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*  God's call to be holy

The Will of God for us is our sanctification, this study aims to make us aware of how we can work and respond to God's call.

*  God's blessing

A proven way of obtaining God's blessing. Without God's blessing our life is going nowhere. Jesus is the great blessing of God.


For those who have experienced the presence of the evil one in their lives. A very powerful deliverance prayer for everyone.

*  Teachings on Finding God

God, where are you? This is our constant cry, very specially when we suffer. God is not very far, come and see.....

*  Sin: an old fashion word

We live in a world where sin is ignored, it is committed and justified. We have forgotten the commandments. Let us obey God's teachings.

*  Come Holy Spirit

We are temples of the Holy Spirit. We must come closer to God Who is calling. Ways to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Charismatic Movement - Prayers - Teachings

*  Treatise on Prayer

Everything that you ever wanted to know about prayer, how to pray, how not to pray, praying for miracles, constant communion in God's Presence. All types of Prayers.

*  Life is sacred

God is the author of life, we must protect this holy gift and give an account to God about our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters.

*  Becoming like Jesus

God is the author of life, his life beats in our hearts every moment. How beautiful it is to meditate on our heart beats realizing that God is giving us life.

* Reality of Hell, Heaven and Purgatory

Life, death and the last things. This is the reality of the spiritual world that is very seldom explored, we need to know what we are, where we come from and where we are going.

* General confession
A complete examination of conscience, experience through sorrow for your sins.

* Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father, * Gospels explained by Jesus, * Power of the Holy Spirit

*  1999
+  Year of God the Father

Studies about the Holy Trinity, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Also the role of our Our Lady.

*  Catholic teachings by Apologetics

Re-discovering our Catholic Faith and learning how to defend it. We are called to be living witnesses of the truth. From Sydney Australia.  

*  Lent   *  Fasting

All about the holy season of Lent.
Physical and spiritual fasting. Fasting by our attitutes, fasting with the senses.

*  Religion Bible Study by Topics and teachings

Section of great value to those who treasure the holy Word of God. 

Catholic Teachings - Religion Study - Apologetics Catholic Teachings - Religion Study - Apologetics

Acknowledgment. Thanks be to God for His Holy Spirit, Who is the author of these works. All Praise, Honour and Thanksgiving be given to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Most Bible quotations used in these Catholic teachings are taken from the Douay Rheims Bible 1582, English translation of the Latin Vulgate, unless otherwise indicated. Our Apostolate aims to promote sanctification through the study of our Lord's Teachings.

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