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Date: Thu Apr 8 07:38:22 EST

From: Chris Sweezy

Country: USA

Testimony of Conversion:

I was born and raised catholic, but have not been to Church since I was about 13 or 14. I'm 30 now. About a year ago I had reached my emotional and spiritual downfall, I was becoming heavily involved in drugs again, both selling and using. I was busted by the law when I was a sr. in high school which cost me probable football scholarship. So it's been a battle for me and my wife for a while. I had managed a good job and to avoid the law for a while this last time but on the inside I was falling steadily. I had a Christian working for me for a while but I asked him some questions about what the bible said re: family and my daughter ,who was 6 then, and I did not like what he had to tell me. So I had him transferred to another crew, but little did I know that he had watered that seed in my soul that had been planted long ago. And about 18 months later I found myself seeking out a priest, since then God has removed from me all the drugs, my wife and I have both made our cursillo's and our daughter is really on fire as much as a 7 yr. old child can be about our lord! I have found the ultimate peace in our lord, all the things I sought so long through the world and through the works of satan, I have finally found in our lord!! He has put inside me an intense desire to learn about our awesome faith (Catholic), and to share that with others. I truly feel the duty of an apostle. All my life I have used my gifts and talents He gave me for my own means,which leads to evil,that now I try to use them for His glory !!!
I have become involved in lifeteen, our youth program, all this is not typical at all of ME...I'm selfish, conceited, and self-seeking. only through the power of the holy-spirit has this change come about. I'm so grateful He called me, I surely didn't deserve it. that's what's so awesome about His mercy and love, He takes us as we are at the time we accept Him, and then in His own loving way He begins to shape and mould us to His will. praise the Father ,Son, and Holy-Spirit!!! and bless all who have read this....I hope in some way it helps someone !!

From anonymous

( ib) Jun 29 11:46:08 EST 1999

Testimony about abortion

I am a victim of abortion. Never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that something
like this would have affected me so much as it has. Day after day, it tears my heart apart.
Children no longer look the same to me. They look even more precious than ever before. When
I see them, sometimes I will cry quietly inside, or if I am alone in my car, I will burst into sobs, and
even more so if I see a woman on the street with a baby in her arms. For the first time,
Halloween was especially hard.
Our baby's name is Danielle, who safe in the arms of Jesus. I know I will see her one
glorious day. I know she is praying for her mother to ask for God's forgiveness, praying for her
conversion, praying for her to ask for Danielle's forgiveness, and to forgive herself. Only after this
will she be able to heal.
The day before Sylvia (not her real name), had the abortion, I decided to reconcile my life
with God. I was afraid. Life is longer fun and games. The very idea of our baby had a date to
killed was too much for my heart and soul to bear. I tried to stop her, plead with her, not to go
through with it but I could not! The legalization of abortion in Canada prevented me from doing
so. How abhorrent and shameful our society is to permit the murder of innocent babies! Is the
greatest sin against God's creation, and He will deal with all those who allow this to happen! If
they do not repent and ask for His forgiveness, may He have mercy on their souls!
When I went to confession, by the grace of God, a great weight was lifted off my shoulders.
I felt such a relief! I thank Him so much for forgiving me of my sins. Without His grace, I would
not have been able to deal with this tragic situation. I thank Him everyday for forgiving me and
giving me peace to go through with this tragedy, although it can be hard at times.
The day of the abortion, I went to a friend's house because I did not want to be alone.
When I arrived, I checked my voice mail. Sylvia had left a cruel message saying she had done it,
and to stay out of her life. I literally fell onto the floor in complete shock and horror at what she
had done, and the way she announced it. My tears flowed like never before in my life! There
are no words that can describe the pain I felt. My whole body was numb with pain, anger, fear,
and most of all, how her own mother could viscously, brutally murder our baby! The pain that
our little helpless Danielle must have felt tears me apart As I write this, the pain and agony I feel is
excruciating! It bores into my very soul. A part of me has died along with Danielle, and only upon
seeing her face to face will this pain ever be relieved!
Before the abortion, I was in touch with a lady from Birthright, Patricia, who gave me
generous support prior to the abortion, as well as after it. She has been a blessing to my life.
She told me of a place where The Virgin Mary's tears flow as oil in a home! While I was my
friends' house, I felt compelled to go to this place, so I called there. I spoke to the lady of the
house and told her what had happened and I asked her if I could come over. She said yes.
Accompanied by my friend, we drove there with much curiosity.
Clayton and Maureen Marolly greeted us. As we entered this home, I noticed there was oil
on the walls in the hallway. I thought to myself, 'goodness, these people don't wash their walls'!
But this wasn't so. I was literally 'blown away' by what I saw in the living room! There were
numerous statues of Jesus and Mary covered in oil!, pictures on the walls covered in oil! My
conversion began.
There was a huge picture of Jesus with His Sacred Heart exposed on the main wall.
Looking at it, I got down on my knees and cried. I cried from the pain I was feeling, cried for
Sylvia, cried for our baby. I immediately told Him that I forgive her for having the abortion. Oh,
how I cried! Then, Maureen and her husband Clayton, prayed for me and Sylvia. Maureen then
told me to put my hand on Jesus' Sacred Heart on the wall. I did so, and when I did, I felt a
surge of some sort starting from my hand passing right through my body. I immediately felt dizzy, I
had to sit down. Something definitely happened to me, something beyond my human
understanding. I felt loved.
Having regained my composure, Maureen then explained how God is using her place for His
purpose. A lady had given her a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. The statue began to oil on
October 7, 1994. Her husband and herself decided to consecrate their hearts to The Sacred
Heart of Jesus the next month. After the 33-day consecration by St. Louis de Monfort, they had
a priest bless their home and to open it to the public, whereupon people have since been healed,
converted, and returned back to God. This is His purpose.
Afterwards, the Marolly's asked my friend and I to accompany them to church, in which of
course we did. It was so nice to have God back into my life and to be able to receive Jesus in
Holy Communion. What a gift! After mass, I spoke to Father Gilles about the abortion. He
prayed for Sylvia and myself. He then gave me a 'prayer of baptism' for an aborted child. I
took it home.
When I arrived home, I was overwhelmed by the events of the day. I was terribly sad, yet
happy about having Jesus back in my life. Having seen a miracle in the works at the Marolly's
was awesome. I could not believe what was happening. It was nightmarish, yet heavenly. Pain
and joy filled my heart and soul. That night, I believe I cried myself to sleep.
The next day, still overcome with grief, I proceeded to baptize our baby. The process fairly
simple, you say a prayer, sprinkle holy water all around you, give your child a name. I followed
this by a rosary. This was the beginning of my healing process.
Whenever I hear the word abortion, I cringe I now realize how it is such a dreadful thing in
our society. During those first days, I desperately searched for answers, for comfort, for relief of
the pain I was feeling. I got on the Internet and absorbed all I could on abortion. I read
voraciously. I wanted to learn how it was done, how women dealt with post-abortion syndrome,
and what I could do to tell my story so other people could see how terrible it is to have gone
through such an ordeal. I wanted to get on the pro-life bandwagon, and to help Our Blessed
Mother and Jesus stop this horrendous act against God.

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