Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father
The Divine Will, Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - The Divine Will  808   5/16/2018   The Divine Will

I desire that you live in my Divine Will, the Eternal Will whose perfections bring perfection to souls. Absolutely nothing happens in time or space, in other words in the material world; nothing happens in the spiritual world either, without being allowed by the Divine Will. This Supreme Power of God my Father is the one that governs the physical and spiritual universe. That is why you must learn to accept all that is manifested in the Divine Providence, because all that is prepared so that souls advance in the spiritual good.

God has not created evil, evil has come into the world because of sin, the pride that has defied the creator. However, God allows calamity, brokenness, pain and everything that is contrary to the celestial and eternal harmony to serve as Teacher to souls.

Only a total surrender to the Divine Will achieves holiness even in life. Those who reject what God constantly does in their lives; only harden their hearts and hinder the work that God wants to do in them. Submit yourself to the Divine Will, joyfully accept the designs of Divine Providence, study them and learn the Art and Divine Science that allows the celestial potter to make his masterpiece in the clay vessel he has created.

I am the author of everything created; that is why I have all the authority to continuously work on my creatures to perfect them and bring them to my Kingdom. My Divine Will, which is one with the Will of the Father, brought me to earth to bless and save all humanity. My work is constant because I am Eternal, that is why every moment, every situation and every human being is intertwined in my celestial purpose.

Surrender to the Divine Will saying, Lord, may your will be done and not mine.

Surrender to Divine Providence saying, Lord, everything you do is perfect; and has its purpose for each of us, take care of everything.

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

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 Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - The Divine Will