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For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998
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 beatriz ho

usa  IP:

I am writing to you again because I'd like to tell you that I'm feeling so much better. I've prayed constantly and continue to pray for God almighty to give me the strength to continue on this journey that I started a little over a month ago. The doctor has ordered an MRI on the 23 of Jan and a follow-up w/the neurologist. Please pray for me that all go as God wills. Thank you so very much for taking care of me. XX bibiho

1/15/2002 3:34:50 PM



Please remember in your prayers, Alle from FL...cancer, Nick from NY, cancer and Mystic's dad from MI. We believe in the power of prayer, thank you and God Bless you all.

1/17/2002 12:51:09 PM

 Glynis Berman

Zimbabwe  IP:

I'm concerned that my job/workplace is relocating to some 20km out of the Central Business District where I've always worked all my life. Transport will be a major problem for me. I feel I'm in a tight corner at this moment in time and I need you to help me pray that God will help and guide me in solving this situation. Thank you. God love you.

1/17/2002 11:22:28 PM


philippines  IP:

Hi, My name is francis, I need prayers that I can passed by exams my parasitology subject, please do pray for me. I have few exams left before finals grades comes, pls. pray that the Holy Spirit will keep me mentally fir, for those tests. thanks p.s pls. pray fo Mother Angelica she is really sick.

1/17/2002 11:57:05 PM


philippines  IP:

hi, ****i really feel bad and neglected because I did not made it to the Catholic medical school, I applied in. ****so please pray that the second Catholic medical school I will be applying this time will admit me and pass on their, screening and procedures to attend class there,at de La salle university pls. pray that I never feel alone and never compromise my faith in God, because of these failures..

1/17/2002 11:58:13 PM



Please pray for me that God will send me speedy and visible answers to my prayers. Only he knows of my will for Him and the needs of my heart. Please help to take away my heartache and suffering in this difficult time and for there to be peace in my life again. Thank you.

1/19/2002 10:44:12 AM



My seventeen year old son, Matt, passed away on 14 Mar '01. I love Matt with all my heart and miss him greatly. Please pray that Matt is O.K. and knows that I love him.

1/19/2002 3:32:15 PM

 Tami Schaible


Please pray for my physical health. I live with a lot of pain, due to forms of many illnesses. At times I loose faith and become depressed. Not long ago I felt suicidal, thinking I couldn't bear anymore bad news. The Lord always provides in this life, even when it is hard to keep dealing with the hurt others inflict upon us. Please pray that I will let go of all the pain in my life, physical and mental. God Bless.

1/21/2002 2:24:55 PM

 Clyde Stephenson

U.S.A.  IP:

Please pray that there will be the presence of the Spirit of God at the Clico Butterfly and the situation between Clyde Johnnie and Susan will be mended without harm or damage. Please pray that Clyde Johnnie and Susan can be friends with tolerance and understanding and giving. Please pray that Susan and Johnnie will continue working at the Calico Butterfly Thank You.

1/23/2002 6:44:59 AM

 Bill and Carol,

oh. usa.  IP:

UPDATED. The pain and agony deep in our souls cries out to GOD DAY AND NIGHT FOR HIS MERCY AND PEACE!!! Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray with us and for us in the days ahead...Jan,Feb,March 31.Easter Sunday.2002 and beyond. We are in DESPERATE NEED OF A MIRACLE FROM GOD BEFORE IT IS TO LATE. PLEASE PRAY!!! PLEASE PASS ON TO OTHERS WHO CAN PRAY WITH US AND FOR US...WWW....WE CAN NOT BEAR THIS AGONIZING CROSS ALONE IN PRAYER!!! In His Peace,Bill and Carol,husband and wife in hope. oh. usa.

1/23/2002 1:31:19 PM

 Stephen Ho

Singapore  IP:

Please pray that all my job applications will be successful. I need a job by February 2002. Thank you. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee ! Amen.

1/26/2002 9:39:17 AM

 jitesh r kshirsagar

india  IP:

i am having financial problems which is capable of ruining my and my family's life so please pray for me and my family to the almighty lord of the lords JESUS CHRIST

1/26/2002 9:58:59 PM



Please pray for my brother-in-law Frank who,after a serious injury from a fall,may never walk again.

1/27/2002 9:46:35 PM



Please pray for my brother-in-law Frank who,after a serious injury from a fall,may never walk again.

1/27/2002 9:46:35 PM



Please pray for my brother-in-law Frank who,after a serious injury from a fall,may never walk again.Thank you all and God Bless.

1/27/2002 9:50:23 PM

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