Healing Ministry

Many miracles have occurred during the prayers done at this section of the prayer meeting. Those who are given the gift of prayer and healing, can lead others to pray for those who are sick, everyone is invited to extend their hands and raise their spirits in supplication to the Lord for the prayers to be answered.

Those who are more gifted, can lay their hands on the ones being prayed over. Remembering that the most effective way to obtain healing from the Lord is to bring those being prayed over to repent of their sins, to forgive those they resent, to forgive themselves and to accept the Will of God. Only the priest has the power to forgive sins here on earth, so we should recommend everyone to go to confession in order for the healing effects of the prayers to take place.

St. James recommend that we anoint those who are sick with oil, although this is separately a Sacrament administered by the priest, any lay person can also anoint someone with oil, preferable blessed by a priest, and the good intentions of the heart and the prayers of a just person can obtain healing for the sick. [James 5:14-16]

The Healing Ministry is a great manifestation of the Spirit of Charity working within us moving us with compassion and love for those who are suffering. Our ministry is not only confined to the prayer meeting, we must pray for all those people who suffer, we must pray for peace, we must pray for the gift of life to be preserved, we must pray for those who are contemplating something evil to stop. We must pray for one another because caring in this way is the same as loving one another. We can pray over the phone, we can pray on the street when we know that people need prayers, we can pray for sick people in hospitals, in fact the whole world is is need of prayer, so let us pray for one another.

It is not for us to see the result of our prayers straight away or for all prayers to be answered according to our needs or petitions, when we pray we don't come to give directions to God, because that would be a sin, so we come humbly to present to the Lord the needs of those who are suffering. We always leave our petitions in the hands of Our Lord and we wait confidently and patiently for the results.

If God answered our prayers every time, we would be filled with pride thinking that we are saints, so we have to accept first the Will of God, and if the healing is to contribute to that person's salvation, and if it is according to His Will, the Lord will respond positively.

Many times, the Lord gives a sign when someone is being healed, even as we pray, the person may experience tremendous heat as if they were on fire. Other times a word of knowledge or a vision may be received in regards to the healing of the sick. Whatever happens, the Lord always hears our prayers. Amen.


Becoming instruments of the Holy Spirit

To be able to assist the Spirit of God and to merit ourselves to become instruments of His Holy Spirit, we must be disciples of Jesus. It takes self denial, acceptance of His Holy Will and imitation of Christ. We must truly diminish humbly so that the Lord may grow in us [John 3:30], we must be quiet within, so that we may hear the voice of the Spirit, we have to forget ourselves in order to think of God all the time, we have to leave the world behind in order to find the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, right within our hearts.

When we allow the Spirit of God to possess us, it is unimportant to speak about us any more, we just want to speak about God. We must reject all the credit that is given to us for our good works otherwise we will be paid here not in heaven [Matthew 6:2], we stop worrying about all the things of this world and start living the spiritual things that Jesus is teaching us in His gospels.

The spiritual person has to overcome the world, the devil and the flesh. The Sacraments of reconciliation and Holy Communion must be received frequently so that the person remains in a state of Grace. God doesn't listen to sinners [John 9:31], so how can we pretend that we can intercede for others when we ourselves need more prayers than them?

To become instruments of the Holy Spirit, we must become holy, we must listen to the command of God to be holy [Leviticus 11:45]. We must be clean containers of the Living Water that saves us, we must burn with the pure flames of the fire of Love.

We must have a pure conscience, a pure heart, a pure intention for everyone. We must live not for ourselves but for Christ, we must count everything as rubbish in order to possess Christ [Philippians 3:8].

So to merit this great gift of the Holy Spirit we must come to a stage where we can say with St. Paul,  it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me [Galatians 2:20].


Life in the Spirit

We are invited to live a life in the Spirit of God, this calls for renunciation of the earthly life, detachment from our material world, possessions and the ego.

We  must die to the old self to experience the new self which is empowered by the Holy Spirit to live according to the Will of God.

This new life creates new commitments to God, which involve more time for God than before, we are encouraged to participate in different types of prayer meetings, we may practice different devotions, we may be called to receive the Lord daily in the Holy Eucharist, we may decide to pray the Rosary daily and many other activities which did not make sense before.

We are the new apostles of the Lord, apostles of the last times, we must pray for the unity of the Church, we must proclaim the Good News to everyone and be living witnesses of the truth.

Pray that the gifts the Lord is giving you will be given to everyone, pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit continually.

Those experiencing the action of the Holy Spirit may receive visions, locutions, dreams, knowledge, wisdom, shakes, moans or sighs when they pray, etc. They are little consolations but we must not seek them, they can become weapons of the adversary to make us believe that we are doing very well spiritually. Beware friends in Christ, pray continually to the Holy Spirit for discernment and to Our Lady to protect you from the enemy. Pray the Holy Rosary.

Those who are receiving the gifts of grace from the Lord will also experience the attacks of the enemy who comes in our dreams or during events of our lives tempting us, humiliating us and trying to discourage us.

Whatever we do in the new spiritual life, let us us always do in the name of Jesus, thanking our Heavenly Father for His gifts and living our lives consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Holy Spirit and Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the most perfect of all creatures, She is the Immaculate Conception, in other words She reflects perfectly the image of God that Adam and Eve reflected before they committed sin. She was conceived without sin by a very special Grace of God Who made Her full of Grace, She grew in that Grace and later was requested to become the Mother of the Word of God Who took flesh and blood from Her and became man. The Conception of Our Lord happened by the action of the Holy Spirit in the virginal womb of Mary [Luke 1:35].

This spousal between the Holy Spirit and Mary is the most intimate encounter between God and man. Out of this fruitful union came Our Blessed Lord Who being God humbled Himself to clothe Himself with our humanity, remaining a prisoner in the womb of the Blessed Virgin for nine months and accompanying Her during thirty years of His life.

By the spousal with the Holy Spirit, Our Lady was anointed and sanctified, She cooperated with the Holy Spirit in so far as becoming His most perfect instrument. No one can claim that they could be as useful to God as Mary is. This is why Our Lady says humbly, The Lord has done great things in me and holy is His name. All generations shall call me blessed. [ The Magnificat - Luke 1:46-55 ]

By the action of the Holy Spirit, Mary became the tree of Life. The fruit of this tree is first of all Our Lord Who is the bread of life. As we accept Christ into our lives and live a Christian life fulfilling the promises made in our Baptism, we become the children of God who by precedence have the same spiritual mother as His Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord. So we are the children of the new Eve, we have been conceived in the spiritual womb of Mary which is Her Immaculate Heart.

No wonder Our Lord said, you must be born again: " You must become a child of Mary".

The Holy Spirit begets the children of God in Mary, He did that first with Our Lord, we are also children of God, children of Mary.

In revelation 12:17 we are told that the dragon, that ancient serpent who is the devil was very angry with the woman who conceived the child who rules all the nations [Revelation 12:5] whose enmity was stated in [Genesis 3:15]. He, the devil went out to make war to the woman and the rest of her children [  who accept Mary as Mother ] , those who keep the commandments [Revelation 12:17] and accept the teachings of Jesus Christ.

So this great privilege of being the spouse of the Holy Spirit is unique to Our Blessed Mother, and yet God has made us all temples of His Holy Spirit so that we can be united to Him and love Him as Mary does.

We must become like Mary in order to receive these great gifts of God, we must learn to love God the way She loves Him: as a perfect daughter of God the Father, as a perfect mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ and as the perfect spouse of the Holy Spirit. Amen


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