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For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998

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Catholic Prayers -  Intentions, Petitions, prayer requests  Intentions: eden

philippines IP:

I pray for guidance and wisdom for my husband in his new business venture. May God open doors of opportunities and favors for him.

10/27/2006 8:59:36 PM


Catholic Prayers -  Intentions, Petitions, prayer requests  Intentions: ACA


Please pray for Valerie C. who used the ouija to find out who she was to marry and then went out to find him and married him. Her marriage is in termoial and she alter her life. Help her.

10/27/2006 8:51:55 PM


Catholic Prayers -  Intentions, Petitions, prayer requests  Intentions: MM


Please pray for the health of my sister Susana. GOD Bless you all who pray for her health to be eternally restored. AMEN and ALLELUIA TO GOD.

10/27/2006 8:39:01 PM


Catholic Prayers -  Intentions, Petitions, prayer requests  Intentions: delly

Philippines IP:

i am 37 years old living in the Philippines. I am presently working in a foundation which minister by christians. i have a problem from my work. one of the daughter of the pastor (the pastor is a vice president of the foundation) keep on disturbing me and doing some evil plan. she never stop and my work is affected even my life. I have met a man from internet chat he is 38 years old living in miniesota rochester city. i fall inlove with him and he plan to marry me and he process my visa and petition. i'd like to ask a pryer request to help me intersession with the Lord that its my long dream to have a family. pls pray for me that our plan will push true and the process of my visa and petition will be approve. with regards to the daughter of the pastor pls help me pray that the holy spirit will talk to her heart to stop from hurting me. i am also pray for our country Philippines that we will be a proper country and live in a harmonious country. praying for those sick and have terminal disease.

10/27/2006 7:32:43 PM


Catholic Prayers -  Intentions, Petitions, prayer requests  Intentions: Jady Domingo Family

Philippines IP:

Consuelo Soriano & Angelina Arrieta: For the eternal repose of their souls. The Domingo Family: Thank you for all the answered prayers.

10/27/2006 3:35:57 PM

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