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For the Glory of God, this Apostolate began in September 1998
Thank you for joining us in prayer - your petitions to list.

Daily masses are being offered for these intentions

Please pray for us! :

 Clyde Stephenson


I am having to move my shop in the midst of this economic crisis. Please pray that God will open the way for us to move to a place of prospering without impediment, trouble or hindrance. Please ask that we receive support. Thank you, Clyde

1/1/2003 4:20:52 AM


U.S.A.  IP:

Please pray for my sister, Faith, age 13, who has been suffering from various illnesses for some time now. Faith suffers from asthma,fibromyalgia,scoliosis,GERD, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, stomach problems,chronic eustachian ear tube problem, joint hypermobility(Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), and she has cysts in her kidney, sinuses, and ovary. She loves the Lord and hardly complains, but the pain is getting more intense from the combinations of illnesses that she has. Please pray that my little sister will experience some relief and feel the peace of Jesus and His tender mercy. Thank you.

1/1/2003 4:41:26 PM


New Zealand  IP:

Hello, God's called me to reachout to a big crowd of lost & suicidal teens online, and it's proven to be very hard with many barriers and temptations and struggles, spiritually speaking. There's esp one guy named Zac who is a key person to reach, of them all, but Satan's been doing all he can to try to deter my work & come between my relationship with Zac. I'm meant to be a friend to him but it's seeming to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do..things just look impossible even tho i know its not. Please pray for a breakthrough for me in my spiritual walk, and in my reachout to Zac and his friends, thank you.

1/2/2003 12:28:17 AM

 christine smith

united states  IP:

please pray that elbert does well on his ocs test and that he is accepted as an officer in the US ARMY. please pray that he let go of alcohol and that he can be with his wife and family soon. thank you, christine smith

1/2/2003 1:25:19 PM



Please pray for the needs of my daughter, Victoria and her husband, Scott, and their unborn baby, who are going through a difficult time. Thank you.

1/3/2003 2:31:03 PM

 Fr. Michael Quintana

Philippines  IP:

Please pray for my compelte healing from severe depression. Fr. Michael

1/4/2003 4:25:17 AM

 Eva Maria

U.S. A  IP:

The peace of The Lord. Thank you very much to all, for all your marvelous prayers of my long list petitions. Praise to God for have nuns,priest and brothers that take care of us!. Our God answered few of many of my petitions. Keep praying for my Garcia Family (Children: Krystal Marie, Geomar, Angemar, Mario Angel and Rose Marie . Also for my husband Angel Garcia and me: Eva Maria Maldonado de Garcia. Love in Jesus and Mary, Eva Maria.

1/4/2003 1:00:34 PM

 bill and carol,

oh. usa.  IP:

updated. the pain and agony deep in our hearts cries out to god day and night for his mercy and peace!!! please continue to pray for us and with us in the days ahead....2003.....please pass this on world wide....w w w ....prayer groups, prayerchains, convents, monasteries and others who can pray for us.....w w w .....we just can not bear this painful cross alone in prayer!!!please pray!!! we beg you!!! we are desperate in his love, bill and carol,husband and wife in hope of his mercy!!!

1/5/2003 1:54:58 PM

 Jared Morris


Please keep in your prayers that I may walk the right path in life, and create music that does both I and God justice... Please pray that the music i create touches as many souls as possible, and i will try to do good with it...

1/6/2003 1:11:25 AM



Pray for that one priest in the world who needs our prayers the most. May Mother Mary intercede and deliver those prayers to her beloved son.

1/6/2003 6:28:01 AM


New Zealand  IP:

Please pray for Jaylin, an 18 yr old guy who is in such deep pain. He is a non-Christian and his mum has cancer and he expects her to die. His whole life is so hard in incredible ways. Abuse, suicidal, death etc. Thank you.

1/7/2003 2:37:45 PM



Please pray for me to get promoted ..i have worked so hard and need others help!

1/8/2003 7:52:34 AM



Please pray for my 11 year old son. He is a young boy that was exposed to pornograpghy. He is struggling with this problem. He needs prayer for healing, depression, and that the images will be removed from his mind. I am concerned with the possiblities of long term problems from this. Please pray that he may fall asleep easily at night and have peaceful rest. This problem is due to my negligence as a father. This is a devasting situation. His pain is evident. He is young boy who needs a miracle in his life. I truly feel that lives have been distroyed by this. Thank you David

1/8/2003 8:50:40 AM


uk  IP:

Please I ask for a prayer for the reuniting of my family.My wife decided to leave me and lie that I had beaten her up. I never commited any of the things I was accused of.I am no longer allowed to have any communication with my two daughters. Please restore sanity to my wife so she might come back to reality and reconcile with the truth.I have evidence of her lies but never had the courage tro expose them. I am now being treated as a criminal for something I never did. Please pray for me as I try to bring back my life togethjer again.Pray for me to get a job I have been offered. I need it to support my family who I am not allowed to contact.

1/8/2003 10:55:19 AM


united states  IP:

Please pray for me & my family my wife is going thru so horrible times in her life. She wants a divorce. She is making up stories & tring to keep me from our kids. With prayer I know we can be reunited. Thank You

1/9/2003 2:09:45 PM

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