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Saint Thomas Aquinas Saint Thomas Aquinas

He was born c.1225 in Roccasecca, Aquino, Naples, Italy. He died on March 7, 1274 in Fossanuova near Terracina, aged 47. His relics are kept at Saint-Servin, Toulouse, France.

Descendant of a noble family, he wanted to join the dominicans but found great opposition from his family, he was even imprisoned for wanting to give his life to God.

Eventually he joined the order and became a priest. They sent him to study in Germany and France.

He became a doctor in Theology and wrote the Summa Theologica. He is the author of many hyms and also parts of the Catholic Liturgy. Pope Leo VIII commanded that his teachings be studied by all theology students.

Summa Theologica Eucharist and Penance 


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Saint Thomas Aquinas