scriptures, the Fathers, and the Catechisms.

The Bread of Life - The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

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