Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - Download

Have you ever heard the voice of God speaking to your heart? Have you ever experienced the peace and joy that God gives when we are truly close to Him? Would you like to feel really close to Him? Well these messages are addressed to you, they are waiting for you to read them and discover your gift as a child of God.

These unique divine revelations will become a treasure for anyone desiring to grow in the faith. These 757 messages will mold the soul of anyone with a humble attitude and a desire to have an intimate relationship with God, they are a true spiritual guide that can be consulted at anytime.

The spiritual life is very important part of all human beings, we must learn to depend on God more than on ourselves, unfortunately we live in a hurry and we don't spend enough time with God. We barely have time to talk to God and to ask all the things that we need. These writing will teach us how to enter into silence and listen to the voice of God in our hearts.

The messages are compiled in a pdf ebook.

These messages are a beautiful gift to your spirituality, they will improve your religious motivation and your relationship with God.

These words from Heaven will touch your heart and soul, they will awaken your spirit to learn to listen to God and to live in His Presence.

Jesus: (message 190) I am anointing these words that I give you with my Grace and Blessings for all those who hear them (or read them).

Be inspired simply by reading the message titles divine revelations

Jesus 17 good reasons why you should read these messages:


Discover the presence of God
God the Father, messages from mary Learn the secrets of the saints as revealed by Our Lord and Our Lady
God the son Learn to heal yourself from sinfulness and guilt
god the holy spirit Become more aware of your soul and spirit
Jesus Grow spiritually through the teachings of wisdom revealed in every message
Word of God Learn from the teachers of humility about being humble of heart
mouth of God Understand the plan of God for your life
word of God Have a more profound understanding and appreciation about the  Sacraments of the Church
learn Learn to pray constantly even when you are working or doing something else
revelation Learn to have more concentration, learn to be still to enter into the presence of God
God speaks Discover how friendly Jesus is, how eagerly he is expecting you to come to him
word power Learn more about our Blessed Mother and her role as mother of the children of God
the voice of God Learn to listen to God and to know his will
holy spirit Unleash the potential of your faith and learn to please the Lord
holiness Discover that holiness is just around the corner, not just something for religious or especial souls, with the grace of God be holy in your own state of life
Have Jesus as your best friend, receive the motherly protection of Our Lady and the guidance of the Holy Spirit
teachings These messages are a teaching for everyone who wants to grow spiritually, they were given to Joseph of Jesus and Mary, but the Lord wants you to read them because they are for you too.


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