Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father


God has revealed his word to his prophets throughout the ages, his testimony is great and is officially recorded in the Holy Scriptures. In the New Testament God revealed himself through the incarnation of the Word in the person of Jesus. His good news are recorded in the gospels. After dying for our sins, Jesus ascended into Heaven and sent the Holy Spirit to speak in our hearts.

It is only by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that anyone can call Jesus Savior and Lord. The Holy Spirit has guided the Church of Christ up until this very moment and will continue to do so until the end of times.

From time to time the Lord has spoken to little prophets and to humble souls messages that touch hearts and lead to conversion. The work of God is clearly shown in these messages which have been given with the purpose of teaching souls to accept the great gift of being children of God.

These messages are a spiritual formation that will mold any soul and will guide it to a complete and intimate relationship with God. They are being shared so that they can help the reader in his or her salvation and to assist others to come to God.

Anyone reading these pages will be transformed by the Grace of God, because the words of God are words of eternal life. These messages were given to a Catholic person, but they are recorded  for anyone from any religion, since we are all children of the same Father in Heaven.

Be inspired simply by reading the message titles

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