Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

 1  Bring my light to them
 2  I am love
 3  Her greatest sorrow is abortion
 4  Unconditional love
 5  Shining my light
 6  Humble yourselves
 7  My presence in the Holy Eucharist
 8  On the platform of humility
 9  The king of peace
10  In the silence of your soul
11  I will speak to your heart
12  Desire for me
13  You are a little flower
14  Little reverence
15  I will care for you
16  Detach your self
17  Give alms, the great secret
18  To find my peace
19  When you come to my mother
20  We have come
21  Lamp at your feet
22  Power of the cross
23  I will come to you
24  Give yourself totally
25  Strong witness
26  I fill you with my presence
27  Pray for them my child
28  The light that shines on your way
29  Pray in my name
30  With confidence to the saints
31  The resurrection and the life
32  Many souls who ignore me
33  The heavenly water
34  The keys of humility
35  Rays of love and mercy
36  Strip your soul bare
37  I bless you
38  She is the way to me
39  My holy mountain
40  Do not fear the enemy
41  Coming to my mother
42  In my bosom
43  Be a reflection of my image
44  Clothe yourself with my mercy
45  At the lips of those who love me
46  The creative power of God
47  Love becomes food
48  When your love is exposed
49  Let me refresh you
50  The windows of your soul
51  To prepare everyone to Jesus
52  Before you speak
53  I knock
54  The greatest treasure
55  Power to save
56  I will lift you up
57  Let me embrace you
58  The splendour of my majesty
59  The knees of your soul
60  This is holiness
61  In my silence
62  My crown
63  Purity
64  Pray, pray, pray
65  Pleased to receive you
66  One word
67  Let us be one
68  Come to me with confidence
69  Words of healing
70  The throne of mercy
71  Two hearts
72  To the humble of heart
73  With sincerity in the truth
74  Beacon of light
75  The love that you all need
76  Tell them of my love
77  Hear my voice
78  The way to heaven
79  You are only a child
80  Grow in faith
81  Fruit that God expects
82  With the wind of the Holy Spirit
83  The first Friday of the month
84  Before my open heart
85  Be united
86  Worshipping before the Blessed Sacrament
87  Humble yourself
88  Where my justice begins
89  When a sinner repents
90  To those who love me
91  Bend your will
92  How do you obtain my grace?
93  Be constant
94  I will feed you gradually
95  Discernment
96  Repentance
97  As a little child
98  The key
99  United to my blood
100  The nectar of humility
101  My nature is to love
102  I suffer for every one
103  A share of my suffering
104  When a sinner repents
105  Rise my child
106  Living torch
107  My words
108  Drop by drop
109  The life for every heart
110  Be alert
111  When you receive me
112  Come into my silence
113  Pray in the spirit
114  Bring my word to others
115  Be a living tabernacle
116  Prayers of the faithful
117  Pray very concerned
118  Consecrate that person
119  The rosary
120  My Kingdom
121  This great miracle
122  Those who love me
123  You are in my kingdom
124  A nothing
125  Humility, purity and love
126  Pray and be ready
127  To pour out true love
128  Be humble like Moses
129  Devotion for my archangels
130  I am your personal Lord, God and Saviour
131  The embrace of God the father
132  Living food
133  Because I am humble
134  My light is the wisdom of my word
135  Peace be with you
136  You have my grace
137  Do not worry
138  You are at my table
139  Ascend to your Calvary
140  Bending to do my will
141  Promptings of my Holy Spirit
142  The Sabbath
143  Become true altars of prayer
144  When I am the first
145  I  want to teach you
146  Silence
147  What you have received
148  Through the Priest in the Sacrament of Confession
149  No greater thing
150  The spirit of life
151  The good news
152  Admit the guilt of your sins
153  Let me build your house
154  The man of sorrows
155  My word gives you life
156  The acquisition of grace
157  Ask me to bless you  
158  I am your victory
159  The day of the lord
160  The most glorious dwelling of God
161  At the feet of my mother
162  Come to me running
163  I am your benefactor
164  Outpouring of my mercy
165  Words of salvation
166  You must fast
167  Do not ignore me
168  Become a saint
169  Face to face with my Holy Spirit
170  In the holy Eucharist
171  Acknowledge your guilt
172  I am so merciful
173  Take my word into your heart
174  Give glory to God
175  The price that you pay
176  Find me with your spirit
177  True worshippers
178  Enter now
179  The place of rest
180  Awaked by your praise
181  Desire me
182  I respond swiftly
183  Blameless before me
184  Fear God my child
185  Every moment in my presence
186  Ready to give account to God
187  I am humility
188  My Spirit is upon you
189  Don't overuse your tongue
190  Refreshing my gospel
191  Prepared for your heavenly journey
192  The blood of my Son Jesus
193  The devil is my slave
194  Your ticket
195  Pride
196  At the feet of your holy mother the church
197  My gifts
198  I am very concerned
199  I am your heavenly teacher
200  The King of Kings
201  Sinners repenting
202  The cross
203  The occult
204  Witness of my word
205  Fatherly and motherly love
206  Glorify the truth
207  Your power
208  The bottom line
209  The heart
210  Consecrate yourself to my mother
211  First Saturdays
212  Light, salvation and joy
213  Holy company
214  God's love
215  I reject dishonesty
216  Desperate souls
217  Immaculate Conception
218  New Adam and new Eve
219  Share my Kingdom
220  He who comes to me
221  Think of my love
222  My will is my power
223  My pleasure
224  Look at my son Jesus crucified
225  My sufferings
226  No better place for you
227  Dwell in my presence
228  Empty vessels
229  The living crucifix
230  Constant communication
231  Consuming fire
232  Beautiful flowers
233  Invite me to your banquet
234  We will become one
235  Captain of your ship
236  The cross is the key
237  The apple of my eye
238  Tears of repentance
239  Frustration of the devil
240  Food of your soul
241  I am God the omnipotent
242  Prepare your heart
243  A humble manger
244  This little babe
245  I am the joy of the world
246  Treasure
247  The devil is blinded
248  Wisdom of God
249  I am your master
250  My bread of affliction and my cup of suffering
251  The family
252  I am your heavenly mother
253  I give you my strength
254  Rising incense
255  Don't crucify me
256  Ardent charity
257  The light of my countenance
258  Presenting the gifts
259  Open the door
260  Rejoice
261  By my word
262  In my church
263  The power of prayer
264  I am the ark of your salvation
265  Live a holy life
266  You must be thankful
267  Desires
268  Prayers in the spirit
269  Purity
270  Temple of light
271  Your mother of mercy
272  Santo Niņo (Holy Infant )
273  Seek my kingdom
274  Do my will
275  Irresistible charm
276  My light makes you shine
277  Prepare yourself, be my witness
278  My living message
279  Bless them in my name
280  Become an ark of my wisdom
281  The gold of my holy word
282  Always choose well
283  Draw your strength from my wounds
284  Preach repentance
285  Little flower
286  I am invisible
287  I am the light
288  The mighty voice of God
289  Who wants to listen to God?
290  To my throne with your prayers
291  My mother
292  Fight the good fight
293  Dispenser of all gifts
294  The light of my goodness
295  Come confidently to your heavenly mother
296  Open the gates
297  The harvest is almost ready
298  Ungrateful children
299  Complete trust in me
300  Do what is good
301  Deny yourself
302  Defend the truth
303  Temples of my Holy Spirit
304  Unite your faith to my power
305  Spiritual light
306  Care for your brothers and sisters
307  Spirit of change
308  Plant the seeds of my gospel
309  Sower of my seeds
310  Ask my counsel
311  Resist and overcome
312  To believe, to have great power
313  My heart is open for you
314  Love with the love of God
315  Rise in your spirit
316  Deprived of my love
317  Let me shine
318  Meditate and contemplate
319  Favoured with my love
320  If you want to love me more
321  In the light of Christ
322  Live your life as an angel
323  Life in reparation
324  Conform to my will
325  Continuous retreat
326  Be charitable
327  The all loving father
328  Do not put me to the test
329  Live to love, love to live
330  On the palm of my hand
331  Worthy of my presence
332  Born again
333  Citizen of heaven
334  Sanctification of souls
335  United to me
336  Who can remain standing?
337  Open heart
338  Virtues begin to grow
339  Trust in my precious blood
340  Good confession
341  Now
342  Give, my child
343  If you need me
344  God with us
345  Crush the head of the serpent
346  The devil as your friend
347  My wisdom revealed
348  Present with my Holy Spirit
349  Soar in your spirits to meet me
350  Never stop loving
351  I am your king of glory
352  Stay in my presence
353  Share my suffering
354  Pay me
355  I am all for you
356  Jesus dying on the cross
357  Accompany me every Saturday
358  I am the risen lord
359  Prayer group
360  When you love, you discover me
361  I am the living word
362  Profound conversation of the soul
363  My mother is wisdom
364  Commit yourself to my son
365  New life of grace
366  Trust
367  Docile instrument
368  Like a little ray of love
369  The sign that I give you is my peace
370  Use the power of reason
371  Never die
372  Love penetrates all hearts
373  True disciples
374  Death
375  Pray that your faith will increase
376  Prayer strengthens your faith
377  Heavenly rest
378  Physical suffering
379  I am your healing
380  I prepare you all
381  Acknowledge the presence of Jesus
382  Acknowledge
383  My signs will accompany you
384  Live only for me
385  Only through perseverance
386  Abandonment
387  Make your love grow
388  Emulate me daily
389  Pride destroys the soul
390  Where is charity?
391  Become a holy temple of light
392  Your very best
393  Place no resistance to my light
394  On mother’s day
395  Praise and glorify God
396  Unity
397  Ask me to heal you
398  Making things clear for you
399  Be good
400  Walking on a tightrope
401  Ascend before me spiritually
402  You need my mercy
403  Join me in my agony
404  Intercession of good souls
405  Become like John the Baptist
406  To become my instrument
407  Love as never before
408  Listen attentively everyday
409  The power of love
410  Communion with God
411  Be firm but merciful
412  Working for my honour and glory
413  Renewing wind of the spirit
414  If you want to, you can have me
415  Imitate her
416  To understand the holy trinity
417  Let me take you by the hand
418  Crush the head of the oppressor
419  Make time for me
420  A new heaven and a new earth
421  Do to God as he does to you
422  I treasure your love for me
423  Invisible and yet so real
424  Temples of my sacred word
425  Learn from me
426  Mother of good counsel
427  Jesus loves you
428  My Sacred Heart
429  I am that woman
430  In times of distress
431  Doctrines based on heresies
432  Soldier of my army
433  Never be ashamed
434  Holy reverence for God
435  Understand the will of God
436  Mother of this redeemed humanity
437  Acknowledge me
438  Heavenly intercessor
439  Path of holiness to Jesus
440  Become the city of your God
441  End of times
442  My intercession before him
443  Peter the rock
444  Idolatry is a very grave sin
445  Small consolations
446  The sacred light of the truth
447  Humbly expect the will of the lord
448  Mother of reparation
449  Sincere devotion to my immaculate heart
450  Who can be like God?
451  Graces to the humble of heart
452  Share my love for him
453  Mother of help
454  When a consecration is made to me
455  Becoming like God
456  The greatest love for God
457  Mother of peace
458  Be a fruitful tree
459  The daily cross
460  Hear me
461  Flames of purgatory
462  Be a good listener
463  Bless them in the names of Jesus and Mary
464  The ugliness of sin
465 &nbspLove is salvation
466  My holy covenant
467  The fruit of the tree of life
468  The choice is yours
469  The powers of your faith
470  Mother who shares everything
471  Sanctified daily
472  I am next to him
473  Love
474  Your liberation is approaching
475  Invoke the power of my holy name
476  Become a living host
477  The potter
478  Consulting his will
479  Those who love me will be saved
480  Why do they reject me?
481  Personal relationship with God
482  Angelic and divine existence
483  Now is the time
484  Produce the fruit of love
485  By his word
486  God must be above everything
487  Beating of the heart
488  The heart of God
489  Love begets grace
490  Love without reserve
491  Fulfillment of the promises of God
492  Promises of my word
493  Children of humility
494  House of prayer
495  Be light for the world
496  Key to wisdom
497  Blessed among women
498  The charism of my presence
499  Enclose yourself in contemplation
500  My holy command
501  My motherly company
502  The power of my holy rosary
503  Spiritual consolations
504  Sharing my mind and my spirit
505  Love with charity and understanding
506  To see the better world
507  I am who I am
508  The dignity of your blessed mother
509  Strong arrows
510  Love atones for all sins
511  Serious prayer
512  The sacred vine of the Lord
513  The guidance of my immaculate heart
514  Trust in his will
515  Every call of the spirit
516  Before I come to judge
517  Every day is a way of the cross
518  Don't turn your back on me
519  Caught up in the world current
520  Our wretchedness
521  Despite all your shortcomings
522  Look at the cross
523  The value of forgiveness
524  The ways of humility are little
525  Bless your brothers and sisters
526  Being one with your God
527  Mirror of my teachings
528  Life as martyrdom
529  I consecrate you in the truth
530  Walking on the water
531  My visitation
532  Furnace of divine love
533  Come follow me
534  When the will of man is broken
535  Live to praise the lord
536  Sincere acknowledgment
537  Afflictions
538  Be as I am: love
539  Secret of sanctity
540  The fragrance of Christ
541  Meditate on my sorrows
542  Days of suffering
543  Meditate every word
544  Sacrifice united to my sorrow
545  I have died for your sins, so, sin no more
546  In the mysteries of the rosary
547  My visitation
548  The holy influence of my immaculate heart
549  My peace
550  My angels
551  I am the way, the truth and the way
552  My greatest gift to you
553  There is sorrow clouding my joy
554  My precious blood
555  You will shine in heaven
556  Prayers for the dead
557  Messenger of love
558  Don't let anything annoy you
559  My words of healing
560  Joy
561  Spiritual growth
562  Live to eat of my tree of life
563  Place your life in the hands of God
564  Fidelity
565  People starving for love
566  Manifestations of my will
567  Victory is approaching
568  I am your mother who heals you
569  Two branches
570  Responsible for a soul daily
571  By my example
572  Become saints
573  The river of life
574  My mercy
575  Know the will of God
576  Becoming like God
577  Heavenly refuge
578  In my blood
579  Enemies of the cross
580  You are a little lamp
581  Share the oil of your lamp
582  Live for the spirit
583  Intercessory prayer
584  The tabernacle of your heart
585  Little things
586  How precious a soul is
587  Become like me
588  Remember
589  Words are very powerful
590  Preparing the way for him
591  Waters of salvation
592  Ladder of Jacob
593  Sacraments of his presence
594  Your patient mother
595  King of your heart
596  Let us pray
597  To love more and more
598  Enter now into my sorrows
599  My blessing
600  Faithful and true master
601  Day of planting
602  My maternal embrace
603  Why should you worry?
604  The power of the Church
605  Humble little things
606  My Eucharistic presence in your soul
607  A very special day
608  The mystery of my generosity
609  Mary Rosa Mystica
610  Gifts from God are grace
611  Strive to grow in holiness
612  The lord answers every prayer
613  Examine your conscience
614  Glory of the world to come
615  Anxious for your call
616  The gentle force of the spirit
617  Spirit of prophecy
618  Pray without ceasing
619  Attracted by purity
620  Meditation on humility
621  The great chastisement
622  A moment to die
623  The abomination of abortion
624  Words of her fiat
625  In the spirit of Elijah
626  Emmanuel, God among us
627  Christmas day
628  Bind your love to the precious blood
629  Time of promises
630  The holy innocents
631  I am the Holy Infant Jesus
632  This golden key
633  As if it was the last day
634  God, the beginning of all things
635  Worship in spirit and in truth
636  Remain humble
637  Pray daily for the coming of the Holy Spirit
638  The Bethlehem of your heart
639  Queen of peace
640  Come to God and live
641  Saint Joseph
642  Yearn for one thing only
643  As you pray, graces descend from my immaculate heart
644  Righteous before God
645  The sacrifice of Isaac
646  How to love God more and more
647  Extremely tired
648  Sent to help you
649  What I want you to do daily
650  Listen to me everyone
651  Moved by the Holy Spirit
652  The sanctuary of silence
653  Hate evil
654  How to defend yourself
655  The plan of God
656  The word of God
657  Visions and spiritual directions
658  Continuous conversion
659  Cover yourself with love
660  The power of my immaculate heart
661  Yes
662  Secrets about my holy rosary
663  Obstacle
664  Devotion for the precious blood
665  Calvary in the holy mass as often as possible
666  The light that shines forever
667  The action of the Holy Spirit
668  Asking him to reveal his will
669  Humbly present your needs and plans
670  Open book of the wisdom of God
671  Become my favoured children
672  Love the two sacred hearts
673  Increase your love for me
674  Despise yourself
675  Mother of healing
676  Become love
677  Time with us in Calvary
678  Because God is love
679  For the service of the lord
680  Profit well by my advice
681  Put every spirit to the test
682  The kingdom of heaven in your heart
683  The light of discernment
684  Consult me, your Mother of Wisdom
685  Share my Spirit
686  Little lamb among wolves
687  The holiness of my word
688  Union with Jesus
689  Pray with compassion
690  Love gives without measure
691  The power given to the believers
692  Prostrate yourself
693  The mission
694  Live by my Word
695  To live for God
696  Our wonderful Father
697  Questions
698  Your heavenly father and mother
699  Presence of the word of God
700  My path
701  Teacher of holiness
702  Without consulting the Lord
703  What a joy
704  Live continuously in the word of God
705  Treasure my love
706  Eternity of joy
707  Starving spiritually
708  Spiritual deafness
709  Is there any sorrow like mine?
710  People are running away from God
711  The purity of saint Joseph
712  Live your life by my rules
713  Worship the Lord
714  Always bound to me
715  Sing hosanna
716  Treasure the sufferings of Christ
717  Accompany Jesus daily to his sacrifice
718  Praise God
719  Christ is our Passover meal
720  Behold your Jesus crucified
721  Sorrowful mother
722  Rejoice in the lord
723  Celebrate the resurrection
724  Be another Christ
725  With the mind of Christ
726  No limits to your love
727  My gift to you
728  The first Saturday of the month
729  I am merciful love
730  The incarnation in every soul
731  The rejection of God
732  Powerful maxim
733  Prayers of intercession
734  Child of my spiritual womb
735  Live a holy life
736  State of contemplation
737  Grave spiritual mess
738  Thank Him
739  Stand firm
740  Claiming his temple
741  Sacrifice your mind to Jesus
742  Seek only one consolation
743  Producing the fruit
744  The help of my grace
745  In the storms of life
746  Remain bound to us
747  By your consecration to me
748  Become a peace maker
749  Faith is being put to the test
750  I am the good shepherd
751  Speak constantly to the Lord
752  To know the future
753  Ask your soul to rise in worship
754  The month of may
755  Become the love of God
756  The flowers of your love
757  My commandments


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