We are saved by Grace [Ephesians 2:8]. Jesus is the embodiment of the Grace of God. By His Grace, God has forgiven us and we are allowed to have life in Jesus His Son. There is nothing on this creation that can satisfy God in any way, except our love for Him. When we love Jesus, we love God the Father, because Jesus and the Father are One.

To love God is to keep His commandments, and they are to love Him above all things and to love one another. We know that we are loving God when we care for others, when we practice the golden rule [Mt. 7:12]  " Do to others as you would like them to do to you"

God gives us Salvation as an act of His Mercy, as a sign of His Grace. Grace is then the great favour of God, it is a precious gift that saves us.

But God gives Grace to whomever He wants, whenever He wants and in the manner in which He wants, because He has all the authority to do as He pleases [Romans 9:18]. Understanding this, we must come to Him with utter humility, as beggars in so much need of His Grace.

In the Son we have sanctifying Grace through baptism, we receive different graces and favours throughout our lives in the process of our Salvation and sanctification.

Our Lady has been chosen as the channel of the Grace of God. Jesus is full of Grace and Truth, and Our Lady was chosen as the channel for Grace and Truth to come into the world [John 1:14]. No wonder the angel said to Her "Hail, full of Grace" because the favour of God rested on Her.

It is through Mary our Blessed Lady that Salvation (Jesus) came to the world, this thought should make us meditate on how important Our Lady is for us in our Salvation.

Our Lady was especially chosen by God, to be the mother of His only begotten Son and the mother of all His children. God made her the channel of all Graces to the world. By her life of purity, humility, obedience, poverty and detachment; Our Lady increased those merits and now sits at the right hand of God [Revelation 12:1] the Son, as Queen and Mother.

Grace could only come to the world through her, the mother of Grace.This is why we are called to have devotions to her, the mother of the Son of God and our mother. She is the Mediatrix of the Grace of God [Luke 1:30].


And it shall come to pass, that every one that shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved [Joel 2:32], there is no other name (Jesus) under heaven given among mortals by which we can be saved [Acts 4:12]

Jesus is the Messiah, the deliverer prefigured by Moses who led God's people, out of Egypt through the red sea.

We live in the Egypt of our sinfulness, Jesus our Saviour leads us through the red sea of His Precious Blood to take us to the promised land. The Israelites ate mana in the desert which was like a bread come down from Heaven, Jesus is the Living Bread which has come down from Heaven to feed our souls for everlasting life [John 6:51].

Salvation can only be attained through the forgiveness of our sins; Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world [John 1:29]. The Jews had to offer sacrifices of animals separating the flesh from the blood and making a holocaust as offering for the forgiveness of sins.

Jesus was crucified in order to become the living sacrifice in expiation for our sins. Before He died He instituted the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist which is a memorial of His death, where we proclaim His death and announce His Resurrection. By this sacrament we eat His flesh and drink His Blood (John 6:53).

Through baptism we are buried in Christ so that we can also rise with Him [Romans 6:4].

The Resurrection is the Victory of Jesus Christ over death, it is also our victory since we live in Christ , we die in Him and we rise in Him to live forever.

Our Salvation consists in being chosen to live in God eternally, this is a life-time process and we are called to be holy in order to merit our Salvation and to intercede for the Salvation of others through our prayers and good works.

We are saved by faith in Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God and by the fruits of our faith in accordance with repentance [Revelation 20:12].

On the last day, the Lord will come to judge every one according to how we treated Him in others [Matthew 25:31-46].


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