Who am I ?

We are children of God, created in His image and sanctified by His own Blood. In paradise we lost our inheritance and we were condemned to dust. We have desecrated the image of God in us by our sins, it is then imperative that we come to the Son to be restored onto His likeness [Philippians 3:21]. Through Jesus we have become adoptive sons and daughters of God and our inheritance has been restored [Ephesians 1:5].

As children of the Most High, we are united to Christ in baptism, and depending on our behaviour we can merit the salvation that He has already paid for. The children of God do not sin [1 John 3:9], at least they are not supposed to, but if anyone sins we have Jesus Christ to forgive us through His Precious Blood [1 John 2:1].

Like Father, like son we say here on earth, is it not important that we truly become like God? We must live our lives according to the pattern of Christ so that we may also reflect the image of the Father in us [1 Corinthians 15:49].

Where do I come from?

We have been created from nothingness into existence by the goodness of God. Being moulded by his hands we have received his breath to animate our lives. The soul is the breath of God, that part of immortality which separates us from the material world [Genesis 2:7].

So we come from God who created us, in Him we live, we move and we have our being.[Acts 17:28]

Where am I going?

Knowing that we are children of God, we should go back to Him "our origin". Our lives must become a quest to possess the immortality we have lost. Jesus has pointed the Way: I am the Way. [John 14:6]

His way is a way of holiness and renunciation to the things of the world, with St. Paul we must count everything as rubbish in order to possess the most precious thing "Christ" [Philippians 3:8]

With Christ we become aware of his work of purification in our  souls, and we learn to turn away from evil in order to walk along with Him [Matthew 16:24].

The soul then stops seeking the things of the flesh and the world, and many changes will occur that will lead it to live for God only [1 John 2:16].

It is in the soul that all good and bad is imprinted, and in the soul we can feel the spirit of God moving us to do good, we can also feel the spirit of evil trying to convince us to live according to the calls of the flesh.

The carnal man lives according to the inclinations of the flesh, he becomes a slave of the passions and he lives with no desire for God in him. This man sins and wounds his soul with mortal sin unless he comes to know Christ [Romans 8:5].

Those who are called to live by Christ must repent of their sins,  amend their lives and live in conformity with His Spirit [2 Chronicles 7:14].

The Holy Spirit moves us to accept that Jesus is Lord, and if we accept His direction, we learn to listen to Him and to obey His Word in order to be saved [Romans 10:9].

The spiritual man receives the light of the truth and the truth sets him free [Romans 8:2]. In the wings of the spirit he can travel securely following the call to eternal life [Isaiah 40:31].


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