Mystical City of God - Virgin Mary

By Sor Maria of Agreda


  INDEX   Book   Chapter  22B    Verses:  694-676

694. "From the multitudes of men, in the fulness of
my good will, I call, select and separate all the just
and the predestined, who through my grace save them
selves by imitating Me, doing my will and obeying my
holy law. These, next to my most pure Mother, I
appoint as the inheritors of all my mysteries, my bless
ings, my sacramental treasures, of the mysteries con
cealed in the holy Scriptures; of my humility, meek
ness of heart; of the virtues of faith, hope, and charity;
of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance; of my
divine gifts and favors; of my Cross, labors, con
tempt, poverty and nakedness. This shall be their por
tion and inheritance in this present and mortal life.
Since they must choose these in order to labor profitably,
I assign to them the trials I have chosen for Myself in
this life, as a pledge of my friendship, in order that
they may undergo them with joy. I offer them my pro
tection and defense, my holy inspirations, my favors
and powerful assistance, my blessings and my justifi
cation, according to each one s disposition and degree
of love. I promise to be to them a Father, a Brother
and a Friend, and they shall be my chosen and beloved
children, and as such I appoint them as the inheritors of
all my merits and treasures without limitation. I de
sire that all who dispose themselves, shall partake of
the goods of my holy Church and of the Sacraments;
that, if they should lose my friendship, they shall be
able to restore themselves and recover my graces and
blessings through my cleansing blood. For all of them
shall be open the intercession of my Mother and of the
saints, and She shall recognize them as her children,
shielding them and holding them as her own. My an
gels shall defend them, guide them, protect them and
bear them up in their hands lest they stumble, and if
they fall, they shall help them to rise" (Ps. 90, 11, 12).
695. "Likewise it is my will that my just and chosen
ones shall stand high above the reprobate and the de
mons, that they shall be feared and obeyed by my ene
mies; that all the rational and irrational creatures
shall serve them; that all the influences of the heavens,
the planets and the stars shall favor them and give them
life; that the earth, its elements and animals, shall sus
tain them; all the creatures, that are mine and serve
Me, shall be theirs, and shall serve also them as my
children and friends (I Cor. 3, 22; Wis. 16, 24), and
their blessing shall be in the dew of heaven and in the
fruits of the earth (Genes. 27, 28). I wish to hold
with them my delights (Pros. 8, 31), communicate to
them my secrets, converse with them intimately and live
with them in the militant Church in the species of bread
and wine, as an earnest and an infallible pledge of the
eternal happiness and glory promised to them; of it, I
make them partakers and heirs, in order that they may
enjoy it with Me in heaven by perpetual right and in
unfailing beatitude."
696. "I consent that the foreknown and reprobate
(though they were created for another and much higher
end), shall be permitted to possess as their portion and
inheritance the concupiscence of the flesh and the eyes
(John 1, 2-16), pride in all its effects; that they eat
and be satisfied with the dust of the earth, namely, with
riches; with the fumes and the corruption of the flesh
and its delights, and with the vanity and presumption
of the world. For such possessions have they labored,
and applied all the diligence of their mind and body; in
such occupations have they consumed their powers, their
gifts and blessings bestowed upon them by Us, and they
have of their own free will chosen deceit, despising the
truth I have taught them in the holy law (Rom. 2, 8).
They have rejected the law which I have written in
their hearts and the one inspired by my grace; they
have despised my teachings and my blessings, and lis
tened to my and their own enemies ; they have accepted
their deceits, have loved vanity (Ps. 4, 3), wrought
injustice, followed their ambitions, sought their delight
in vengeance, persecuted the poor, humiliated the just,
mocked the simple and the innocent, strove to exalt
themselves and desired to be raised above all the cedars
of Lebanon in following the laws of injustice" (Ps. 36,
697. "Since they have done all this in opposition to
our divine goodness and remained obstinate in their
malice, and since they have renounced the rights of sonship
merited for them by Me, I disinherit them of my
friendship and glory. Just as Abraham separated the
children of the slave, setting aside some possessions
for them and reserving the principal heritage for Isaac,
the son of the freedwoman Sarah (Gen. 25, 5), thus I
set aside their claims on my inheritance by giving them
the transitory goods, which they themselves have chosen.
Separating them from our company and from that of
my Mother, of the angels and saints, I condemn them
to the eternal dungeons and the fire of hell in the com
pany of Lucifer and his demons, whom they have freely
served, I deprive them forever of all hope of relief.
This is, O my Father, the sentence which I pronounce
as the Head and the Judge of men and angels (Eph. 4,
15; Col. 2, 10), and this is the testament made at my
Death, this is the effect of my Redemption, whereby
each one is rewarded with that which he has justly
merited according to his works and according to thy
incomprehensible wisdom in the equity of thy strictest
justice" (II Tim. 4, 8). Such was the prayer of
Christ our Savior on the Cross to his eternal Father.
It was sealed and deposited in the heart of the most holy
Mary as the mysterious and sacramental testament, in
order that through her intercession and solicitous care it
might at its time, and even from that moment, be exe
cuted in the Church, just as it had before this time
been prepared and perfected by the wise providence of
God, in whom all the past and the future is always one
with the present.
698. My daughter, seek with all the powers of thy
mind during thy whole life to remember the mysteries
manifested to thee in this chapter. I, as thy Mother
and thy Instructress, shall ask the Lord by his divine
power to impress in thy heart the knowledge, which I
have vouchsafed thee, in order that it may remain fixed
and ever present to thee as long as thou livest. In virtue
of this blessing keep in thy memory Christ crucified,
who is my divine Son and thy Spouse, and never forget
the sufferings of the Cross and the doctrine taught by
Him upon it. This is the mirror by which thou must
arrange all thy adornments and the source from which
thou art to draw thy interior beauty, like a true daughter
of the Prince (Ps. 44, 14), in order that thou mayest
be prepared, proceed and reign as the spouse of the su
preme King. As this honorable title obliges thee to seek
with all thy power to imitate Him as far as is becoming
thy station and possible to thee by his grace, and as this
is to be the true fruit of my doctrine, I wish that from
today on thou live crucified with Christ, entirely assimi
lated to thy exemplar and model and dead to this earthly
life (II Cor. 5, 15). I desire that in thee shall vanish
the effects of the first sin, that thou live only for the
operations and movements of divine virtue, and that
:hou renounce thy inheritance as a daughter of the first
Adam, in order that in thee may bear fruit the inheri
tance of the second Adam, who is Jesus Christ, thy
Redeemer and Teacher.
699. Thy state of life must be for thee a most rigid
cross on which thou must remain crucified, and thou
must not widen thy path by seeking for dispensation
and weakening interpretation of thy rules to make it
easy and comfortable, but at the same time, insecure
and full of imperfections. This is the deception into
which the children of Babylon and of Adam fall, that
each one according to his state seeks to find ease in the
work commanded by the law of God. They set aside
the salvation of their soul in their efforts to buy heaven
very cheaply, or risk losing it by dreading the restric
tions and entire subjection necessary to observe rigor
ously the divine law and its precepts. Hence arises the
desire to find explanations and opinions, which smooth
the paths and highways of eternal life, without heeding
the doctrine of my divine Son, that the path of life is
very narrow (Matth. 7, 14). They forget that the
Lord himself has walked these narrow paths, in order
that no one might imagine he can reach eternal life over
paths more spacious and comfortable to the flesh and
to the inclinations vitiated by sins. This danger is
greater for ecclesiastics and religious, who by their
very state must follow the Master and must accommo
date themselves to his life of poverty and must choose
for this purpose the way of the Cross. Some of them
however are apt to seek the dignities attached to the
religious state for their temporal advantage, for the
increase of their own honor and praise. In order to
secure it they lighten the Cross they have promised to
bear, so that they live a carnal life, little restricted and
much eased by deceptive dispensations and vain excuses.
In their time they shall recognize the truth and that
saying of the Holy Ghost: Each one thinks his path
secure, but the Lord weighs in his hands the hearts of
men (Prov. 21, 2).
700. So far from this deceit, do I wish thee to be,
my daughter, that thou must live strictly up to the
most rigorous demands of thy profession; in such a way
that thou canst not stretch thyself in any way, being
nailed immovably to the Cross with Christ. Thou must
set aside all temporal advantages, for the least point
pertaining to the utmost perfection of thy state. Thy
right hand, my daughter, must be nailed to the Cross
by obedience, and reserve not for thyself the least move
ment, the least activity, or word, or thought not con
trolled by this virtue. Thou must not maintain any po
sition that is of thy own choice, but only such as is
willed by others ; thou must not appear wise in thy own
conceit in anything, but ignorant and blind, in order to
follow entirely the guidance of thy superiors (Prov.
3, 7). He that promises, says the wise man (Prov. 6,
1 ) , binds his hands, and by his words shall he be bound
and chained. Thou hast bound thy hand by the vow
of obedience and hast thereby lost thy liberty and thy
right of wishing or not wishing. Thy left hand thou
hast nailed to the Cross by the vow of poverty, depriv
ing thee of all right to follow any inclination toward
the objects usually coveted by the eyes ; for both in the
use and in the desire for such creatures thou must rigor
ously imitate Christ impoverished and despoiled upon
the Cross. By the third vow, that of chastity, thy feet
are nailed to the Cross, in order that all thy steps and
movements may be pure, chaste and beautiful. For
this thou must not permit in thy presence the least word
offensive to purity, nor, by looking upon or touching
any human creature, allow any sensual image or impres
sion within thee; thy eyes and all thy senses are to re
main consecrated to chastity, without making more use
of them than to fix them upon Jesus crucified. The
fourth vow, of perpetual enclosure, thou wilt maintain
in the bosom of my divine Son, to which I consign thee.
In order that this doctrine may appear to thee sweet,
and this path less narrow, contemplate and consider
in thy heart the image of my Son and Lord full of
blood, torments, sorrows, and at last nailed to the Cross,
no part of his sacred body being exempt from wounds
and excruciating pains. The Lord and I were most so
licitous and compassionate toward all the children of
men; for them We suffered and endured such bitter
sorrows, in order that they might be encouraged not to
refuse less severe sufferings for their own eternal good
and in return for so obliging a love. Therefore let
mortals show themselves thankful, willingly entering
upon the rough and thorny path and accepting the Cross,
to bear it after Christ. Thus will they walk upon the
direct path toward heaven and gain an eternal happiness
(Matth. 16, 24).
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