To those who who seek to be happy, not only here but in the world to come, to all those who know that true happiness is to be found only in God, a divine confirmation comes into their hearts to strengthen them with hope in the Lord who is very eager to bless all those who come to Him. As we seek God's blessing we receive it, and the effect of that in our lives is the joy of knowing that God loves us, so much more than we can imagine. Our Heavenly Father is the source of all blessings, by his divine will we receive the bounty of his goodness, all the temporal and spiritual possessions which are a mere token of our heavenly inheritance.

As we meditate about the blessings of God, we realize how important it is to be always in his presence, to walk with Him, to do his holy will and to desire His blessings.

We are either blessed by God for everlasting joy and glory or we are cursed forever in hell (Matthew 25:41). God the Supreme judge will deem what is just for us at the end of our lives, therefore let us strive to be the blessed of Our Heavenly Father (Matthew 25:34) while we still can.  

What is a blessing

Everything that comes from God is a blessing, we are filled with constant graces from God in every thing that happens in our lives because all things are under the watch of the Divine Will. To seek God's blessing is to seek His care for us and that He will preserve us from falling into evil.

When we bless God, we are praising Him, we are hallowing his holy name. We are acknowledging that He is our creator, that He deserves our best. We come in an effort to offer something good to Him, and yet He does not need anything from us, on the contrary we need so much from Him and  we obtain it when we glorify Him. The happiness and joy of God is reflected in the happiness and joy of his creation. God created us to be in paradise, to receive all his blessings.

To bless is to desire great happiness, joy, abundance and satisfaction in the name of God. As we praise God we wish the best for Him, we exalt Him and acknowledge His holiness. The result is the reaction of God to our prayers which is manifested in His blessing.

To every action there is always a reaction. If we talk to another human being we will receive a response, therefore when we come before God and empty our souls before him in prayer, we receive his holy response which is always a blessing.

No one comes empty handed from the Presence of God! 

But blessings can also flow from ourselves to other people, we can bless ourselves in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we can bless others in the name of God or we can bless them from the goodness of our hearts wishing the best for them, we can wear blessed objects as a sign of seeking God's blessing and protection. A parent can bless his children with the parental love God has placed in the his or her heart and everybody should bless everybody around them even if they do it secretly in their hearts, since to bless is to call upon the great gift of God on ourselves and others.

Let us bless, in order to to invoke the blessing of God upon those we love. In fact let us even bless our enemies as our Lord recommends in order to be purified by the Love of our Heavenly Father.

The blessing can be a consecrated blessing as when it comes from a priest or it can be an invocation of God's goodness for ourselves, another person or for any situation. Nevertheless, a blessing carries something very special from the heart of God.

It is most important to seek God's blessings daily and to give them to others around us. As we receive all good things in our lives we must bless God for them.

It is a very good custom for parents to bless their children, we must bless all our benefactors and pray for them, we must even bless those who do evil to us so that the Lord will react to our blessing by sending graces to our enemies. We must bless when we wake up, when we have our meals, when we do our work, when we contact the people we love and when we finish our day.

When we bless we are allowing the good fruit stored in our souls to be shared by others. If we curse then we will prove that we have nothing good to give, since the Lord says that the tree is known by its fruit. (Luke 6:43-44 )

We must obtain God's blessings in order to become a fountain of blessings for others. Being  children of God, the Lord will bless those that we bless.

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