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For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998
Thank you for joining us in prayer - your petitions to list.

Daily masses are being offered for these intentions
Intentions recorded before May 2001

Please pray for us! :

 Alejandro y Teresa

Argentina  IP:

Please pray for my daughter Guadalupe

12/16/2001 3:53:11 AM


india  IP:

please pray for the healing of my heart and healing from bp

12/16/2001 7:22:12 AM


Lebanon  IP:

Oh God, today I went to the mass and had your Holy Body also I am full of Sins and Misery ! Please Forgive me, for I am a poor Miserable Sinner ! O Mary Mother of Our Lord and Savior pray for me and my Husband, I beg your forgiveness !

12/16/2001 11:53:57 PM



For Rita who has low white cell blood count, surgery on her only eye in February 13, depressions, anxiety, and arthritis. Lord take away all of the flashes, spots, circles, circles, squares,grasslike objects, and other activities in her eye. For Morgan who's back is compressing and causing her to be paralyzed. The doctor has only done this surgery once and it was successful. For Jan who had her ovaries removed because of a cyst. That it it is not cancerous. That she stops getting pneumonia.

12/19/2001 5:25:53 AM


bahrain  IP:

* for auntie alice who is bed ridden in the hospital diagnosed with terminal cancer that GOD's mercy and love will always be in her heart. * for my son john k who is in the seminary that GOD may guide and enlighten him in all his undertakings and that the seed of vocation will be nurtured by him with the everlasting intercession of our BVM.

12/20/2001 4:10:06 AM


England  IP:

I beg your prayers for Mrs Jeannette Hannam separated mother of two for the conversion back to the Christian faith and teachings of, so that Jesus will have mercy on, heal, save and set free her soul from the spirit of rebellion. Thank you

12/20/2001 9:26:48 AM



I join ANDREW'S PRAY REQUEST, and i hope that God will BOTH listen to us. I am in a TERRIBLE confusing situation, with people married and with kids...and with a lot of sufferings and pain from all SIDES!!!...Andrew, that God will listen to you and all of US for this xmas..Let's be close and pray, maybe we'll have a wonderful gift.

12/21/2001 5:37:54 AM


usa  IP:

Pray that Eric and I get back together and that God be the core and glue that keeps our relationship going and helps solve all this misunderstanding. Please help us during this very difficult time in both of our lives, especially Eric who is going through a very difficult time. I love him very much and I hate seeing him in so much pain and not being able to help him

12/24/2001 10:30:43 AM


usa  IP:

my wife is suffering from an apparent clot in the knee...please pray for her...very painful.

12/25/2001 3:38:22 PM


usa  IP:

Please pray for my 35 year old brother who came down with MS several years ago, and has had depressive episodes for many years. My heart aches because his life seems so useless to him, and in turn, to us. He is limited in his movement and sits most of the day. He doesn't work - and expresses anxiety over holding a job. Is single; and sad that he is alone. Loves children; but knows he will never be a father. Sees the rest of us with spouses, children and lives that are fulfilled - while his is burdensome and sad. At Christmas we all exchange names - to buy one gift for that person. In the shuffle, my brother got overlooked and was the one person who didn't get a gift! This isn't unusual - he is very "unlucky" in most everything. He is invisible, silent, and forgotten. This is the way his life goes. My heart aches for his situtation. I pray that God would turn his life around and bring him joy. He goes to Mass, but does not know Gods love in his heart. God is an abstract thing we pray to on Sunday. I have prayed he would have a conversion towards greater knowledge of God. Please pray for his physical & spiritual healing. Thank you.

12/26/2001 1:10:46 PM

 David D. Klassen


Please prayer for my son Christopher and his wife Tiffany. They are experiencing marital problems, and Chris has served Tiffany with divorce papers. Tiffany is not going to accept the divorce, as she knows that our Lord hates divorce. Please pray that the Lord will get ahold of Chris' heart and that he will reconcile with his wife Tiffany. Thank you and God bless you.

12/27/2001 10:39:57 PM


bc  IP:

russ will let go rev. paul mike will know what to do about everything victory over all my problems

12/28/2001 1:01:33 PM

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