Finding God

Separation from God

We try very hard to resist temptations when we are children, but as we grow older we realize that we live in a Godless world where everyone seeks pleasure, entertainment, power, money and the need to be always number one.

Pride is contagious, sin comes in many forms and no one is immune from it. Our friends have committed it, they want to feel good about it and they encourage us to sin, before we know it, we sin with our minds and little by little we become immunized against fear of God. Eventually we all sin.

We justify ourselves about our sins by comparing ourselves with other people who are worse than we are. We still can pray and just hope that God will forgive us. Many people actually will live a very sinful life in the hope that at the last hour of their lives they will say their last prayer and somehow will make it to Heaven.

How foolish we are. Don't we know that sin separate us from God? (
Isaiah 59:2)

Our sins are like a wall that encircles us in our darkness, obstructing the light of God which comes through our conscience to save us. We build a castle of sin, we become the kings of our little perverted worlds and we share the life of the devil whose mission is to offend God forever. We put up very high gates that will allow us to go out to commit all kinds of sin, to justify our wickedness and to try to pervert others with our ways. However those gates remain closed to the call of God who is always knocking and expecting to be heard (Apoc. 3:20). But, we can not listen to God anymore. We are too comfortable in our world of sin. We are to blind to see the abyss of darkness in which we are falling, we are continually sinking more and more in the mud of our filth without realizing that sooner or later there will come a time of justice for our deeds, a time of reckoning, a time when we have no more choices because it will be God who makes the last decision about us.

In our pride we choose not to come to God, we know that he will forgive us if we repent, but we are so foolish that we lose our spiritual values, our souls become possessed by materialism and engrossed in our passions, we become carnal, we choose to serve the flesh which will become a hip of maggots and putrid decay, we reject the great gift of God's Spirit which is always calling us to holiness (Romans 8:5). We are doomed. We are dust and indeed we are going back to dust with no hope for the light that we may posses if we repent and change our lives. We are children of God but we choose to be children of the devil, the father of lies, who will possess our souls forever and will inflict us torments to satisfy the Justice of God.

Hell is open and awaiting us, the road is wide and inviting, it is an easy ride. Many take that road, because it is so appealing to follow the current of the river of the good life, while just a few decide to take the narrow road to Heaven (Matthew 7:13).

God, where are you?

Becoming like little children, we rediscover the God we have lost through our sins.

God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He is everywhere, in fact there is no place outside of Him, since He is the author of everything that exists not only in the material and temporal world but in the spiritual, the infinite and the unknown eternity.

In Him we move, we live and we have our being (Acts 17:28), so it is not so much a matter of knowing where he is, it is much more a question of allowing Him to come into our lives by our conformity to His Divine Will.

God is always with us, but we are not always with Him. We are so busy, we are so selfish, we disobey his commandments, we deny Him the Glory that he deserves as our creator, we become ungrateful to Him with our indifference and we grow in our selfish pride becoming more and more in the likeness of the devil and rejecting the inner divine gift that God has placed in every one of us when he created us in His image.

He has said: I am placing life and death before you (Deuteronomy 30:15). You are free to choose.

But some people may argue: How come we have so many problems in the world and God is not lifting a finger to change things for us? (Psalm 27:9)

God has given us free will, therefore we bring disaster upon ourselves by choosing what is evil.
If we could make a sincere examination of conscience, we could analyze that we are responsible for all the injustice, poverty and sufferings of millions of people who are disadvantaged. If every person who is capable, would put a dollar in order to create a fund to combat poverty and injustice, there would be more than enough to alleviate the sufferings of the world straight away, and with dedicated charity we could change the world in a few years. At the same time we should practice the commandment Jesus gave us to love one another (John 13:34).

And you may ask again, God where are you? God is in the needs of our neighbor, after all Jesus said whatever you do to the least of these little ones you are doing to me. (Matthew 10:42)

To think that God is totally indifferent to our sufferings is a big sin, we have no right to judge God, how do we know if He is sending us some suffering in order to make us better?

As we suffer we are purified and many sins are taken away by suffering (1 Peter 4:1). In times of health, prosperity and pleasure we forget God. It is only when we feel down, when all doors have closed around us that we desire to knock at God's door in search of mercy.

To God be all the praise, the honor, the thanksgiving, the Glory.

Jesus declared give to God what belongs to God (Luke 20:25).

We have robbed God of all these acts of adoration, we have offended Him, we have crucified His son with our sins, are we to expect that he will give us a paradise here on earth while we do nothing to pay back for his infinite goodness? Are we to break all his commandments and expect a good life free from worries?
God where are you? I only come to you when I am in need, I rarely pray with sincerity except for my petitions, I don't come to praise you and to thank you enough for your infinite goodness. I am always complaining, I ask but I don't give, I search for my own good, but I never search within to be humble and to please you my God. Where are you my Lord?, I am a sinner who doesn't pay much attention to the offense given to you by my pride, how can you, who are holy, come to me unless I change?

Where are you my God? You call me daily to change, you knock and I don't open the door, you invite me to know you, love and serve you, but I am too busy, you suffered for me on the cross and I haven't understood.
God, where are you ? (Psalm 63:1)



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