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For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998
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 Fr. michael Quintana

Philippines  IP:

Please pray for complete healing of Fr. Micheal Quintana from severe depression. Fr. Michael Quintana

12/28/2002 8:53:09 PM


Canada  IP:

Please pray that all weapons, nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons are removed from al-Qaeda & all terrorists and fanatic groups, and that the members of al Qaeda repent and sin no more. St. Jude, please intercede for me.

12/29/2002 2:49:33 PM


Canada  IP:

Please pray with me that the US doesn't go to war with Iraq, and that the US offers free food to the starving North Koreans so they need not invade South Korea, nor use any nuclear weapons. St. Jude intercede for me.

12/29/2002 2:51:48 PM



Please pray for Betty's backpain, for Marjory's back, for Ruth's business, for Doris to regain her sight and hearing, for Diane, for my sister to do God's Will, for spiritual, physical and emotional health for my family, for me to be diligent doing God's work & for my patience, and special blessings for someone close to me. Thanks.

12/30/2002 10:13:32 PM

 Robert L. Burke


Please Pray for the repose of the soul of Angela Theriac who passesd away this past week and all the poor souls in purgitory especially that soul which is closest to entering into Heaven. God Bless.

12/30/2002 11:33:27 PM

 Sunita Maria


Please Lord help me to get shelter for my parents i am homeless please help me. No one is able to help me apart from you Lor. Please have mercy on me i ask this through JESUS your son and my saviour. AMEN

12/31/2002 4:25:44 AM



For my son, that he find direction in the early part of 2003. That he find a job he likes, new friends and a girlfriend to give him self confidence and to gain self respect for himself and respect from others. That he get past his self criticism and finally see he is a wonderful young man with so much to offer.

12/31/2002 7:04:31 AM



Please, pray for my son. He needs incentive and self confidence. Please pray that he find a job, new friends to gain self respect for himself and from others. That this year, 2003, be a new, happy and blessed beginning for his life. That he realize that he is a wonderful, young man, with so much to offer. I ask this in Jesus' name.

12/31/2002 7:07:58 AM

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