Child Jesus - Testimonies - visions - messages - videos

Child Jesus - Testimonies - visions - messages - videos

Child Jesus - Testimonies - visions - messages - videos

The child Jesus - Testimonies - visions - messages - videos - Introduction

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The child Jesus - Testimonies - visions - messages - videos - Inroduction

It is a divine privilege to be able to have an approach to the Divine Childhood of the Child Jesus. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, he has called us to be like children in order to possess the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 19:14
As a great help in the spiritual life, the Lord has revealed these messages and has granted these visions, which are not only for the person who received them, but for all those who want to approach God with a humble, innocent and pure heart as that of a child.
In the helplessness of a child's weakness, God sends us the Grace that allows us to always be in the Presence of God with an innocent spirit, and the sacred childhood of Jesus gives us company for our benefit and for his glorification.
As spiritual instruction of great value, the Lord has revealed that all those who accept this devotion to his Holy Childhood provide him with a balm for his wounds and make him forget the pains of his passion.
In the year 1636 the Lord made a promise to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque: "Anything you want to ask, ask me for the merits of my childhood, and your prayer will be heard."
In this spiritual journey with the childhood of Jesus we identify with him as children, and thus in this approach there comes a teaching that consists of looking at sin and worries as things for grown ups.
Joseph of Jesus and Mary

The child Jesus - Message of Jesus

Jesus speaks
My son, I speak to you from my Sacred Humanity in its Divine Childhood.

You are my great consolation for having this devotion that serves as a balm for my wounds, that distracts me from the pains of my passion, that comforts me when so many forget me and treat me lukewarmly, that gives me company because I am a God surrounded by indifference of my creatures.

I am the same yesterday, today and forever. He who truly loves me in Spirit and in Truth is a perfect adorer.
When I come to the altar through the hands of the Priest, I am reborn again through the womb of the Church; In the consecrated host I am the Child Jesus who is born again into the world as when I came out of my mother's womb and I am also Jesus crucified, containing in each consecrated host my passion, agony and death, my holy wounds, blood, water, pains, tears and anguishes and also those of my most holy mother. I am God, infinite and eternal, that is why many human beings cannot understand me, unless they open their hearts to the teachings of the Holy Spirit.

Today's world lives in intellectuality and reason, that is why it is very far from the Kingdom of Heaven; On the other hand, the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children and to those who can be like children, I welcome them with all the tenderness of my heart.

Your little child Jesus speaks:
I am your little friend and I want to give you my continuous company. I have come to sanctify your soul.
I want to talk to you about some of the visions that I have given you so that you understand me better, since in this way I show you what I feel for all humanity. I also speak to those who read this message so that they can understand the call that I make to them from my sacred childhood.

I descended from my mother's arms as I showed you in a vision, to be with you, to offer you my company and to share my joy with you.

I want to share my kingdom through the variety of sciences and gifts that I give to human beings, that's how I give you this understanding in the vision of colors where I am ready to paint. And it is that I want to share with you the Divine Science, which is the most important of all sciences, but the most despised, through which man can know God.

In the vision, as a little gardener, I appear pouring water on the flowers, because I look at souls tenderly as I look at the flowers and I want to give them all  baptism so that they can be saved.

In another vision I allowed you to pour water on my foot, remembering how I had myself baptized by John the Baptist, and also to give you confidence, because I am God and man, I am your faithful little friend.

I showed you that I am the King of the world, and in childish way you saw me with the world in my hand as if it were a ball.

I also showed you how I am the Light of the world, and how I illuminate wherever I walk with the light of my Presence.

In a moment of the enemy's attack you needed me and I showed myself as your Divine Protector Child on a glorious throne.

I have shown you many visions of souls in need of God, and I have made you see your humanity as that of a child to reaffirm your faith as a child.

I have granted you a lot of familiarity with me, I have hugged you, I have held your hand, you have seen me with your shirt on, you have seen me at your desk reading on your tablet, I have invited you for coffee, I have shown you how my feet come out of your feet, in short, I have shown how I am with you, I in you and you in me.

I have taught you how not to be tempted by sin, because you already see all that as things of grown up people, and you are not interested in offending me because you are with me.

The will of the Father is that everyone be holy, so that is the divine law: Be holy as I am holy. However, upon entering my childhood you no longer need to be governed by the law, but by my Grace, you are already in me, who am Holiness.

I'm the way, the truth and the life. The path of my childhood is like a high-speed highway, leading through holiness to my Kingdom. Honoring my Divine childhood can be called in human terms the path of premature sainthood, with the difference that it is not a human work but a divine one.
You have accepted my call, and so I want everyone to do so.

The best way to know my childhood is by focusing on the Sacred Humanity of my holy mother. She is my perfect creation, in her you can see the soul of a child that I desire in every human being.

Ask her to fill you with her Spirit of Purity, Innocence, Humility, Holiness and Surrender; of her heart full of desire and wanting of God, of her soul full of the Divine Will.

I came into the world to a dark, cold cave and a hard bed. That manger is repeated in the tabernacles, dark, cold and hard places for me. Worse still is the manger of souls, who receive me and make me a prisoner in their darkness, coldness and hardness.

Join my little mother so that you offer me with her your Light, Warmth, Love and Tenderness, so that it dissipates the Darkness, Coldness and Hardness of souls.

So the you may achieve your perfection, make this little prayer frequently.
I wish and ardently want that it is not I who live but Christ Jesus and Mary Most Holy who live in me. May it not be me who live but the child Jesus and the little child Mary who live in me. Amen.

Beautiful anecdote:
I told him, little
child Jesus, I adore you and I would like to give you something very beautiful, like the sun and the little stars.
He replied: company.
I told him again, but little
child Jesus, the fact us that you deserve something better than my company, something from all this beautiful creation because you are our little king.
He replied: company, company, company.

The Child Jesus - Do you want to become like a child?
Testimony. My wife was feeling a little jealous to see that I have been able to reach that intimacy with the Child Jesus. Although she is also very spiritual, she also wanted to be closer to the baby Jesus. So one night I told her, write this sentence on a piece of paper and place it on our little altar: I am Ofelita of the little child Jesus and little child Mary.
And I told her to say that as a prayer before going to sleep, that she should repeat that phrase many times. She did that, and a few days later she began to have dreams and visions with the little child Jesus.

The Child Jesus - Family testimonies
Testimony 1. Our daughter called from Australia a little scared, she told my wife that she had seen her in a dream and that she had a little son and was lulling him to sleep. We confirmed to her that since we have this devotion to the Child Jesus and we treat him as our little child, she had received this to confirm to us and to her the importance of this devotion.
Testimony 2. Our other daughter in the United States is very enthusiastic about this devotion to the Child Jesus; and hearing about all the visions and testimonies she is very happy. She called us to tell us that her 8-year-old son had a dream in which he saw her with a little child of hers and that he was also very affectionate with him. She replied, of course, it is the Child Jesus.



 The Child Jesus - Visions

  1  The child Jesus comes down from the arms of his mother

  2  Vision of the Child Jesus and the child Mary Mary

  3  The Child Jesus as Gardener of souls

  4  The Child Jesus allows me to pour water on his little feet

  5  Holy water vision

  6  Vision of the Child Jesus as Holy Eucharist

  7  Vision of the Child Jesus artist (2021)

  8  Voice tells me that the Child Jesus will shine

  9  The Child Jesus embraced me

10  Prayer to the Child Jesus

11  Vision of the feet of the Infant Jesus over mine

12  Vision of the Infant Jesus in the form of light

13  Vision of the Child Jesus full of joy

14  Vision of the Child Jesus spreading incense

15  Vision of the Child Jesus holding my hand

16  Vision of the Child Jesus Protector

17  Road to Purgatory

18  The Holy Infant Jesus wearing my shirt

19  A foot of the Infant Jesus and a foot of the Child Mary

20  With the Child Jesus on the way - A donkey crosses the road

21  Visions in the company of the Child Jesus

22  Child Jesus, mingles with visions of faces

23  Besides the visions of souls, the Child Jesus shows me healings and miracles

24  Child Jesus sitting in my desk chair, He was looking at my laptop

25  Vision of a consecrated host exposed in an open host holder

26  The Holy Infant Jesus in a hurry, flowers for the Virgin, healings

27  Child Jesus shares his cup of coffee with me

28  The Infant Jesus walking with the Virgin Mary

29  Healings with the Child Jesus

30  I give the image of the Child Jesus to St. Joseph

31  The Child Jesus interrupts my adoration

32  The genie in Aladdin's lamp

33  Vision of the Child Jesus dressed in red

34  Infant Jesus crucified

35  The little foot of the Child Jesus

36  Manger above the altar

37  Power of the Child Jesus Divine Protector

38  Vision of an altar

39  Black child Jesus image

40  The Child Jesus as High Priest

41  The Child Jesus waits for us in the temple

42  Child Jesus Jumps for Joy - May 8 2022


The little child Jesus and I  - Testimonies - visions - messages - videos

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