The role of Our Lady in our Salvation - Blessed Virgin Mary

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The role of Our Lady The role of Our Lady - Blessed Virgin Mary

Just as in every family, there is a father and a mother so it is with the family of God. God is our Father, we are His children, and Mary is our Mother.

God has united Himself with humanity through the Blessed Virgin Mary, He has done this by sending His Son through Her.

She is that very important woman announced in the Proto-evangelium, presented as the enemy of the devil who was in the serpent. And God said that She would crush the head of the serpent. [Genesis 3:15]

She has already crushed his head at the cost of her sorrows, because the enemy has stricken her heel, Our Lord died for our sins opening the way for our Salvation.

[Isaiah 66:8] Study of Mary as being represented by Zion the Holy Mountain

Who has ever heard such a thing? and who has seen the like to this?
shall the earth bring forth in one day?
or shall a nation be brought forth at once,
because Zion [Mary in Calvary] hath been in labour,
and hath brought forth her children?

Our Lady begot all her children through suffering, just as any other woman, but she suffered in her spiritual womb which is Her Immaculate Heart.

Our Lady continues to crush the head of the devil as She comes with the Kingdom of Her Son into every heart, this is achieved by our consecration to Her immaculate Heart.

This humble doctrine of Our Lady, is not accepted by the learned and the wise of this world, who get caught up in their intellects and by their blind reasoning avoid the great mysteries of our faith.

Behold your mother [John 19:27] by these words Our Lord gave His mother to the world, first in the person of John who stood at the foot of the cross and now and all the time to anyone who comes to the cross accepting the sacrifice of Jesus as atonement for his sins. Therefore the importance of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.

When we meditate the mystery of the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the temple, we contemplate our lives in the hands of Mary being presented to the Holy Trinity. She has been entrusted with this maternal task of bringing all the children of God back to Him.

Since we are unworthy to be in the Presence of God, Our Lady has been given the task of preparing us to encounter Him, She will do spiritually what any mother here would do physically to obtain the best for her child.

But our Lady is not ordinary mother, She is the most perfect of mothers because She is the Mother of God, She is infinitely full of Grace, sufficient to help everyone who comes to her and accept Her as mother.

By the action of the Holy Spirit, Mary became the tree of Life. The fruit of this tree is first of all Our Lord Who is the bread of life. As we accept Christ into our lives and live a Christian life fulfilling the promises made in our Baptism, we become the children of God who by precedence have the same spiritual mother as His Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord. So we are the children of the new Eve, we have been conceived in the spiritual womb of Mary which is Her Immaculate Heart.

No wonder Our Lord said, you must be borne again: " You must become a child of Mary".

The Holy Spirit begets the children of God in Mary, He did that first with Our Lord, we are also children of God, children of Mary.

In revelation 12:17 we are told that the dragon, that ancient serpent who is the devil was very angry with the woman who conceived the child who rules all the nations [Revelation 12:5] whose enmity was stated in [Genesis 3:15]. He, the devil went out to make war to the woman and the rest of her children [  who accept Mary as Mother ] , those who keep the commandments [Revelation 12:17] and accept the teachings of Jesus Christ.

So this great privilege of being the Mother of the children of God has been granted to Our Lady, if we want to this heavenly family, we have God as our Father and Mary as our Mother. Amen.

Prayer to Jesus through Mary

My Jesus, Divine Majesty, Sovereign King.   
I prostrate myself at Your feet to adore You, praise You and supplicate You.    
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus:   
I am dust, a creature of the earth, a simple human being with all the lowliness that I have by inheritance and because of my carelessness. However God The Father gave me a soul in His image.   
But how unworthy I am , I have stained it with my faults, and with indifference to You.
Today I feel profound repentance for my mistakes and I come to talk to You from
the core of my soul, from where Your Divine Presence gives me Life. It is for the
sake of my sins and for those of my brothers, that You, Divine King, came to the earth
and compared yourself with us, You became slave of the human race and allowed    
yourself to be outraged, despised and killed cruelly, in order to forgive our faults
before God The Father and thus securing Eternal Life for us, according to our deeds.    
O my God, How can I repay You for what You have done. How can I even just feel
myself worthy of being listened by You, when my sins stain my soul and hide me from
Your sight.   
But, how happy I feel, knowing that You gave us on the cross Your Most Sacred     
Mother as our Mother. And how Hope shines in our hearts when we are sure, that it is
easier for You to listen to Her than to us.   
This is why Mary is that beautiful way that leads us to You.   
And this is why I consecrate myself to Her Immaculate Heart and I take Her as my    
Spiritual Mother, so that She may listen, teach, nourish, guide, pray and intercede
for me, that She may mould my soul in the perfection of the Holy Spirit and finally that
She can put me in Your hands as an offering worthy of Your Glorious Majesty.    
My Jesus, listen to me through Mary. I wish that She lives through me, so that I can    
express the perfection that You wish.    
I consecrate to Her the faculties of my soul.   
Holy Mother. I consecrate to You my memory, so that I remember Jesus and You    
Holy Mother, I consecrate to You my understanding , so that I can always understand
Jesus and You.   
Holy Mother, I consecrate to You my Will, so that it becomes Jesus' Will and Your
My Jesus, listen to my supplications, that are those of Your Mother, my Mother;
forgive all my sins and receive me in Your Kingdom to share It with You, with Her, with
The Father and with the Holy Spirit eternally.

Joseph of Jesus and Mary


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