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For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998
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Please pray for dad - a special intention, for Keana, mom, Diana, Bri, George, David, Rob, Beth, Mary, Sadie & family, Mary, Frs. A, S, E, T, S, H, B, B, for Lanny's conversion - brain cancer, Kelly, and for all their families, for my special intentions. Thanks.

12/27/2004 11:04:37 PM

 Maria R Chavez


Please pray I be soon completely healed of brain cancer. I am motehr of two small children who need me. Also pray for my doctors to receive the grace of God to make possible my healing.Jan 4 I have MRI at 4:30PM and Jan 5 I see the oncologist at 11 AM. Thank you. God bless you. Maria R Chavez

12/28/2004 9:05:06 AM



PLEASE HELP!!!! My Family and I are going through very major problems and would appreciate (greatly) your devoted prayers and intercetions. I cannot exagerate enough, because things have gotten far enough to cause my wife to not want to live and I am very, very worried. God Bless You and Your Love-Ones We ALL thank you deeply

12/28/2004 9:51:29 AM



I am praying for Tara. She is pushing away romantic relationships due to a fear of intimacy. She has a lot of self hate & I request a miracle to have a major breakthrough so she can have a loving relationship with herself & others. That self love touch her where she is able to consistenly improve her life & be free from the burdens of negative people & situations that keep running through. Where time bends and she is able to have God touch her with self love & not in many years of painful relationships & building up more defenses. Amen.

12/28/2004 5:47:51 PM

 Binu MA

India  IP:

I am writing this mail from India. I am at a particular situation related to my job here. I firmly believe that it was God's plan that took me to the current location for this Job. Now that I am at a stage to finish the assignment and I wanted to go back. But I do not know where, I dont even have the courage to ask for the same. I fear that I'll be sent to an irrelevent function which will badly affect me. The decision on me next assignment is really important in my career. Would you please pray for me as this has become a mental trauma for me. Binu

12/28/2004 10:01:40 PM



Please pray my application is accepted for me to participate in a research study. It's the only hope to help my serious medical condition. Thank you and God bless.

12/29/2004 8:19:35 AM



Praying for all people who in need of God's help to be answered by the Lord God according to His Almighty Will.Pray for me so that i can receive God's protection in situation of danger

12/29/2004 8:21:20 AM

 paul portelli

malta  IP:

I would like to pray for the conversion of souls, and for world pe

12/29/2004 9:17:59 AM



Please join me in prayer for a financial breakthrough from God. So, I can help my family and the poor. I also need prayer for the healing of body. I am recovering from a stroke. GOD, BLESS US ALL!! FRANKIE

12/29/2004 5:15:35 PM


e  IP:

Oh Lord I ask you for dear Valentine to guide him in the right way and send any trouble away. Look at him in this hard time and keep him in his job which he likes so much. Lord let it be according your will for Valentine's good. In Jesus name i pray.Amen

12/30/2004 3:02:14 AM



My husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly three years. Please pray for us that we will be blessed with a healthy child together. Thank you.

12/30/2004 2:42:25 PM

 Stefano Galisch

Italy  IP:

(Sorry my english is not good) Pray for grace for my spirit to Jesus and Mary:The eternal salvation of my spirit and to make the purgatory until the day of the judgment and in exchange of the received grace I offer to God all my pains in purgatory for the conversion of the sinners of the world. Stefano Galisch This intention is a very a very important for me prays to you prayed Jesus and Mary second my prayer I pray to you! Thanks to all!

12/31/2004 6:53:31 AM



My heart breaks for the poor people killed by the tsunami. It also breaks for the loved ones who are left without anything. I pray that we all step forward and do something to help especially pray that God moves nations to help. Please God, hear our prayers for these souls.

12/31/2004 7:37:20 PM

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