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For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998
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Please say a prayer for my mother who is very sick in the hospital. She was showing signs of improvement but is now slipping back. Please God, grant that we may be together again in health and that she will recover soon.

1/9/2003 3:28:04 PM



Conversion & Good Death: Randall Lefitz,Catalino, Jesus Antonio, Jose Ma., Teresa, Anya, Michelle,Regina Valderrama,Titit, rudy/jr/sr, Lorenzo edrosolano.,Judy,Fred, Frankie&Nicole Lacson.,Johann, Michelle, Michael& John Barrios Jr. Strength, strong faith, perseverance to God In this End Times. Lord, Need guidance where we will take refuge.

1/9/2003 5:34:59 PM


rsa  IP:

My name is Anusha. I love Bryan. I ask that you pray that we be together soon, to communicate, to admit our feelings to each other, to be together for always as best friends,lovers and ultimately as husband and wife. Right now we havent spoken for over a year. I have tried emailing and smssing him since Nov 2002, but he hasnt responded. I ask you to pray that we put our disagreements, anger, hurt, misunderstandings aside and forgive each other completely and be together. I ask that you pray that we admit we love each other and that we want to be together always soon as well as not be afraid, shy, or angry to speak to each other now. We known each other for approximately 4 years. WE must now commit wholeheartedly. I ask that you pray to remove all obstacles in our journey to each other, and we put God also first and foremost. I ask that you pray he makes time for me and our relationship, to commit mind, body and soul to me and our relationship. I miss him and cry all the time. I am so lonely and ache for him. I feel physical pain. I dont see him and he doesnt call/mail/sms/visit and Im hoping this will change soon. I pray that Bryan will be my husband and father of my children. Thank you.

1/10/2003 6:26:31 AM



Please say a quick prayer for the return to health of my mother who is in the hospital. Thank you.

1/10/2003 7:40:18 AM

 phil and melissa preiester

usa  IP:

please be in prayer for us we are with child and have had two miscarriges before now.we pray for Gods protection over this child and we put it's life in his hands.may God bless us with this child to raise in your love and power.Amen.

1/10/2003 7:42:51 AM

 Rita and Tom


Please pray for our daughter, Angie. She has changed to the point that we don't even know her. She has turned away from the Catholic Church. She is dating a man from Iran who is 19 years older than her and is Islamic. She treats us like 2nd class citizens. She is always lying to us. She told us that she has no respect for us. What is odd is that she was never was this way until 2 years ago. She is 27 years old. We also wish that she would use common sense in her personal life as well as she does in her career life. God bless you. Rita and Tom

1/10/2003 8:32:22 PM


United States of America  IP:

Please pray for the swift but complete conversion of my mother to the Church. Thank you.

1/10/2003 11:26:01 PM


usa  IP:

fiancial blessing

1/11/2003 9:21:46 AM



Please pray for my son who is going through an extremely difficult time. He is doubting himself to the point of paralysis during a time where next week is critical to his career. Please pray that he will believe in himself and have the courage to achieve his goals. Please also pray for my daughter who just suffered a miscarriage.

1/11/2003 4:30:47 PM


canada  IP:

I pray Jesus for your complete healing in my overeating and gluttony. forgive me of this sin and put your arms around me and bless me so that I may stop this eating and eat only enough to sustain my body. Please dear Jesus it is ruining my health. I pray this in your mighty name

1/12/2003 3:48:10 PM


india  IP:

Please pray for Leo P. D'souza who drinks heavily and gives dirty badwords & jealousy give him presence of mind & understanding. Please pray that he be sober,loving and kind.If he his not drinking he his very nice person. May God give him good health & peace of mind & protect him from all dangers. John

1/12/2003 8:36:27 PM



This past year was very hard for me. Me and my husband seperated because of some things that he was doing. He ended up in a psyche ward in the hospital for awhile and even spent a couple of weeks in jail. All the while I prayed for him and encouraged him with Gods word until he made it through. We reunited and now he is back at work and traveling. Before when he had fell into desperation he didnt seem to despise Gods word to help him but now that he is better he has refused to pray with me or study the Bible with me and if I even quote a word of scripture to him he gets furious. Im so confused...sometimes I feel like Satan is using him to get to me and my faith. I dont know whether to run from him or continue to stay and encourage him. I just dont know. Please pray for me and my family and any council you could offer would be appreciated.

1/12/2003 9:16:10 PM



pray for me so that i can get a financial blessing, help me so that i can pay for all my debts.

1/13/2003 4:03:10 AM

 Fred & Julia Radwanski


We are in need of financial help immediately also start of employment. Give us the guidance and direction in resolving our dilema. Time has past in our obligations.

1/13/2003 6:17:22 AM



PlEase pray for the marraige of jerry and christian sandbothe to be saved. please pray for the healing that they need to save this marriage. please pray for forgivness and restoration in this marriage.pray that padre pio will enter and interveen in their marriage. please pray that their marriage and family will be saved. please pray for both hearts to heal and find love for each other once again.

1/13/2003 5:34:45 PM

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