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Visiones del Niño Jesús

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The Holy Infant Jesus wearing my shirt
I saw the Child Jesus about 8 or 9 years old, he was wearing one of my favorite shirts. He looked very funny because his shirt was hanging a little on his shoulders.
That night during my adoration I asked the Child Jesus to confirm that vision for me.
It turns out that while I was praying I had a small image of 4 centimeters in my left hand, which has a little white blanket which is the one we put over him in his little cotton crib. In my right hand I had the crucifix and so I did my prayers of reparation for about forty minutes, when I finished I was going to stand up from the chair and I looked at the floor, there I saw something white, I thought it was maybe a piece of toilet paper, I touched it and I realized that it was the little blanket of the Child Jesus that had fallen, I then picked it up and realized that I no longer had the Child Jesus in my left hand, I began to look for it with my hand on the floor, but I did not find it, I thought it could be on my lap, because I was sitting, but I did not find it. As during my prayers at night I wear a thick shirt over my pajamas so as not to catch a cold, I looked under it and there I found the Child Jesus on my lap.
I smiled and remembered that I had asked Child Jesus to confirm the vision of the shirt, and according to this, it seems that Child Jesus likes to be under my shirt. What a beauty, the strange thing is that I can not tell at what moment it came out of my hand.

Child Jesus visions

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Child Jesus visions - The Holy Infant Jesus wearing my shirt