To sin means to offend God. We have turned away from God because we refuse to accept His commandments, we justify ourselves and sin in many different ways ignoring the retribution that is to come.

God is absolute Power, Wisdom and Love. We are his creatures and our human nature is sinful. Yet He is also our Father and has promised us everlasting life in Him, if we accept Him, if we live our lives for Him and despise sin.

We are given a short existence in which to decide our future. The sensuality of the flesh and the weaknesses of our human nature must battle with the spirit until we turn away from sin completely and come back to God.

We must have a complete change of heart in order to live for God, this is His work but we must cooperate in the work of Our Salvation.

The word "sin" is disappearing from our modern vocabulary, it seems to have lost its meaning. People don't think they sin any more, whatever wrong they do seems to be right to them, there is no more shame, since guilt is replaced with psychological explanations, different excuses and reasons coming from problems associated with childhood, so all kinds of sin find human justification. There is no concern about the effects of sin on the soul; actually there is no concern about the Word of God about sin.

To imply that someone is sinning is to violate that person's rights.
Sin is being committed everywhere; it is being justified, accepted, proclaimed, taught, and exalted. Who cares? Well, the people of God care, but are we doing anything about it?

This book is written in order to realise the seriousness of sin and its consequences, unless we repent, we shall perish. [Luke 13:3]

Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, unless we repent of our sins and amend our lives, we are destined to become fuel for the fire of the anger of God. [Ezekiel 21:32]

Origin of sin

In the beginning God existed in His Glory surrounded by the angels, pure spirits created as an emanation from His Presence. There existed one who was adorned with special attributes and shone above the rest, His name was Lucifer which means full of Light or Light bearer [Ezekiel 31:3-11]. [Ezekiel 28:13-19].

God announced to the angels that He was going to create in the order of time creatures who would also participate in His Kingdom, and He would assume flesh as a man in order to be their Master, and to deliver them from evil.

Lucifer in His pride defied the Divine Will and together with one third of all the angels disapproved the creation of man refusing to render worship to God in human form and to the woman that would have the privilege of being exalted above all the human race by becoming His mother and the Queen of all creation.

A great spiritual battle began where those angels faithful to God, led by Michael the Archangel in humility felt ashamed of the defiance of Lucifer and began worshipping God saying " Who can be like unto God? "

Lucifer was cast down from Heaven as lightning [Ezekiel 28:17] [Luke 10:18], and He received his punishment by becoming the ruler of darkness for opposing God who is Light. [Isaiah 14:12-15]

So the first sin is Pride, which results from rebellion which comes from disobedience and defiance of the Will of God.

The opposite of Pride is humility. In the first confrontation of God with the serpent in Paradise, God puts an enmity between Lucifer and the Woman (Mary), between his seed (the fallen angels and the children of sin) and the children of the woman, (the firstborn to life who is Our Lord Jesus Christ and all the rest destined to be saved by Him, the children of God.)

Sin in Paradise

Adam and Eve were created perfect and immortal. They were the masters of the land and had no hardships whatsoever, as long as they kept the commandment of God.

You may eat of all the fruits of Paradise except from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil".

They lived in their pristine innocence and had no need of anything else but what was given to them by God.

The devil in the shape of a serpent approached the woman first implying that God was withholding something from them, then assuring that they would not die if they offended God, and then promising that they would become like God [Genesis 3:1-6].

Being tempted by the serpent, Eve ate the forbidden fruit and later made Adam partake of her defiance of the Will of God.

After sin was committed death entered the world, sin is the cause of our death and it continues to be the food for everlasting disgrace.


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