The Devil

God in His Divine Wisdom, has placed us first in Paradise where we could be tempted by the devil, obviously our first parents did fail the test. We continue to be tempted by the same cunning serpent who caused death in the beginning, however we have been given spiritual weapons to combat evil.

Jesus Christ overcame the devil by His death on the cross, He became victorious over death by His Resurrection and He has given us his gifts through our baptism.

In baptism we are clothed with Christ, our original sin is blotted out and we are given the weapons of our salvation.

The devil continues to tempt us through our lives, since he is jealous of the gifts that we have received, he is the enemy of God and because he can not touch God, he takes revenge on God's children.

As we overcome sin through repentance and strive to live in the Grace of God, we are purified for eternal life in the Precious Blood of Jesus.

Our negligence

If we don't repent, we can not be called children of God, because we become indeed the children of the devil  [John 8:44].

Jesus Christ came to deliver us from the slavery [Galatians 5:1] of the master of sinfulness, if we don't accept His invitation to Salvation, we end up giving ourselves to Satan.

When we live a life of sin, our own wickedness will continue to lead us into more and more sin, until we lose our souls to hell [James 1:13-15].

Many are those who don't make any effort whatsoever to change, they fear eternal damnation and they believe in God, but they can not afford to change, that would ruin their lives of pleasure and comfort. [2 Peter 2:22]

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The Work of God