God the Son

Son of God - Son of Mary

God spoke through the prophets and foretold a liberation for all His people, He promised a new way of life, something similar to the first liberation of the Israelites from the slavery of the Egyptians.

When the time had arrived according to the Divine Providence the awaited Messiah came into the world, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary and conceived by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

He did not come in the splendour and greatness we would assume such an unprecedented event should take place, He came unannounced except to Mary and Joseph, He was not welcome then, just as He is not welcome now. The Virgin with child and St. Joseph looked everywhere, they knocked on many doors but they were rejected.

This holy virgin specially gifted with the Grace of God and this child of Mary who happens to be God, continue to be rejected by so many even now.

He was born in a cold cave which resembles the hearts of men cold in the faith, He was born in total poverty which He expects of those in whom He is born spiritually, meaning detachment from materialism and all the things of the world. He was born in a silent night, unknown to everyone except to some humble shepherds and three wise men from other cultures who were given the knowledge of this event.

Jesus God the Son has come to save the humble, the poor, those who accept His Wisdom not that of the world, He has come to those who accept that they are sick and need his healing, He has come silently to those who reject the world and decide to come to Him, He has come to those who accept His humanity as well as His Divinity, therefore He comes very lovingly to those who accept Mary with the dignity of the Mother of God and also as their mother.

He came proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven, asking everyone to repent, to turn away from evil and to come to God through Him. [Matthew 4:17] He said: no one can come the Father except through me. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. [John 14:6] As a great teacher, He taught us how to live for Him and how to love God by loving others.

He finally died for our sins, suffering the most horrible death, experiencing the most cruel pains and He did all this out of His infinite Love for us sinners. He resurrected on the third day having His victory over sin and death.

He founded HIS Church on one of His Apostles, Peter the rock. He gave the apostles and His Church the Power to forgive sins, He instituted the Sacraments as our encounters with Him.

Baptism is the Sacrament of initiation, through it we enter into Jesus Christ God the Son and die in His resurrection, Confession is the Sacrament of healing and by order of the risen Christ [John 20:23] we confess our sins and obtain absolution, The Eucharist is a memorial of His death by which which we announce His death and proclaim His Resurrection. As we receive the Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion, we eat the true body of Christ and drink His true blood. [John 6:53]

We also encounter the Lord in the Sacrament of Confirmation which is the laying of the hands of the Bishop on one's head to confirm our faith and to receive the Holy Spirit in a special way, there is also the Sacrament of Holy Orders to officially accept new priests into the Church, the Sacrament of Matrimony to unite a man and a woman sacramentally in marriage and also the anointing of the sick.

Jesus is our Lord, our God, our Saviour, The Messiah, the Redeemer, The King of Kings, The Alpha and the Omega, the Good Shepherd and much more. Jesus is God, Jesus reigns, Jesus is Alive.

He did not leave us orphans in fact He left us His mother to be our mother [John 19:27], He also sent the Holy Spirit Who is His Spirit and the Spirit of the Father to stay with us teaching us, consoling us and making us cry Abba which means Father.


Prayer to Jesus God the Son, through Mary

My Jesus, Divine Majesty, Sovereign King.   
I prostrate myself at Your feet to adore You, praise You and supplicate You.    
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus:   
I am dust, a creature of the earth, a simple human being with all the lowliness that I
have by inheritance and because of my carelessness. However God The Father    
gave me a soul in His image.   
But how unworthy I am , I have stained it with my faults, and with indifference to You.
Today I feel profound repentance for my mistakes and I come to talk to You from
the core of my soul, from where Your Divine Presence gives me Life. It is for the
sake of my sins and for those of my brothers, that You, Divine King, came to the earth
and compared yourself with us, You became slave of the human race and allowed    
yourself to be outraged, despised and killed cruelly, in order to forgive our faults
before God The Father and thus securing Eternal Life for us, according to our deeds.    
O my God, How can I repay You for what You have done. How can I even just feel
myself worthy of being listened by You, when my sins stain my soul and hide me from
Your sight.   
But, how happy I feel, knowing that You gave us on the cross Your Most Sacred     
Mother as our Mother. And how Hope shines in our hearts when we are sure, that it is
easier for You to listen to Her than to us.   
This is why Mary is that beautiful way that leads us to You.   
And this is why I consecrate myself to Her Immaculate Heart and I take Her as my    
Spiritual Mother, so that She may listen, teach, nourish, guide, pray and intercede
for me, that She may mould my soul in the perfection of the Holy Spirit and finally that
She can put me in Your hands as an offering worthy of Your Glorious Majesty.    
My Jesus, listen to me through Mary. I wish that She lives through me, so that I can    
express the perfection that You wish.    
I consecrate to Her the faculties of my soul.   
Holy Mother. I consecrate to You my memory, so that I remember Jesus and You    
Holy Mother, I consecrate to You my understanding , so that I can always understand
Jesus and You.   
Holy Mother, I consecrate to You my Will, so that it becomes Jesus' Will and Your
My Jesus, God the Son; listen to my supplications, that are those of Your Mother, my Mother;
forgive all my sins and receive me in Your Kingdom to share It with You, with Her, with
The Father and with the Holy Spirit eternally.

Joseph of Jesus and Mary


The Work of God

God the Son - Jesus Christ Our Lord ^^