Finding God

First knowledge of God

No one can deny the beauty of being an innocent child, one who would ask many questions about his origin, one who has the intelligence to discern that there is more to the origin of life than mom and dad.
To learn that there is a God, a Supreme Being, fills every child's heart with the greatest joy. We wouldn't enjoy being children if we didn't posses the candor and simplicity that has been given to us during the most beautiful part of our lives.

Right from the very beginning, we realize that life is something very big and very incomprehensible. We realize that God must be truly even bigger than life, so we start to ponder and to nurture that perception of God within our limited minds.

Very early we make a choice for God, we know that he is good and we start feeling attracted to Him, we love God with innocent love, with pure and undefiled thoughts since we are still free from sin.

Desires of a child

If God is all goodness and loves us so much as we understand, the object of our lives must be to come in contact with Him. We learn that He is elusive, that is, He will manifest in our lives but not as we want him to. It makes us sad to learn that He is invisible and that we have to die before we can go to Heaven to enjoy him forever.

We learn about Jesus and we love him with great admiration because he had the power to perform miracles and because he loved us so much that he died for our sins. Our confidence is in Him who is the Son of God and who is one with the Father, somehow we come to understand that He is God.

And it is true, Jesus is God, He is the second person of the Holy Trinity, we are presented with a great mystery of faith that will feed our hope for as long as we live.

Heaven becomes the goal of our lives, we try to be good in order to posses that treasure that has more value than anything here on earth.

We love our parents because they help us in all our needs, they protect us, they feed us, they take us places, they give us presents, they show their love for us and we know that we depend on them for our survival.

Sometimes we are naughty and they get very angry, but we learn that they always forgive, this quality shows us their fidelity towards us and somehow we become accustomed to the idea that we are also children of God.

We begin to understand that disobedience to God's law will cause his anger, although he doesn't punish us immediately but prefers to allow us to repent so that we can be forgiven, and in the process we will love Him more and more.

As children of God, we desire not to sin, not to offend the God who made us, but it is really only a dream because we are all destined to become sinners.

We pray with all our hearts, we raise our little souls before God and this in reality is the joy of God who loves little children.

Jesus makes us very happy because He says that the Kingdom of Heaven is for little children and for those who can become like them. (Matthew 19:14)

My mother used to tell me that before the age of reason, that is, before my seventh birthday, I could die any time and go straight to heaven because my soul was pure.

I remember my sadness when my seventh birthday arrived. I cried very much because I knew somehow that my innocence time was up and that from then on the faculties of my reasoning would help me to accept temptation and to sin, I did not want to offend God, I thought that it would be better to die than to get older and sin.

What a mess. I have lost my innocence. I have sinned. I have destroyed the dreams and desires of an innocent child. Lord please forgive me, I am a sinner. I have sinned against your will which commands me to be holy as you are holy.

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