Relaxing music, easy listening, Catholic music
Artist Jose Belmore
Classic 1 - Album of relaxing music
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 Relaxing music, easy listening, Catholic music 6 The joy of music

All work has been composed, arranged, played and recorded by Jose Belmore.

Take it from me, the writer and producer of this song, music is full of joy. Joy is like a moving melody that is waiting to be written. I have found a lot of joy in music, I write all kinds of music because they all are suitable for different moods. This particular song begins softly and then builds up into a very happy melody. Enjoy it, this is one of my favorites, although all of them have been my favorites at the time I wrote them.

The entire pc music collection is available in a downloadable program to be listened in your computer. Every song is presented separately in a page with inspirational landscapes.

version available. All works are copyright protected.

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This album contains ten beautiful works or art, they are great inspirations for relaxing, inspiring and leading your soul to great peace and joy. When you download the collection you will also download the mp3 player for the music.

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