God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (H. Ghost)

by Joseph of Jesus and Mary

. Purpose of learning about the Holy Trinity The Trinity - God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - Ghost
. God the Father
. God the Son
. God the Holy Spirit -  (H. Ghost)
. The Role of Our Lady
. Come Holy Spirit
. Prayer: Glory to the Holy Trinity
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Purpose of learning about the Holy Trinity

People have turned away from God, in fact we live at a time when humanity is worshiping many false gods. They are self-love, money, power, pleasure, impurity, entertainment and many more.

This last century has been gifted with many advances in science and technology, the human mind has been bombarded with knowledge as never before. A five year old probably knows more things today than a twenty year old two hundred years ago.

We live in the jet age, we live according to the models proposed to us by society, we are programmed to live and imitate other people in order to fit in society, otherwise we would be ignorants or very weird strangers.

We have lost the sense of sin, in fact this has become a very old fashion word because it seems that everybody approves sinful relationships, abortions, injustice and corruption.

There are wars in all countries, they start in the family and they end up in the slaughter of many innocents in all parts of the world. Who cares?

This seems to be the attitude of the majority of people: so long as I am okay, well, I just feel sorry for the rest.

We have lost sense of the teachings of Christ, even Catholics follow the trends of the rest of world and many are not living their lives in the pattern of Christ.

What's going on? We know that the devil is at work during this century in a very special way, this is all part of the Apocalypse which is taking place during our times.

These are the final times, times of preparation for something big, something spiritual, not talking in new age terms, but in Christian terms, this is the time of the Second Pentecost, the second coming of Christ in Glory just as He promised.

He spoke about these times and He said that there would be many signs, if we open our eyes to see, we can discover that something is truly going on.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing in many parts of the world calling everyone to repent of their sins and saying that the Lord is about to come in His Glory and that we must be prepared. 

We can only love God if we know Him, we can only know Him through Christ, and we can know Christ very intimately when we come to Mary His mother and our mother.

We must study the Sacred Scriptures, we must learn about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit because at the end of our lives, we have nothing to offer Him, except our thanksgiving for everything He has done for us. If we learn about Him now, we will realise that we must change our ways, repent, amend our lives and come to Him humbly leaving every worldly thing behind in order to possess Christ.

By honouring the Holy Spirit we come to know Christ and He leads us eventually to God the Father. It is very important to become very intimate with God since we eventually have to come personally to Him to spend an eternity in His Presence, so it is better to have a friendly and loving relationship with Him now so that we don't have to fear His imminent Justice.

Wether we believe in God or not, there is something very definite, everyone has to die and at the end there will be judgement, after judgement punishment or reward according to the way we have lived.

Let us make sure that we stay awake and follow the warnings given by the Son, so that in the Light of the Spirit we come to know, love and serve God and eventually we may enjoy everlasting life in His Presence.


The Work of God

The Holy Trinity - God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - Ghost