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The feast of the Divine Mercy falls on the first Sunday after Easter Sunday.

Divine Mercy Sunday

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  • To observe this feast we should commence a Novena to the Divine Mercy on Good Friday, the Novena includes special intentions for each day and is concluded with the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
  • Celebrate the feast on the first Sunday after Easter.
  • Come to Jesus with a humble and contrite heart, repent of all your sins.
  • Firmly trust in the Divine Mercy of Jesus.
  • Go to confession (with a priest) on that day if possible, otherwise seven days before or after the feast, as approved by the Church..
  • Receive Holy Communion on the Day of the Feast.
  • Venerate the image of Divine Mercy.
  • Be merciful as God is merciful. Practice works of Mercy, physically by helping others or spiritually by prayers of intercession.

Words of Pope John Paul II

" I give thanks to the Divine Providence that I have been enabled to contribute personally to the fulfilment of Christ's Will, through the Institution of the Feast of Divine Mercy. I pray unceasingly that God will have Mercy on us and on the whole world.

Pope John Paul II ( 7/6/97 )                    
Shrine of Divine Mercy, Cracow, Poland.


Words of Cardinal Macharski, Archbishop of Cracow

In his 1985 Lenten Pastoral Letter, Cardinal Macharski points out that all of Lent should be a preparation for the celebration of the Paschal Mystery: the Crucified and Risen Christ, who is Mercy Incarnate. This great mystery of our Redemption, which the Cardinal calls: "an act of the merciful love of God", is celebrated not only during Holy Week and on Easter Sunday but throughout the Easter season, and especially on the Octave Day of Easter, which Our Lord asked Sister Faustina to have chosen  as the Feast of the Divine Mercy.

Cardinal Macharski urges us to use Lent to prepare ourselves for this great feast, placing more and more trust in the mercy of God and putting mercy into practice through deeds of mercy. He also stresses the importance of receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Lent and asks us to make our confession before the Mercy Sunday, even prior to the Holy Week.

For those who feel they must go to confession on Mercy Sunday itself, it would be well to consider not only this strong urging from Cardinal Macharski, but also the example of Blessed Faustina herself, who made her confession on the Sunday before the Feast of Mercy (Diary, 1072).

The Diary entries recording the words of Our Lord in regard to confession do not explicitly say  that confession is to be received on the day itself, but that Holy Communion must be received on that day (Diary, 300, 699, 1109).

Divine Mercy Sunday at the Vatican

Cardinal Angelini Fiorenzo celebrated the Feast of Divine Mercy on Sunday, 11th April 1999 for the first time ever in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. A huge crowd of Divine Mercy devotees from all around the world attended the ceremonies.

Divine Mercy around the world

Many Dioceses and parishes celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday in different ways. Some have a mass during the 3 o'clock hour of mercy; others have a Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration, which usually includes praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The blessing of the Image of the Merciful Saviour and its veneration are often included as part of the Mass or Holy Hour. Inform your priest of this very important feast and share with Him the Devotion of Divine Mercy.

Personal celebration of Divine Mercy

If you are unable to attend an organised celebration, there are a variety of ways to celebrate personally, such as praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, reading Sacred Scriptures or reading selections from the Diary of Blessed Sister Faustina (Divine Mercy in my soul) - especially the texts on the Feast of Divine Mercy. Some find it helpful to listen to audio tapes of teachings and hymns on Divine Mercy. Others view videos on the message of Divine Mercy and the life of Blessed Faustina. And we all should find opportunities for personal acts of mercy.

About spreading the Divine Mercy Devotion

Jesus said to Sister Faustina: "Do what is only within your power to spread Devotion to my Mercy and I will make up for what you lack."

Spread this devotion by distributing leaflets, by telling others about this devotion, by telling your local priest to celebrate Mercy Sunday in the parish, and above all be merciful to others to honour the mercy of God.

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