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The Holy Bible - Douay Rheims
Examination of Conscience - Rev. James Alberione,
S.S.P, S.T.D
Spiritual Maxims - Great Spiritual Guidance
Uniformity with God's Will - St. Alphonsus de Ligouri
The Imitation of Christ - Thomas Kempis
Apologetics - Course on defending the Church, links, etc.
Read me or Rue it - About Purgatory - Holy Souls,
by Fr. P. O'Sullivan
Sermons - Great homilies by Fathers of the Church,
and other saints
Excerpts from The Love of Eternal Wisdom St Luis de Montfort
Writings and speeches of the Holy Father
The Great Jubilee 2000
Lives of the Saints

On Purgatory
About the souls in Purgatory Fr. P. O'Sullivan
Purgatory and praying for the dead
Apologetics (Robert Haddad)
Excerpts of Treatise on Purgatory
St Catherine of Genoa

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God's call to be holy - Joseph of Jesus and Mary

God's blessing - Proven method for obtaining God's blessing (TWG)
Finding God - God, where are you? Let us find the Lord...
"Sin: an old fashion word" - Joseph of Jesus and Mary
Come Holy Spirit - Joseph of Jesus and Mary
On Prayer - Joseph of Jesus and Mary
Becoming like Jesus - Joseph of Jesus and Mary
Life is Sacred - Joseph of Jesus and Mary
EXORCISM - DELIVERANCE - HEALING Catholic Library - The Work of God apostolate (TWG)
A very powerful deliverance prayer for everyone.
Reality of Hell, Heaven and Purgatory

The Holy Eucharist - teachings of the Saints, Popes, Blessed, etc 

Treasury of Prayers - A prayer for every occasion.

Inspirations of the Holy Spirit Random inspirations

1999 Year of God the Father About the Holy Trinity- Mary, Script. etc
Bible Topics  -  Douay Rheims Bible
Christmas Special - Joseph of Jesus and Mary
About Lent - Joseph of Jesus and Mary
General confession
Random studies

External lInks
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (USA)
St. Louis de Montfort:
The Secret of Mary
True devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Code of Canon Law
On marriage

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