Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father
Meditate on the Spirit, Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - Meditate on the Spirit  806   5/14/2018   Meditate on the Spirit

The Heavenly Father
My son, meditate on the Spirit.

I am Spirit, the Father of all spirits. I have created all human beings in my image and likeness. That's why you are spirit. Have you stopped to think what that means? I am invisible, and the part of you that most resembles me is the spirit. The spirit is that invisible part within your being that manifests the deepest desires of my image within you. It is the spirit that helps you to elevate your prayer, to follow my natural law within your heart, to seek divine perfection. The spirit is that powerful part that is above the flesh, because although the flesh is weak, the spirit can do everything.

You are my son, son of the Light; the spirit moves in that light and can move in an instant at any distance, can rise to my throne in adoration, can ask with a superior form to the word and the mind, because it is part of me and is intimately attached to you. That is why my Son Jesus has asked the true worshipers to worship in spirit and in truth.

The carnal man dulls the action of the spirit, so he is guided by his passions and walks in darkness; in contrast the spiritual man keeps the spirit dominating the passions and the weakness of the flesh and can thus rise in my light to my Presence.

Constant prayer is very important to grow in the spirit, the soul must dedicate itself to heavenly and holy things, move away from earthly things and despise self-love, otherwise the power of the spirit will be trapped in the prison of the flesh.

Every human being is a temple of my Holy Spirit, so everyone must invoke my spirit to guide them and help them in their difficulties, they must keep their temples pure, by staying away from sin.

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

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 Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - Meditate on the Spirit